Have we Failed?

I had a conversation recently with someone about ‘what went wrong with ‘OCCUPY’ and with the demonstrations across the nation. Here is part of that discussion. 

READER: “Yes, I understand, and I too, feel (and have acted on) those natural responses to help where I can; others do too, but this is a new playing field. It’s not an isolated or spontaneous event; it’s anticipated and expected. We know that today demonstrations can and do breed violence, so preparation for such is planning. Jim, I’d like it if everyone were where you are in this regard, I truly would, but we are not, so something constructive/reconstructive has to be done to address our safety and survival. I guess talking with friends and associates and spreading the word is a start. In other words, to say to each other, if one of us is in trouble, the others won’t abandon him or her and will do everything possible to help.

That’s probably a commitment not everyone will be able to honor because of how we’ve been altered, but it’s a start. I’m kind of fixated on this right now because I can’t get that young guy in the video out of my mind: Help me. Somebody help me. Maybe the training can be called: How To Overcome Cowardice, or Having Each Other’s Back, or….. Well, we may not be perfect at this, but as I always say, Every effort is better than no effort. And this will be a hard-sell because to most it doesn’t look urgent until it is, as they say, coming to a neighborhood near you.” 

k) Personal safety cannot be the first thought when you are defending yourself, your children and your children’s children: Because some things are bigger than ‘personal safety.’ The training in the corrupted military does what these phony civil-disobedience groups do NOT do. The entire emphasis (in the so-called training of the thugs both in the military & the police) is on PROTECTING EACH OTHER! So when one of them is attacked they will all rally to the defense of their own: This is completely backwards: 

The thugs are doing exactly WHAT THE PROTESTORS SHOULD HAVE BEEN DOING ALL ALONG, which would have resulted in isolating the cops from each other, but instead what continues to happen is that the thugs isolate the demonstrators and thereby PROVE TO ALL that the SUPPOSEDLY PEACEFUL DEMONSTRATORS are in reality TOTALLY HELPLESS AND HOPELESS, in THEIR RIDICULOUS DEMONSTRATIONS that can never have any real effect upon the Police State as it is being practiced now. 

If this nation had any human-values then this would not need to be taught but thanks to the NANNY STATE, we have all been taught that the ONLY THING THAT MATTERS is “ME, MY AND MINE” – AND WHAT ANYONE ELSE MIGHT “need” IS TOTALLY WITHOUT MEANING or VALUE TO ANYONE WHO IS THAT SELF-CONSUMED! 

WELCOME TO THE NEW MILLENNIUM and to the triumph of arrogance, greed and IMMUNITY from any and all need to care for any other human being. If there is a villain, then blame Apathy because it has been our subservience to her that has seemingly killed our national will to survive, either as individuals or as a society!’ 

Moreover all of us must reconnect ourselves to the imperatives of survival (the need for physical resistance) that demands that each of us respect and practice the only valid response to the tyranny being dispensed on the streets of this country that is no longer a nation. 

READER: “It makes me sick. I am remembering all the non-violence training/workshops I’ve taken over the decades. The instruction in the face of aggression is to just sit down in place in crossed-legged position. Seems to me we need more training on how to respond appropriately, I mean the best possible way to save ourselves and each other. I know it sounds crazy that something likes this needs such form and organization, but considering what’s been done to us, like I wrote below: Our instincts have been tampered with. Can this be consciously and maturely addressed so we can unlearn helplessness? I mean, how many articles have you written about “Jump in and help”? Dozens! You were the first to be hollerin’ about this. But we’re seeing video after video where we-the-people are letting good, innocent folks get beat up. It’s about self-defense and we need education, training, practice. I certainly do. I guess I’ll be thinking and talking about this and see what comes…”

k) ‘This is what happens when ‘people’ unconditionally-surrender themselves to “mysterious-organizations” just because they are “organizations” that are not necessarily formed ‘in the best interests of the public’ or the country.  Instead these fraudulent “movements’ have appeared to convince the public that all our efforts to resist the enemy are doomed to failure! OCCUPY does not serve us or the restoration of our freedoms. Nor do they either protect the Constitution, the Bill of Rights or even the freedom of the public to choose RESISTANCE over their own personal safety in order to keep this country FREE of tyranny and free of the treachery of the TRAITORS that want to see this place join in an UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER to our ENEMIES in the global New World Order.’ 

Here is some of what has already taken place around the planet if you do not act to interrupt this pattern then ironically the USA will be added to this list in a very prominent position. (1)

Here is what is happening now. This is the one message that must get through to everyone in this country! What was omitted is that everything about the pending elections is a major part of this TREASON against the Constitution & the people – anyone from voters to candidates that participates in the coming election is guilty of assisting in the criminal-coup that has already taken out the Constitution and the Bill of rights and now is seeking a final solution to whatever remains of this place. This is what awaits anyone that does NOT Withdraw-Their-Power from this criminal-government! THINK about this: Then just “DO IT”! (2)

Jim Kirwan 

1) Answering Obama’s Claim that US Military is “finest fighting force in history” – 4 min video

2) Recipe For A Revolution – 4 min. video

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