Life in the Crosshairs

When I first began to re-enter the political world of political illuminations, I knew that my ordinary life wouldn’t amount to much afterwards because once you begin to live what you believe in: Everything changes in the world that you thought was yours. The illumination is part of a seven-part illustrated-dissection from 2003 called “Through the Hourglass Darkly. (1)

In 1964 I began a new course for myself that I actually believed might be able to change what the world understood about leadership and politicians versus the realities of everyday existence. After I had the one-man exhibition of that work in 1966 I came away with some very disturbing realities. Five thousand people passed through that exhibit. I received three complaints and almost everyone was moved by what they saw—but nothing among the public changed. The one group that actually understood exactly what I was saying were the targets of that project – the US government and all of their black-ops agencies.

From that day to this, I’ve been living in the CROSSHAIRS of this world, as part of the price that has to be paid for calling attention to what is true versus what is alleged by the Lying-Outlaws that have owned and run this global cabal for thousands of years. Here is that project, along with the index for the work in the center, behind the title of the work: The State of the Nation – 1966. (2)

In today’s world virtually everything is immersed in contradictions, in lies, in blatant disinformation and double-speak. Just today all of this is evident on the site, in the column on the extreme right-side. These articles run the gambit from the global to the classrooms here:

Americans talk about an Israeli Strike on Iran, but prepare own offensive

Russia vetoes motion after preparing Special Forces for Syria

J’lem and Berlin sign 6th contract for sixth submarine

Tokyo gov’t unveils transport of incinerated radioactive sludge from sewage plant

Lunch Scholars (most Amerikan students are dumber than rocks)

And this is only one web site.  There are many, many more, all with the same problem—a “public” that doesn’t track and is not remotely interested in any of the critical things that matter to their survival in a world that is hell-bent on self-destruction. Today is SUPERBOWL SUNDAY, and most of those students (although they were not asked) probably know far more about football than they have ever known about anything that matters to their own survival.

On the same web site under “Featured Videos” there is a 32 minute video from David Duke called: The Coverup of Zionist Organized Crime – which makes my skin crawl, because of what is being revealed, but also because there is something so basic about David Duke that I always have problems with, whatever he is saying, because of his previous political career.

All of us have a limbic system at the very base of our brains. This is the part of the brain that whispers to us about the things we must be aware of for survival. When reading, or in this case watching Duke’s expose I can’t seem to separate what I’m seeing and hearing from the man himself because I can’t seem to personally trust him—which is coming from that limbic part of my brain that radiates a warning which I cannot help but listen to. It is this combined aspect of human “understanding” that has to be included in what we choose to act upon, which is most often missing in today’s grasp of what living in this world is actually all about.

“Basic Information’ is one of the keys to being able to make sense of the world we live in; but none of that information comes with seals of approval, because everyone of us has ‘feet of clay’ and no one person has “THE” answers that so many are trying to find, despite the chaos that surrounds our every word, every thought or every deed. Of course it does not help that thought-crimes are now a chargeable offence in Police-State Amerika! Meanwhile the clock continues to tick on the number of days left until marital Law becomes a reality in the one country that no one ever expected would be victimized by their own military under an illegal-cover of ILLEGAL LAWS, enacted by the same congress that was supposed to protect this nation from all her REAL ENEMIES, BOTH FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC!

So as we begin to live thru this last month of pseudo-freedom under a false-flag that has ignored the fact that the so-called president signed into law on New Years’ Eve of this year, something that according to the Constitution cannot be a law because it does away with the Constitution and all of its guarantees—so it is officially illegal and cannot be applied to Americans—at any level; as those who participated in creating this “ACT” were all participants in TREASON against the US, against its constitution and against its people. Yet we all seem to proceed on this SUPERBOWL-SUNDAY as if everything in this place was indeed “just fine,” and completely normal—even though now there are only 27 days left until we become OCCUPIED by a military takeover of the United States.

Way back there when I began I thought that if people could just SEE what was exactly taking place there would be a backlash against the criminality, in almost every area of this society (then being ruled over by LBJ). The mistake was mine because I failed to understand the herd-instinct that has apparently been growing since the hive-mentality took over from those who thought that they could live successfully as individuals in a nation that supposedly valued their real and untouchable freedoms & RESPONSIBILITIES, under the then existing government. See those students again in “Lunch Scholars” above. And if that isn’t enough for you then please watch this very public one minute ad that will air during the SUPERBOWL today.
The Moon illuminates the Darkness in the natural world, but if we fail to use this refracted natural-light to SEE what is actually happening around us, then we shall be unable to succeed in stopping this INSANITY.

We must understand that to do this we must begin to get used to the idea that we are all living in the CROSSHAIRS, now.

Once you can actually do that—then at least YOU might be able to finally begin to resist—openly and publicly against this very real threat to everything we thought our lives were actually all about. If you can’t do this, then you will have a very short life from this point forward.

Jim Kirwan

1) Through the Hourglass – Darkly

2) Oklahoma: The State of the Nation


Frying Dutchman human ERROR – 19 min video

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