Beyond Apathy

Apathy is nothing more than an opaque ornament that clearly works with the double negative of FEAR & TERROR to shut down any action that might be possible; to begin to alter the direction of what people can do on their own, to take back this country. 

We have been told over and over again that ‘there is nothing we can do to begin to end this continuing problem.’ Yet there is a great deal that any thinking person can do to begin to alter the direction in which are all are seemingly willing to go. To begin with we can just “STOP HELPING THEM to crush our spirit and to eliminate our real choices that involve anything beyond the choices they offer, which are always between BAD & WORSE. 

Part of the definitions involved with “violence” also includes these two very different ways of looking at that age-old term.

Violence – noun,

“1) behavior involving physical force intended to hurt, damage, or kill someone or something 

2) Strength of emotion or an unpleasant or destructive natural force

But my definitions of self-defense transform that violence into this…. 

1) Behavior involving physical force intended to protect, secure, or save the life of, someone or something. 

2) Strength of emotion, or an unpleasant yet constructive natural force…..making fighting-back into a most natural act, designed for protection. In fact, when innocence is threatened, to not respond is an act of violence. Non-interference perpetuates violence.” 

So in reality instead of embracing the unworkable policy of non-violence when confronted by the truly violent forces that start every riot: Why not look at your responsibility to protect your self and those that you love or care about from harm, by resisting the violence that is always handed out by out-of-control uniformed government thugs? 

It is not only that people should not bother with non-violence basically because it peaked during the time of Gandhi, back when people and governments could be embarrassed by such outrages as those events that are commensurate with virtually every public demonstration, anywhere today. But there is also the fact that when over 5,000 people were arrested between the beginning of OCCUPY in the US, from September until today—No one from the police was ever charged with any crime, despite the deaths and the torture being used against the public. Nor were any bankers or government collaborators in any of the ongoing scams, schemes, or public-frauds ever arrested for stealing or diverting trillions of dollars, under false pretenses. And on top of that the more the crowds refused to RESIST the more brutal the cops became: Ergo, “non-violence” not only does NOT work, it’s actually counter-productive. That is the message that government drove home to the public that still refuses to change tactics—despite the evidence of so many public demonstrations that all  ended the same way with the public being brutalized, arrested and jailed while the real criminals and very public OUTLAWS were never even threatened with any of the crimes they routinely commit? 

Consequently if the public is truly non-violent then they would begin to fight back whenever innocence or non-resistors are threatened. Because the only way to correct these massive and very public injustices is for the savages that create these mini-riots to be forced to “BACK-OFF” or face being overrun by the crowds. Fighting back is not something that needs to be planned, because it is the one spontaneous reaction to mindless aggression against another human being that should spontaneously occur. But so long as the crowd continues to passively record these events without ACTING against the uniformed thugs—then nothing will ever change. But then that just brings up the reasons why we haven’t yet chosen to act.

Many embrace the darkness because they believe that doing anything will put them at risk. And while the figure of DARKNESS is compelling she represents passivity, and her shadow can interfere with ILLUMINATION, if we allow that to happen. 

This is not a game; the thugs carry death on both hips and they have made it very clear that they are not afraid to use deadly force for even minor offenses that might in any way ‘threaten’ them or the idiotic commands they routinely issue, especially in the heat of any given moment. 

And finally of course there is the fact that whenever people today have ever had any kind of real problem in their lives; they generally tend to want to find someone, whether that would be a lawyer, a politician, a doctor or any other professional to “fix” our problems for us, in exchange for money: The unwritten rule here is that we NEVER deal with our problems ourselves, because we have been ‘taught’ to just hire a professional!

But what happens when all the professionals have already sold us out to the same people that are causing everything that has gone wrong to be that way in the first place? We can’t impeach the criminals because all those that would have to be involved in that proceeding are themselves the ones that underwrote the TREASONS and the OUTLAW behavior in the first place—so of course we cannot remove the TRAITORS in our midst because everyone who profits are also the same people charged with keeping the criminals “honest”! And: “Everybody Knows What’s Going On”! (*)

And yet there are many things that are so basic to human nature that we have continuously short-changed in the Faustian bargain with the dark side of the Universe. This is fork in the road where we must confront all their various demands for our unconditional surrender to everything they say and do throughout every minute of every day that brings us all closer to that ultimate decision-point; where we must either surrender completely or resist at every opportunity, because these demands violate every part of the human rights that we were each born with.

This is what RESISTANCE & SURRENDER look likes and we must individually CHOOSE, which path we wish to follow because we shall never have another chance to undo this choice; once we have each decided for ourselves which course will take us to the world we want to live-in for ourselves and for those we say we love! It would seem to be a simple choice; unless “you’ve lived your life as just a footnote in someone else’s dreams.”
If that’s enough for you then I don’t want to know you!

Apathy has marked this country with her broken thoughts that can never focus on reality. But what is coming with the new year does not bear thinking about; because it will all be based upon our unconditional surrender; unless we choose to fight this until the sham collapses on itself from the sheer weight of the imbalance that such an outrage will create. I’ve spent my entire life fighting these criminals, in virtually every aspect of life, but this is not something that anyone can do alone because this decision will directly impact the future or the lack of a one, for everyone in this place, that used to be a nation. If you cannot figure out what to do then at least ‘STOP HELPING THEM’ by simply questioning each and everything they do!

If you can’t do that then you’ll never be able
To get “Beyond Apathy” so you’ll be condemned
to a living death without reprieve,
And that is what you will deserve!

Jim Kirwan

*) Leonard Cohen: Everybody Knows – video

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