The Legacy of Fear

A lot of Americans had a great time over the recent holiday. For some, there was even time to think a lot about the world we’re no longer living in.

Everyone needs a break now and again, but now reality is again raising its ever-shifting shape to taunt us with tantalizing fantasies amid the darker mysteries that each successive hour seems to bring. So, here we are with the New Year just over the horizon and so much still riding on the imbecility of our cutthroat band of self-proclaimed pirates. Ah to live under the subjugation in the company of the damned, who now seem to occupy every corner of almost every agenda, with their cries of absolutisms on everything from re-writing the Constitution, to ‘taking over the world’ in their spare-time.

Perhaps this is the actual beginning of payback for all the karma that the USA has built up over all the years – all the slaughter, all the theft, all the duplicity and the lies – or maybe this is just the prologue for what’s to come. One thing is clear: there aren’t enough people now, with spine enough intact, to confront the spreading darkness that is sweeping over this troubled continent. Yet despite our shortcomings – the coming year promises not to contain a single dull moment anywhere!

How is it that we have come to live in fear of Fear itself? How has this impossible circumstance become the center of our lives? And when, if ever, will Americans remove the blinders and choose to see what’s really taking place beneath this dictatorship of tyrants who call themselves our leaders.

For over twenty years we’ve been living in a world of unreality, a fantasy contrived to make the lies believable. With the dawning of ‘Morning in America’ in the Reagan years, we began to live in the world of George Orwell’s Double-Speak. We went from the world’s largest creditor nation to the worlds leading debtor nation, and we called that America’s Golden Age.

We tripled the size of government, and gave huge tax breaks to the rich, while we deepened the problems of the wage-slaves who make everything possible. But perhaps best of all we were introduced to the government’s complicity in inter-national criminal activity. The US government went into the drug trade to facilitate the illegal sale of weapons and armaments to our then enemies – and nothing was done about it. There were a few slaps on the wrist for a few of the underlings, but the major players pleaded stupidity (Reagan in particular) and of course he was believed.

Now most of those then charged underlings are back in their old positions, or in places very similar, and it is as though time has moved backwards to continue the tiresome Republican march to take us back to the 1950s, to that time before there was dissent.

Along the way to this ultra-right Nirvana, some things have begun to change in the home of the free – no longer brave. Perhaps the most striking change has been the institutionalization of the double standard – in nearly every walk of life. Beginning with Bush Two, who got away with stealing the Office of the Presidency – what could he or any of is co-conspirators ever have to fear now, – from any
lesser action which any of them have now chosen to undertake? They’re virtually impervious to criticism or prosecution from any ‘authority’ – because they enjoy the full complicity of the United States Supreme Court in their dirty little plot to “take over the world.”

This point has not been lost upon the wider world outside the U.S. But as far as US citizens are concerned we seem to be, for the most part, in permanent and impenetrable denial. The price of everything now determines who will benefit and who will only pay. From taxes to the smallest legal infraction – the rich need not fear any law, any investigation, or any challenge to their every whim. While those less fortunate must pay, and pay, and pay at every turn for every minor alteration in their lives. While in the world of million-billionaires, life has never been better.

But there have been casualties, as we continue to upend our former way of life. One of the first is the trust and assistance we once could count on from law enforcement officials, back when these were manageably few. Today there’s an alphabet soup of agencies and ‘operatives’ and special agents far too numerous to mention here – much less keep track of within the burgeoning police-state-world that we once called home.

When an officer was involved with trying to question or arrest an individual, most people felt reassurance that the action being attempted was lawful and potentially necessary. Now, everything is clouded by a fear of becoming too involved – because today everyone is suddenly ‘suspect’ – possibly part of one of the many unseen enemy legions that now ‘threaten all Americans.’ This begins to mark the death of public trust in public safety, as well as adding to a growing doubt of all who wear a badge of any kind.

This creation comes to us from the Department of Injustice, presided over by J. Edgar Ashcroft, our new arbiter of public morality: This from a man who is afraid of the power of the female form, afraid of the very idea of dissent in all its forms. Ashcroft is an automaton, a human being who denies all that makes a human being – human.
Bush picked Ashcroft and the Senate confirmed him to regulate the lives of all Americans. It fell to Ashcroft to crush the spark of life from every person who might disagree or challenge anything that is now deemed to be required – so that the public safety is assured, and the sheep can be protected from every threat that might possibly become a problem. Welcome to the world of restricted choices in the name of SECURITY in all its darkest forms. Under the above system – it now appears that very soon – we’ll all be headed directly into an unimaginable Hell that will have been created by our own fear of even THINKING that the impossible may have already come to pass. How far is that from the America that so many of us grew up in, not all that long ago?

Now the nation is facing the onset of a 2nd WAR, being promoted as a logical extension of the one we started on Afghanistan, but never finished. Problem now is that there is no proof of what the US alleges that Saddam has done or maybe is doing. When pressed to provide evidence of “Saddam’s lies and his deceptions” the US is silent. This after the United States removed 8,000 pages from Iraq’s submission to the UN. (*)

The reason for the removal of the documents was simple. The ‘proof’ of “Saddam’s deceptions” is in the fact that the US not only knows how much Iraq actually has, but ‘we’ know this because we’re the ones who furnished and in some cases created these Weapons of Mass Destruction for Iraq in the first place. To reveal our ‘proof’ would mean that we’d have to divulge the names of both private corporations and the US government agencies that were involved in this illegal activity from the 1970s up to the present time. But now that story has been told – not released through the American mass media – but it’s here: (*).

Where does this leave the population of the United States as we approach the dawn of the year 2003? It leaves us a very frightened people, a population that is now afraid of its own government as much as it is afraid of any slithering shadowy enemy from beyond our borders.

The only solution for this kind of fear – is to openly object, in numbers, and in public. The alternative to not doing so, is to become ever more frightened of everything whether that originates from the federal government or the ‘enemy.’ Shorthand for the source of this fear is “The Enemy Within.” Ask yourself these two questions. Can you live with it? And for how long can you endure this new death by a thousand cuts, brought to you by your own government?

Jim Kirwan

*) Both links are no longer available:


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