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We have finally arrived at the crossroads where reality must now confront Double-Speak, Thought-Crimes, and the truth behind what and who is really in control of the future of this place that until this last weekend had been the Dis-United States of Amerika. The first thing that must be ‘understood’ is that everything today is functioning on several different tracks that are each and all serving the same tortuous series of endings: And nowhere in any of this is there a positive outcome for the 99% of the planet that will have to pay for everything, in both blood and treasure.

So when you decode the Doublespeak that claims “WAR is PEACE” – be assured that “Perpetual-War” will only insure “Perpetual-Destruction” global chaos, and unlimited global DEBT that can never be ended, except by overthrowing the global New World Order. Any pursuit of PEACE by this method only insures that ‘peace’ will never darken any doorway into any ‘outcome’ derived from Perpetual War Unending. Here’s a classic example of what is now being demanded from member states in the EU. (1)


In the US there are similar arrangements under way, but everything here is being done in SECRET, so you won’t be hearing about these same contracts with the Federal Reserve, the Banks, and the now illegal government of what was this country. This is part of the reason why Posse Comitatus had to be ended so that the military could enforce IGNORANCE in this country and continue to crush any and all that might want to see the Republic reinstituted, the Constitution revived and the Bill of Rights actually enforced.


In the run-up to the murder of the US Constitution, just signed into law by the madman in the Oval Office; much if not all of the interested parties that supported this huge and final chunk of TREASON were kept hidden from the public, that is largely still unaware of what has already become a fact. Part of this truth is:

“The indefinite detention bill that was passed by Congress and approved by President Barack Obama is null and void.

Like every rotten piece of post-9/11 legislation, this bill is based on the false pretext that America is legitimately at war against terrorism and that the 50 states in the Union are part of the global battlefield. But this is a totalitarian myth.

America is not at war.

America was not attacked by hidden terrorists from the Middle East – but by in-your-face traitors from within the White House with the assistance of criminal conspirators in Israel. These government gangsters and state terrorists unleashed global anarchy on September 11, 2001.

You and I have not directly experienced Washington’s violent anarchy, but we will soon. Expect the worst. Don’t expect to be safe from Washington’s long arm of death.

Every Iraqi, Pakistani, and Afghan will tell you what America’s war of terror is all about. It has nothing to do with keeping America and the West safe from terrorists. The 9/11 lie has served as the cultural, political, and psychological bedrock for all the post-9/11 legislative changes in the West and the criminal wars in the Middle East.

If this lie is not destroyed and dethroned from the status of public orthodoxy, then the consequences of this lie will completely destroy our individual rights, our free societies, our democratic systems, and our common faith in the rule of law.

This terrible outcome is preventable if enough people wake up in time and recognize that the holocaust of truth by government gangsters always leads to the holocaust of human beings.

One critical point needs to be made a thousand times: The biggest enemy that threatens the liberty, security, and prosperity of the American people is not the invented terrorist group Al-Qaeda, or Iran, or China, but the hijacked and treasonous government in Washington. It is a failed terrorist state.” (2)

The other part of this same truth is that the powers behind the enactment of this illegal bill came directly from Israel and from those Israeli-Firster’s in the congress in this country!

Their reasoning was to simply turn the citizens in this country into the latest version of the Palestinians in Gaza: Something Israel has been hungering to do since they first began to break every UN sanction that was ever leveled against them (every one except the most criminal UN declaration) that created Israel out of thin air and then dumped it into a Palestinian State that had existed for 4,000 years, before the UN & Israel decided that it should belong to Zionist Israel.

Now we must come to perhaps the most conceited and arrogant plan for the people of the old USA. Gaza & the Palestinian people have been at war with Israel since 1948: And it is worth noting that despite the power of both the Ashkenazi Zionists, in Israel and USI, the Palestinians are still fighting against us after 63 consecutive years of RESISTANCE!

What Israel can hardly wait to see is America being turned into another Gaza with several huge differences that neither the criminals in D.C. nor Israel have taken into account. Firstly, Gaza is a very, very small place, completely surrounded by Nazi-Israel & USI. Whereas this county is vastly beyond the size involved with Gaza; and will be much more difficult to actually conquer despite all the decades of propaganda that will evaporate once troops began to kill and arrest Americans here inside the old USA. The crime that is being overlooked here by both Israel & USI is that these two OUTLAW states are guilty of believing their own PR. That failure and the physical military-over-extension that would have to happen, to even begin to use military force inside the US will be the fallacy that will collapse USI from the inside, while the rest of the Middle-East is beginning to challenge the new global-order throughout that region and in Europe as well.

It is a simple impossibility for any nation of this size, to commit itself to “war” with Russia and China, as well as a continuing war throughout the middle-east while trying to subdue the entire country which will supposedly be paying for their own destruction here, by totally foreign powers.

“Americans”  are about to become the new “insurgents” because of the newly declared status for all Americans as potential “TERRORISTS,” regardless of the truth in each and every case. This presidential condemnation, blindly and unilaterally applied will not just backfire; it will rip this country into so many factions that it will be impossible to control if it actually is allowed to begin. Yet in Israel and within their criminal-conspirators inside United States Inc. neither of these war-criminal-states have any apparent grasp of the total farce of the sheer scale of what these war-criminals want to initiate.

All that these creatures can seemingly envision is a totally unprepared herd of mindless creatures being bombed back to the stoneage, under phosphorous shells that can reign down death, on the completely unprepared slaves to perverted capitalism, that have quietly turned this place into a Fascist Police-State; while the population remains glued to the box and to the propaganda that is spewed forth minute by minute. While it is true that Amerikans are totally unprepared for this WAR upon them; that will change once the normal schedules have all been canceled by a new and literal ‘terror in the same streets’ that were once “theirs.”

Here’s one more proof of the total-criminal-farce that this Amerikan brand of continuing-surrender (TSA) has produced: All the billions and all the fake-terror along with its true costs are clearly spelled out. (3)

After Vietnam it took this country ten more years to finally come to terms with the fact that we had not just been in a war for all that time; but that we actually LOST that war. Well it’s now been more than ten years that this nation has been living with the FACTS of TREASON and deceit, created and fostered by Ashkenazi-based Zionism – as just part of their plan to begin to crush the entire world…

Time to shrug off the semi-visible chains of your continued existence and face these bastards whenever they attempt to confront you!

Jim Kirwan

1) The Shocking Truth of the Pending EU Collapse – video

2) The Holocaust of Truth has led to the Death of Political Authority

3) Rense & Emord – TSA – 10 Years of True Terror & Counting – video

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