For the last year I’ve been trying to figure out the military and the sociological background for what this country seems determined to accomplish. Today I was having a conversation with an old friend and trying very hard to spell out exactly what is going on. However that left me the core of the real PROBLEMS that any version of this government or Israel’s actual military protocol’s might actually require: No matter how I looked at this it made absolutely no sense and left me with the very clear thought that these creatures must be smokin’ something; because there is simply NO WAY that any of this nightmare could actually come true!

To put this logistically: We still have Iraq that is tying up about 25,000 or so mercenaries that we must pay for, and then there is still Afghanistan and Pakistan. In Afghanistan we are confined to the bases, and we’re losing more turf every day. In Pakistan we’ve fcked that up so badly that Pakistan now wants to go to war against us over Iran if we attack that formerly sovereign country. Those are the still-smoldering three wars that Bush started.

Moving from there to Libya, where we basically leveled that country in exchange for getting rid of Gadaffi, but Libya still requires our “leadership” in order to keep the Outlaws from leveling whatever is left of that place. Then there is the about to be hottest spot outside of Iran: Syria, where we are trying to covertly do another war just like Libya except that we are being challenged by both Russia and China over that one, because no one wants another Libya. These (Libya, Syria, and Iran) are the “ready to ignite wars.”

On top of those we have troops in Somalia, Yemen, and soon to be in Lebanon and possibly Jordan. So in this one region of the world we are at war, or about to be at war, in seven to nine different nations – simultaneously?

And this doesn’t count whatever we are still trying to do in Central & South America, the China Sea, and the Pacific Rim nations. I guess the government cannot actually count because to fight this many wars especially with mercenary forces as well as US troops, Hell the weaponry alone is MASSIVELY EXPENSIVE. And this is just what shows up on the surface. WHERE ARE WE GOING TO GET THE MONEY!  Remember we do not have a functioning nation, we have no jobs and no future, so how will any of this get paid for!

We also have about 720 bases scattered all over the planet that must be supplied and maintained. Now what is it AGAIN that the United States Inc. wants to do next? Why of course they have already declared WAR upon the entire United States and THAT WAR will officially begin on March Third of 2012; with troops picking up people for indefinite detention all over the country (or so they have promised). That starts in just 25 more days!

Not only can we not possibly afford all this military confusion and international warfare: But what will happen to our 720 military bases around the world once the world finds out that WE ARE ATTACKING OUR OWN NATION? There are so many people out there that will hate us into the Twenty-Second century just waiting for this fascist place to make a huge mistake: And attacking what they call “THE HOMELAND” would definitely sign the death warrant of the USA.

“WHY”? Because if we are at war with ourselves and the entire Middle-East simultaneously, we simply cannot protect our own supply lines in all those other hostile countries where we have forced the public to accept Amerikan military bases—ergo those bases will become sitting ducks to be surrounded and eliminated for the goodies that can be stolen and the captives they’ll be able to use to barter with.

None of our hypothetical enemies (Russia, China and now Pakistan) were stupid enough to go to war in more than one place at a time, so they will be able to do much harm with very little to fear from us: While we will become trapped in our own nightmares with too little money and by having made it clear to the world that we are about to devour our own citizens because “we” are against the Police-State version of the old USA.

This must have taken a real genius to dream up this battle plan because it breaks every military axiom in the known world – and it virtually guarantees that the US will be massively defeated everywhere: Because we have neither the brain power nor the military might to take on the entire planet and hope to win against the other 94% of the population of the world that is out there just waiting for us to start this whole disaster—so that we can finally be ended as anything at all in the wider world.

Having made enemies of our entire population, how the hell could this criminal government ever expect they could win against anyone else when this country is being attacked by its own troops? Every day now the government comes up with another agency or another bill that creates millions of new security jobs that requires billions more dollars to create some new SECURITY-NIGHTMARE to threaten the public with? Where is that money coming from?

Look at the size of Iraq, where we’ve been bombing and fighting them for over twenty years now—and where we still lost that war. How could anyone think for a second that the US could even begin to totally control the massive United States, with so few troops and such despicable thugs of which there are far too few to even threaten anyone once the public brings their own weapons to the party in the streets and on the highways? NO this cannot work! The filthy government has put all its trust in outright FEAR and TERROR without even bothering to do the math.

If NAZI Germany had been the size of the USA they could never have gotten away with what they did to the federal Republic of Germany. Stalin for his part was dealing largely with peasants in a rural nation that had worshipped him initially, until the truth finally dawned: But the USSR then was nothing compared to USI now—Still the size of the place to be invaded matters greatly and for every advantage that our “technology” adds there are at least three drawbacks involved in relying upon them in a civil-war for our own survival. Of course the brilliant traitors inside this government haven’t bothered to notice that the whole country is NOT behind them at all; just the dip-shits and the natural Outlaws who just can’t wait to start the chaos. Plus there is the FACT that the rest of the world will not simply stand idly by while we tear ourselves apart—you and I know that, so why don’t THEY!

This nation is busted, broke, totally devoid of promise and beset with criminal-behavior at every critical point within the society: This means that once this WAR upon America begins none of us shall have anything left to lose—always a huge military mistake to make, especially when one is talking about making war on your own people! So as I was telling my friend—what could they possible expect to GAIN from all this hostility and belligerent outright criminality: Unless they just want this nation to commit public suicide—but where’s the profit in that!

Let’s review they’ve destroyed the food, the air, the water and the land (over five hundred mountain tops removed) just since Junior stole the nation and Cheney began to run the country. We encouraged the oil companies to murder the Gulf of Mexico, which they have done, no matter what BP “says” about their handiwork. Now we’re looking at a series of nuclear plant disasters across the country – a planned disaster in every way, including the yet to make an appearance (the Madrid Fault line) with all of its nuclear plants and 40 million body bags ready and waiting to be used? I think it’s safe to say that this government genuinely HATES the people of this country. Why else would they have worked so hard for decades to destroy us all?

But again—what is to be gained by any of this horrific behavior; and where does it all come to an end. Total destruction is easily achievable; remember Dresden and the fire-bombing of it and of Tokyo during WWII? And remind me please exactly what did either of these senseless acts really accomplish? And “when it’s over” – What will happen then! What will be done with all the toxic fallout from all the nukes that will have rained down upon the whole earth? Of course there will be no more Israel, but there will also be no one to care because in every country those fantastically rich Zionists will each have been tracked down and murdered but again what will that accomplish, when there will be no place left that will be fit for human habitation?

So why must it come to this: Why can we not take it upon ourselves to stop this insanity before we let those international Outlaws drag us all down into to hell along with them! Are we not smart-enough to come up with solutions to this that don’t involve ending the whole world just because we want to play with all out nuclear toys…  Come on people we’ve got to be smarter than this—or are we what they believe we are; a so-called people that are actually dumber than just another box of rocks!

To Dream the Impossible Dream is one thing. (1)

But this amounts to Dreaming the Impossible Nightmare—forever!

Jim Kirwan

1) Luther Vandross the impossible dream live – 5 min 23 sec. video

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