Treason Inc.

Simplicity itself defines the truths so many of us seek to find amid the cacophony of lies, the massive deceptions and all those continuing diversions that try and hide the facts beneath a feather-bed of convolutions.

Since 2003 TRAITORS ‘R’ US, (The on-the-ground physical arm of TREASON Inc.), has been hiding everything they do in broad daylight. This was the brain-dead-child of Soros and his motley crew of fascist want-to-be’s that ran this scam in dozens of nations around the planet. This only just became visible to us, when it began to make its way through a number of countries in the Middle East, since the falsely named Arab-Spring began. In this country it went by the name of ‘OCCUPY.’ The point and purpose here and elsewhere was to “prove” to the various public’s involved just how futile their efforts would be if they (we) ever dared to challenge the might and power of the Police-State in each individual country where this became an issue.

In the US more than 5,000 protestors were arrested nationwide (since September): Yet not one banker, not one storm-trooper or overweight cop was ever disciplined for any of the deaths and injuries that were inflicted. And most important of all the public continued to lose ground against these un-American Traitors to the point that the Constitution itself has now been OUTLAWED, and its provisions CRIMINALIZED! Posse Comitatus, the illegal use of US troops against private citizens has been thrown out, along with any public voice for the public to use to challenge any of these criminal actions.

The government itself which owed its existence to the US Constitution no longer officially exists; because the very basis for having a congress, a court system or a president has been struck down by a vote in congress of 369 in favor to149 opposed out of a total number of 535 members of Congress… And yet this fact has still not even been released in any fundamental way to the public that is now living in the Police-State that this action created. The so-called NEWS media, in this place, that was supposed to inform the people about what their government is doing have buried this FRONT-PAGE, HEADLINE STORY that should have led the news WORLD-WIDE, but which instead has almost disappeared entirely from national reporting, thanks largely to TREASON Inc.

While this was going on the US supposedly ended our illegal and unilateral War-on-Iraq, in order to free up troops to begin all over again, this time in Syria, Iran, Lebanon, Pakistan and Yemen: And all of this is being done on orders given to us by the Ashkenazy-Zionists that live inside Apartheid-Israel. BTW the numbers given by the US for our war on Iraq are nothing but lies. We expended three to four TRILLION dollars on that war, we killed between 2 and 3 million Iraqis; displaced about the same number of those people and damaged or maimed another 2 million or so people; and then just as we did in Vietnam; we skipped out under a heavy security blanket because Iraq is still a place that is totally hostile to this country, to our policies and to our mercenary outlaws. So what was the purpose of this supposedly humanitarian intervention? Well at least we now have the answer to the question, at the top of this article!

We bombed Iraq back to the stone age; they still don’t have sufficient drinking water, electricity or hospital-services. Their infrastructure is non-existent and their society is in shreds: How is this a humanitarian effort, by any known standard, anywhere else in the world today? And; instead of bringing the Iraqi’s the promised “Freedom & Democracy” that this country had when that war began, we took away what little independence they originally had and left them with a pre-civil-war society divided into deeply guarded factions that are as furious with each other as they are with us. In this country we now have what Iraq supposedly had when we decided to “liberate” them from the alleged tyranny of Saddam Hussein; only the Iraq of Saddam Hussein was way ahead of the Police-State we are just beginning to enter!

In Saddam’s Iraq those that got caught stealing from him (THE STATE) were arrested and assassinated. Over here our politicians, our bankers, our political-appointees, along with our judges our legislators are all promoted whenever they get caught during the commission of their crimes: And virtually none of them EVER go to jail, for any reason. We on the other hand are being forced to live in a society where virtually every activity that we participate in REQUIRES a permit, a tax, a fine, a fee or a waiver, all of which requires payment: And failure to follow the artificial and illegal rules results in fines, in separation from the rest of society and usually jail (torture, tasering and pepper spray are not mandatory) but are becoming exceedingly popular, along with executions carried our for attempting to escape or for supposedly resisting arrest.

Ironically all of the massively criminal actions undertaken by both TREASON Inc. & TRAITORS ‘R’ US have been done in broad daylight from 911 all the way to the latest TREASON of murdering the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Here’s a video note that might throw more light on this particular problem. (1)

Of course the real problem throughout all of this has been the Israeli’s inside the US government and the corporations that have been streamlining the direction of government policies for decades. Yet because this public generally tends not to know about things that happened before 911 and many more do not remember the life we lived before television, just sixty years ago: Trying to clarify anything using actual history has become nearly impossible.

“Young people are incapable of recognizing their own enemy. This is the essential condition required for the peaceful transfer of political power to a world dictatorship.

As a young man who recently received an “education” from one of the finest schools in the U.S., I can state beyond doubt that this condition has been met.

In a society conditioned to champion personal ambition, self-expression and self-empowerment, the educated youth of today are kept intoxicated with illusions. Everyone is looking up, staring at the sun, and unable to stop and think for even a moment out of fear of losing their momentum up the ladder.

Here is the script my generation sticks to.

