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RISK is intrinsically involved in every single act of living that occurs with everything that is alive. Life itself cannot survive except by dealing with RISK; however no one can devote every second of their lives to paranoia over what “risk” might enable because there’s a lot more to life than the possibilities of harm. “Risk” is flexible and chancy where ‘SECURITY” is rigid and seeks to be absolute, in a world where nothing is ever absolutely free from all risks. The paranoia that often accompanies “RISK” is humorless, without joy or hope, or anything that does not focus exclusively on every possible danger known to all of mankind.

The Obamanation administration seems to believe that ‘SECURITY’ is the only thing in life that matters. The Bush Administration after it had utterly FAILED to prevent 911: Left all the key people who had failed in place and then proceeded to tell the American public that we were all going to be protected from the TERROR they had created by allowing 911 to happen! 911 is and was the single most deadly attack upon this country since it was born, and it was the ONLY open attack upon the whole nation which was never challenged because we were never allowed to discuss it, or to investigate it! In fact those that were directly targeted—the people of this county—we purposely excluded from the entire decision making process when it came to war, terror, or security: because we were considered to be “too stupid” to be able to understand what was actually happening.

In fact what the Bush administration did, 7 months BEFORE 91, was to begin spying on the entire population of this country and then after 911 they began targeting every man, woman and child in this country as potential criminals (guilty until we could each prove our innocence). Consequently we needed to be watched and stripped of all our rights; in order to maintain “SECURITY” and to “protect Americans.” Ah, but the government that was eye-ball deep in the execution of the events of 911 just happened to fail to say what they were protecting us from. Did people feel safer then than they had before Bush and the New World Order came to rule outright over the USA?

In the meanwhile, there was nothing protecting Americans from their completely criminal-government—nothing, nada, zip! By the time we had allowed Bush to declare his unilateral and illegal wars on both Afghanistan and Iraq the American public had been disenfranchised because the congress had given its powers of oversight along with its responsibility to represent the will of their constituents away to the Administration; and thereby made this country into a dictatorship during the first stint of George W. Bush who then announced to the world that he had become “The Decider” (for the world). Did people feel more “secure” than they did before he became Dictator?

Then in answer to dozens of promises about transparency, the closing of Gitmo and the ending of wars, not to mention creating new jobs: There came into the Oval Office a person who had led three lives, none of which is apparently track-able. In his first years he managed to break every promise he made. Then he followed up by expanding every single effort made by TRAITOR-BUSH; to the point where we are now with three more wars than when the transition occurred; a debt burden that the entire world could never repay or cover for and a needless confrontation (because of Israel) that is vastly increasing the chances of starting WWIII, just to pacify a shitty-little country that is still not house broken and is not a member of global community of nations. Because you see no country is “good enough” to be formerly associated with Zionist-Apartheid-Israel. Given that jobs have fallen to less than zero, your retirement is under major threat; there is no health care and no future for ever changing anything about this corporate-criminal-enterprise: Have these policies increased the levels of your personal security – or is the direct opposite of what has happened – true?

Have you finally figured out that no political party in this country gives a damn about any of us; unless it is maybe to see us all die so that they will have far fewer of us to deal with at any given point? Why for instance has this government decided to intensify “Their War Against the Homeland” and it’s new corollary the THREAT of Violent Home-Grown TERROR & Extremism: And if so, why now!

“Yesterday the White House revealed a new plan to fight what they allege is the threat of homegrown terrorism; a threat which I have been pointing out has been artificially hyped up for some time now.

The Obama administration continues to promulgate the fake threat of terrorism in order to justify their increasing erosion of civil liberties and massive expenditures on so-called counterterrorism efforts.”

The program is aimed at even further integrating local and federal authorities, just as the fusion centers do across the nation, along with improving the ability for officers to “recognize violent extremism,” according to ABC News. (1)

This nation has sacrificed everything in this country to obtain the kind of “National Security” that could only exist in Science-Fiction films. Because films and media have all been brought to us by the six Jewish companies that own 96% of the world’s media. This total control came about after the end of the Viet Nam War, when the Zionists’ realized that the public had to be completely controlled: And that could only happen if they owned virtually all the news sources that most people still rely upon. (2)

So without ‘journalists’, and without a mainstream media that was supposed to “keep this government honest” (the reason for the privileges given to the press in the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution) – the public in general has no way to force this government to tell the truth—because no one ever openly and publicly challenges them to “PROVE” anything they continue to just announce, as if everything they say is a fact and the ONLY truth! This situation makes everything in this deadly quagmire far more ominous because in addition to not getting real information, the media has actually become a co-conspirator, with the criminal-enterprise calling itself USI, in order to SHUT-DOWN this country and turn whatever is left here into a twentieth-century version of a POLICE-STATE!

Once this nation has admittedly (Which can be seen in their lopsided control of congress) become totally opposed to a Constitutional Republic, as well as to the natural freedoms outlined in the U.S. Constitution—the people of this nation have no recourse except to overthrow this government and reestablish one that is inclusive of the rights and privileges of all our citizens. Such a process ought to begin with mandatory resignations or Impeachment of the entire government—if that is not forthcoming then the people that live here need to make their voices heard, directly.

FEAR alone has never been a reason to have a country; and it cannot be the primary reason for anything that any nation undertakes. Nations were founded on the positive associations of like-minded people. What the NWO is doing is to shut-down conversations between not just nation-states, but between ordinary people everywhere. They’ve even decided to eliminate all nation states and to carve up the planet by districts, as can be seen in the map of the locations of the FEMA prisons: Another free gift to us from The New World Order. Here’s the 16 minute documentary about this latest override of constitutional boundaries of what was the USA. This came into being right after 911. This called The Security and Prosperity Partnership; which was SECRET, focused on bankrupting Americans and was in no way a partnership of any kind, except in that it was designed to reduce all of North America into several districts for the purpose of creating global control over the entire North American Continent. If this was to be so “good” for Americans why was this kept SECRET, until now! (3)

You might also wonder why the US has given the entire 5th Army of the United States to the UN, in order to militarily control this transfer of power, after hostilities break out?

You are going to have to begin to face the overwhelming facts here. The truth is that the United States that so many still believe is real has been replaced with one of the worst nightmares that anyone could never have imagined. Listen to that voice inside that KNOWS the truth and get ready to FIGHT BACK NOW! (4)


A bankrupt nation is not SECURE. A futureless Nation is not secure. An illiterate Nation is not secure.
Any nation that cannot provide for those that pay its bills is not secure. A Nation that does not trust its own citizens is not secure. A nation whose government hates its own people is not secure. A nation without freedom or responsibilities among those at either the top or the bottom of that society is not secure. No nation that must operate entirely in SECRET can ever be truly secure, just as no nation that must look to mercenary forces to hold onto power could ever be considered to be secure! Think about it people, we have NO FUTURE, VIRTUALLY NO PAST THAT HAS NOT BEEN COMPOSED ENTIRELY OF LIES, therefore in reality even the so-called “PRESENT” IS NOTHING BUT MORE LIES!

Jim Kirwan

1) White House unleashes new terrorism propaganda campaign

2) Six Jewish Companies Own 96% of the World’s Media (pdf)

3) Stop the North American Union Documentary – 16 min 21 sec – video


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