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One month from today will mark the 9th Anniversary of the American Invasion of Iraq in 2003. Our illegal and unilateral WAR on Iraq began 42 days after Colin Powell committed TREASON at the UN in his speech to the entire world that was proven to have been nothing but a pack of lies.

Powell spoke for Amerika that day and his lies cost the people of Iraq their country. Over 2 million Iraqi’s have been murdered. 2 million more were displaced and yet another 2 million were severely damaged, probably for life. It cost the people of Amerika our already-tattered reputation and over $3 trillion to wage that nine year end to the twenty-year war on Iraq.

Yesterday another Amerikan-Traitor spoke out; this time on Iran. He’s a hyphenated Israeli-Amerikan who calls himself a US Senator, but he’s a full time TRAITOR, a born liar, and a Zionist to the core: He calls himself Joseph Lieberman and no one appointed him to speak for America. Here from FOX NEWS is a seven minute tape claiming to come from a “bi-partisan group” of traitors on Capitol Hill who also do NOT speak for America: But who are tired of waiting and want to bomb Iran back to the stone-age, just to prove that they are all tough guys and will not tolerate being told “NO.” Incidentally there is nothing that is said in this false-flag-screed (by anyone) that is actually true: This is simple flag-waving, war-mongering, at the most crude level of ignorance and arrogant-violence that got us into the now FAILED Iraq War of nearly nine years ago. (1)

When the full congress meets, everything they officially do now involves treason against the Republic, the people and the US Constitution: Because these creatures actually voted for the War on All American Citizens. This involves every man woman and child in this country; who, as of March third, 2012 will all be considered Enemies of the State. That is until each and every one of us can PROVE that we are not, despite the fact that no formal charges will be listed to answer to? No charges will be needed, no arrest is necessary; troops will just pick people up and send them into “Indefinite Detention until all hostilities have ceased.” No lawyers or family members will be allowed access to the detainees – because officially all who are taken no longer exist.

This Congress passed this measure overwhelmingly and the fraud in the White House signed it on New Years Eve of 2011. Since this happened; The Supreme Court has deserted in the face of the real Enemy, the US government. Meanwhile the congress and the president have been working around the clock 7 days a week to finish blocking all possible exits from this treachery. Here’s some of what got added to “Indefinite Detention.”

“World War Web Advisory: Five Cyber Bills to Track

Sections 1021 and 1022 of the National Defense Authorization Act For Fiscal Year 2012 (NDAA: Public Law No: 112-81) codify the executive (civilian agency e.g. CIA/DHS/FBI) authority to arrest and hold indefinitely without charge or trial American citizens – indefinite detention – as claimed by Presidents Bush and Obama pursuant to the post-9/11 Authorization for Use of Military Force Act (AUMF: Public Law 107-40), and add to that authority the “option” of military detention as well. And although President Obama assured in his signing statement that his administration would refrain from exercising their military options, Presidential signing statements are merely political documents with no force of law or penalty for breach. Besides, once the Enemy Expatriation Act is passed (EEA: HR 3166/S 1698), should an American citizen’s rights become an obstacle our government will be able to simply revoke their citizenship (naturalized OR native born):” The article continues here (2).

Apparently the mistakes made in the rush to bomb Iraq the second time (2003) left the criminal administration more vulnerable than they would have preferred. Yet now we have the exact same people pushing the exact same “false-evidence” in the case of yet another Middle-Eastern country: All of this is being done to appease Israel, the same shitty little Zionist place that has been dragging America around by the balls for the last 63 years.

Yesterday we found out that now on top of everything else we are building an American Base inside Israel—another “secret base” for what possible purpose? (3)

Another unwelcome sign of the times comes from ABC NEWS, The American government’s official propaganda arm of the US Media. That’s right the Disney-owned Channel is the Zionist controlled media outlet that is releasing this “story.” This is a 1 minute and 41 second video describing how thoroughly ABC is pre-constructing the coming War on Iran. Complete with maps and targets and one would suppose its very own theme song for nightly television “shows.” (4)

Throughout the above commentaries and observations one key point has always remained beyond the so-called discussions, from either the Israeli’s or the Americans or indeed from anyone in the so-called WEST who is avidly supporting this illegal and outrageous colonial war for acquisition. That fact is this map which shows clearly the number of US military bases that surround Iran. And these supposedly sovereign nation states are still terrified of Iran; despite Israel’s determination to wipe the Iranians off the map and Amerika’s assertions that Iran is the real and global threat to the entire planet? Look at the map and make your own decision.

U.S. Military Bases/Map adadpted from www.juancole.com

There is just one other thing that rankles anyone with a conscience about this whole affair and it comes in the person of Mike Wallace of “60 Minutes” in his totally contrived interview with Ahmadinejad, for which 93 year old Mike Wallace “won” an Emmy for his rearrangement of the truth about what Ahmadinejad said in the interview. Combine this with the map above and then decide who is telling the truth about Iran and its supposed intentions regarding the safety or the security of the region. (5)

Everything today, in the news, is almost totally composed of lies, arrogance and greed designed by the rogue state of Zionist-Occupied Israel, for their own ends. If Amerikans cannot get their heads out of the concrete long enough to DEMAND reality from those that claim to speak for America—then this next war will just be a re-run with a thermonuclear trigger for WWIII, aimed at the entire planet.

We are in this mess because we did NOT charge Powell, Bush Jr. Cheney, Rice, and Rumsfeld with TREASON in the run-up to Iraq in 2003. So now we have Obama, Lieberman, Cheney, Biden and the rest of the current cast of traitors using the same RUSH-TO-JUDGEMENT to do it all over again with Iran as the target this time. Beneath all of this we are still at war in seven countries now with four more on the horizon—and believe it or not we are planning to open fire on Americans inside Amerika on March third, which is now less than two weeks away.

The people in this government are the unrepentant ENEMIES of all Americans; along with every single Israeli-Amerikan who is employed by this criminal-government. America cannot survive with people inside the government that are NOT Americans—which is why it is illegal to employ members of a foreign power to work for this government: Yet that is what Israel is “officially Israel is a foreign power” no matter what our so-called presidents say about some kind of special arrangement that has never been written down—anywhere!

Americans fought in the Second World War to free this country from the Nazis—only to find that today the Zionist-State of Israel is the Fourth Reich, hiding in plain site, inside Zionist-Occupied-Israel. It’s time to FIGHT these traitors and end this Crime Against Humanity where it originates… (6)

Jim Kirwan

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