– Mankind lived in total ignorance until very recently. (Proof: widespread racism, religious fundamentalism, mistreatment and oppression of women, European imperialism, rabid nationalism, xenophobia, etc. were all norms.) Young women and minorities are especially prone to gobble this idea up and congratulate themselves for being an enlightened member of a progressive society. In the interest of being liked and getting laid, young white men follow suit.

– All types of ‘ignorance’ still exist today AND represent the primary threats to peace and stability. (Conclusion: Legislation to protect minorities (anti-hate, anti-religion) is natural progress and shall continue uninterrupted. Religion has become like Al-Qaeda to today’s educated youth. It barely exists, but everyone is convinced it is a powerful beast capable of plucking a person out of his hedonistic bliss at any moment, if not carefully watched.

– Sexual restraint can no longer be taken seriously, as it was an invention of religion to control the masses and women in particular. (Conclusion: Get it when you can, while you can. It’s practice for someone you might really like someday!) There is a tremendous amount of pressure on young women to be able to “handle” emotion-free sex. They have been convinced, mostly through entertainment media, that taking sex seriously is a weakness. It is a bodily need detached from the rest of you. Combined with a social scene set around alcohol, young love is a messy, schizophrenic story where one is very lucky to find someone on the same page.

– Total Moral Relativity : there are no absolute truths; there is no reason to believe in anything too strongly; everything is circumstantial. (Conclusion: yes, everything is corrupt. It has always been that way. Power corrupts. We’re selfish. People are assholes. I’m an asshole, at least I’m willing to admit it.) Result: attitudes are uniform within social groups.

– Politics and religion are not to be discussed amongst friends, therefore they are not. Ever. (Conclusion: agree to disagree. Result: Even the smartest people are never exposed to ideas outside of the mainstream media/academia, but you cannot convince them of this.)

– Communism is a legitimate ideology, only it has never worked. (Result: my generation leans heavily to the left. As the Republican party has become synonymous with Christianity, pro-life, wealthy, white, war, big business, etc., it is no wonder why.) Government involvement in industry seems inevitable to everyone, but few are able to envision future consequences.

With these unquestioned six beliefs alone, defenders of humanistic internationalist doctrine are created. Good, intelligent kids that are just trying to do their best and find their place in the world while fulfilling their parents’ expectations have been conditioned to unwittingly serve and defend the interests of a small group of psychotic criminals.” (2)

Since Friday, just two days ago, this country has not had a Constitution, or a system of laws that have any basis in legality: and yet to look at the people in the streets, you would never know that anything has changed: Much less that we have now totally lost our country! There have been no huge public outcry’s, no demands for an explanation, no further threats from the government because all of this happened in a slightly premature fashion. This was not supposed to happen until AFTER we had dealt with Iran, Russia, China, and the entire Middle-Eastern quagmire that we just finished creating. The problem for TREASON Inc. is that it will be much harder now to fight a protracted series of wars in several theaters while simultaneously trying to shut down the entire nation because the government has decided that all of the citizens here are suspected terrorists? The troops that will be needed are also needed to make-money for the corporate Privateers still seeking full-spectrum-dominance over all the resources and raw-materials of the planet apparently will have first-call upon the use of US Troops & mercenaries in order to expand their totally illegal-coffers.

Whatever needs the Police-State might have in this regard must wait until we have vanquished all those other states around the world that still need to have the boots of American-Israeli troops: Perpetually stomping upon their faces; or dragging their women through the streets while the troops strip and degrade them while trying to beat them to death. WARNING, this is GRAPHIC. (3)

Our world has become a completely fractured place where nothing is certain anymore. But if we can find the will to confront these TRAITORS and the TREASON they routinely commit, then just maybe the wheel can finally turn and life itself can begin again, but this time with the passions of a free and progressive population that will have utterly destroyed this cancer before it spreads even further. We could begin by decertifying both political parties and canceling the fraud of the coming selection for resident dictator. – because all of that has also been eliminated when we lost the Constitution!

Here is how the world looked to Robinson Jeffers in 1941.

“Be Angry at the Sun

That public men publish falsehoods
Is nothing new. That America must accept
Like the historical republics corruption and empire
Has been known for years.

Be angry at the sun for setting
If these things anger you. Watch the wheel slope
And turn. They are all bound on the wheel, these people,

Those warriors,
This republic, Europe, Asia

Observe them gesticulating,
Observe them going down, The gang serves lies,
The passionate man
Plays his part: the cold passion for truth
Hunts in no pack

* * *

Let boys want pleasure, and men
Struggle for power, and women perhaps for fame,
And the servile to serve a Leader, and the dupes to be duped.
Yours is not theirs.”

There is far too much on the overburdened plate of the would-be owners of the world right now – so it is time for us to begin to push them back for a change; If not then the poem above will simply have to do yet another re-run of what history is already over-full with; when it comes to crimes against humanity and Surrender versus Freedom!

Jim Kirwan

1) What If??? One minute, 27 second video

2) Feckless Young Primed for Surrender

3) 2 min 48 sec. video

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