Waiting For the Other Boot to Fall

Illustration by David Dees

Today marks the 70the Anniversary of the Attack on Pear Harbor that brought America firmly into the War against the Axis powers that we called WWII. As so many presidential candidates have asked so many times over all those years “Are you better off now than you were before”! That answer today has to end with a resounding “NO”!

As most people simply watch the clock move through the seconds that become minutes and through the minutes that become hours: The only thing that deepens now is ‘DREAD,” because the basics of the Constitution have been REPEALED and we are still waiting for the TRAITOR in the oval office to sign this final piece of treason into his form of ‘illegal-law.’ This is illegal because the Constitution is the basis for all legalities: To strip the Constitution of its contents is to violate (with extreme prejudice) the very basis for all laws, just as this act will terminate the “legal justification’ for the courts, the congress, or the presidency to have anything further to do in the Police-State that the new “law” has created.

Yet this is the Christmas Season, hence there seems to be a contradictory urge, within the public, to simply ignore what has actually happened. Will this sleeping herd awake before the packages beneath their pathetic X-Mas-trees are splashed in blood: Or will people just ignore the fact that never before in the history of this nation, has the population ever been directly targeted as ENEMIES of the State, ‘by the government that was supposed to protect the people and the Constitution from all enemies both foreign and DOMESTIC?’

The games continue, hour after hour while on the financial midway of this circus, country after country continues to fall into financial chaos amid usurious DEBT without end: A fitting tribute to go with our international WARS without END. The herd has forgotten, if indeed they ever knew, that NOTHING lasts forever, not corporations, not governments, and especially not people—because EVERYTHING DIES, eventually. By this same token ‘NOTHING CAN BE CREATED THAT IS TOO BIG TO FAIL’ just as ‘Anything whose reach exceeds its grasp’ must also fail because of the natural laws of nature that abhor the massive imbalances upon which this Criminal-Cabal of Money and artificial power has been constructed.

The clocks around the world continue to tick their way toward that unthinkable moment when the madmen-of-the-planet will finally take that ‘step-too-far’ to set this war-torn world ablaze, to complete their plan to have the much feared WWIII.

Many are finally waking up only to discover that ‘there really is no “we” within this country: There is only the “ME,” “MY” & “MINE” that was created for us by our very own Death-Squad-Resident of the oval office Ronald Reagan, back in the 1980’s. And unless people can put the need for FREEDOM & RESPONSIBILITY above their individual preferences; there can never be a place where these ‘preferences of the many’ might ever be realized. What is also obvious is that far too many of the self-concerned have decided to make it their business to force everyone else to live by their own twisted Victorian rules—further dividing an already fractured population.

The general population of this country are nothing but children that always seem to look to others to provide what they should have been providing for themselves when it comes to ‘deciding on-what and how to focus in the living of their own private lives. Instead we have apparently embraced the latest form of Big Brother from 1984 – that unforgiving zero-tolerance, bigoted, biased control freak that we call the POLICE-STATE – just to relieve the lazy from having to make any decisions for themselves!

Just look at these facts. TSA, HOMELAND-INSECURITY, PRESIDENTIAL & CONGRESSIONAL TREASON, SUPPORTED BY THE CRIMINAL-U.S. SUPREME COURT and virtually every functioning department of the government that maintains that EVERY PERSON in this country is now AN ENEMY OF THE STATE, until they (“we”) can prove otherwise: EXCEPT that without charges, lawyers or trials, there is no opportunity to PROVE YOUR INNOCENCE! And if that isn’t enough then add to that the fact there will never be any charges for you to refute—just INDEFINITE CONFINEMENT, with torture and isolation combined with rape and brutality unending. . .

AND THIS PUBLIC HAS YET TO EVEN LOSE ITS TEMPER, despite this massive crime that has been committed against all of us.

For any public to remain “non-violent” in the face of this kind of continuing-criminal-theft of life, property and freedom constitutes a massive crime against LIFE itself. And to fail to oppose these continuing actions is to collaborate with those that are prosecuting us with every criminal-violation of virtually every part of the US Constitution.

There was another way that everyone chose to ignore. All we had to do was to end the two-party system because as anyone with a brain can see the current system has all been nothing but a massive lie since at least LBJ. But ‘we’ were too much invested in all that illegal money to be made, and the endless opportunities to be bought to ever dream of ending that super-toxic-gravy-train. So we have continued to pander to the fraud nationally, and throughout virtually every state, county and city; so that by now the entire nation has become nothing more than one massive criminal enterprise—which is why so many choose “not to physically-resist” the tyranny and the treason that haunts our every waking moment. That REALITY is what has led Americans into the idiotic position of trying to stop bullets with whimpish cries of “We are not resisting” or “Shame, shame, shame” as if storm troopers have anything like a private conscience!

Everything (and everyone) that lives has an obligation to try and prolong the gift of life—especially when that life is directly threatened! WHY then is not the deadly violence of the STATE, never challenged? How many murders have gone UNPUNISHED? Just look at the topics either on the web or in the media. You will not find these stories of this BETRAYAL covered anywhere with any real depth; except from the few as usual on the web. Nor will you find the truth about what we do to other people around the world; nor will you discover the reality that happens whenever we invade so many other nations.

There are only a few days left before the wheels fall from this fledgling-fascist state that cannot maintain control while virtually every aspect of life is now coming apart at the seams. But because too many failed to believe enough in themselves and in their own human-worth to survive — then billions will probably die; because that’s what happens to inferior life forms in natures system of elimination. ‘Any species that cannot survive by its own efforts will automatically perish,’ and humanity is no exception as we are just one of the life-forms on this planet.

Yes I know it’s a real downer—but I couldn’t help wondering how much we might have learned about “how best to survive and prosper” since we entered WWII, seventy years ago today! Here’s a glance at how this contemporary “journey” of ours might soon begin to end—and please remember that it did NOT have to be this way! (1)

In 1973 I described the Journey this way, you might want to compare the two views and decide for yourself which one you would have preferred to take, even though now you no longer have a choice. (2)

Jim Kirwan

1) SPEC Ops The Journey – video

2) Triptych The Journey

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