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“Sen. Joe Lieberman is leading a group of nearly one-third of the U.S. Senate urging that the red line on war with Iran be shifted from building a nuclear weapon to the vague notion of Iran having the “capability” to build one. The neoconservative senator from Connecticut has introduced a “Sense of the Senate” resolution that would put the body on record as rejecting a situation that arguably already exists, in which Iran has the know-how to build a bomb even if it has no intention to do so.
The resolution tracks with the positions of hardline Israeli leaders, such as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and undercuts the position of President Barack Obama, whose administration has been exploring ways to negotiate an agreement with Iran, which insists that its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes only.” (1)

Who is Senator Joseph Lieberman? He’s a major figure inside Zionist Controlled Israel, who is powerful enough to be able to replace the Prime Minister of Israel, Netanyahu with a phone call from his office: He’s also a TRAITOR to the United States of America.

What about his threat to contrive a “Sense of the Senate” resolution to demand that we attack Iran over something for which there is absolutely no proof anywhere of anything that this Zionist-Anti-American is alluding to. Remember please that over 300 members of this congress are on record, in writing, to be supportive-to-the-point of treason—to always favoring  Israel over the needs (or the survival) of the United States. Those 300 plus people were paid well to sign on to supporting Israel, no matter the cost to the United States or its people.

So when Lieberman says that he is coming up with “a Sense of the Senate Resolution” that is a done deal – and Obama as another of those puppets in service to Israel will never even blink, or ever think, to veto such a measure! And with that “resolution’ in tow it will be a very short hop to forcing either the US or Israel to begin a PRE-EMPTIVE STRIKE against Iran in order to start WWIII.

Afterall, just look at how clearly this “War-on-Iran” overlays exactly what happened to Saddam and Iraq? First the allegations of Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq (later totally disproven): In Iran it is the allegation of the possibility of building a nuke within a year, to make “a” bomb! Israel has over 600 of those nukes and we have over 10,000 nukes, but Iran must never ever possess even one such weapon? Please note on the map the number of hostile nations that surround Iran today. Add to that the criminal sanctions that we have literally piled onto Iran of late to the point of making it impossible for Iran to survive as a nation: That is yet another ACT of WAR. It is economic in nature, but it kills people and nations-states all the same.

Incidentally, Iran has probably already purchased nuclear weapons as the international black-market has been freely selling them for decades, something that the War Department refuse to factor into their plans to attack Iran strategically.

If we allow these TRAITORS in the Congress in tandem with the TRAITOR in the White House to railroad this country into yet another war; especially a war that could easily trigger a thermonuclear holocaust throughout the world – then we shall have tried to murder the whole planet and every man woman and child will be held responsible for this bloodthirsty act that is totally unnecessary and is literally without any international precedent!

This congress has NOT done one single thing to help any of the people of this nation that are dying from government assaults that originate from literally every possible area of life in this nation under siege. Since 2001 we have suffered dissections of our lives that no people of a supposedly free country should ever have had to endure: And yet the public has refused to complain or rebel. But this act upon the people of Iran, when coupled with the millions upon millions we have allowed to be massacred just since 2001—is a crime that the world cannot tolerate. It may not happen immediately, but the world will retaliate with extreme-prejudice, when the time comes, to give to Amerikans exactly what this act would invite them all to do to us; for what we are about to do to them!

There is a double-standard at work here; as there has been for decades. But it is clearly visible most especially in Chicago today. It seems that if a citizen points a camera at a cop or at an enforcement officer in Chicago that person will get a minimum of fifteen years in prison, due to an arcane law that has been on the books in Illinois for far too long.

“With so many police and security officers trained in military policing techniques out on the Chicago’s streets, one might think it wise to come armed with a camera to document abuse. However, pointing any recording device at police in Illinois can land one in prison for fifteen years. Still think you live in the “Land of the Free”? This oppressive rule comes from the state’s long-standing “Eavesdropping Law.” According to a New York Times report, “audio-recording a law-enforcement officer, state’s attorney, assistant state’s attorney, attorney general, assistant attorney general or judge in the performance of his or her duties is a Class 1 felony.” With thousands of people in the streets armed with smart phones and other recording gadgetry this spring, this draconian measure will pose a poignant threat to their freedom.”

In response to this a reader asked: “Can a person Sketch or draw?”

I said: “Sure, but it would not be accepted in a court of “law.” OOPS – I forgot we no longer bother with court. Now I guess we just go anywhere and point a camera at a cop and go straight to jail for 15 years (in Illinois)… Well when the mayor of Chicago is the former White House Chief of Staff and the son of a notorious Murdering-Zionist-Terrorist-Thug who was active during the time of the Stern Gang & the Irgun. (The founding of the shitty little country) that the United Nations was created to make possible! So we now have a HUGE Double-standard that we call CHICAGO. What can you expect from SCUM like that!

The “law” was created to protect the “PRIVACY” of law enforcement officials in a different time. Today every citizen of this country is spied upon electronically (since February 2001), with cameras and in their homes, at work and during transit by every form of authority for a huge variety of reasons—and the public cannot refuse to allow this to continue. The same Congress that has turned a totally deaf ear to anything that the public in America needs to survive; is the same congress that is about to sell out this nation one-more-time to the whims of the filthy and paranoid state of Insanity Inc, which is called Zionist-Israel. We need to arrest the 300 that signed that pledge of “unconditional-support” to AIPAC & Israel – Because it skews the weight of congress, in all matters, to Israel’s favor over the rights and needs of all Americans.

We need to use the brand new Enemy-Expatriation Act to deport all hyphenated Israeli’s that work with or for the US government – as blatant Enemy Agents of a foreign power: Including especially Joe Lieberman & Rahm Emmanuel! (The Mayor of Chicago)!

We must stop this insanity of attacking countries using any means possible, both legal and illegal just to appease that shitty-little-place that has been dragging us around in chains since we created the UN to make their completely fraudulent-existence possible. This is too important to the vitality of the rest of the planet to allow a bunch of criminals to hijack the US (AGAIN) to go to war over corporate war-profiteering and Israel’s paranoia compounded by their literal-terror of all the countries that hate both the US & Israel, as well the corporations and banks that own both countries.

Remember please that our preferred mode of attack is the PRE-EMPTIVE STRIKE, to avoid allowing the public to have even a voice in what is about to happen, just as they did in Iraq in 2003. The EU is coming apart as well, and all of this stuff together will constitute the ENDPOINT of our eyeblink, as a species on this earth.  If we do not begin to turn this around NOW! (2)

In this country one of our most outspoken commentators just got fired for saying what’s in this 4 and half minute video. Which clearly describes what we have lost in continuing to “play at politics” instead of charging those that lie to us about every single thing they have promised they would do. (3)

This is probably our very last chance to stop this Juggernaught before it literally crushes what’s left of the world that billions of us still want to call home!

Jim Kirwan

1) Lieberman Edges the US to War with Iran

2) The Shocking Truth of the Pending European Union Collapse – 3 min video

3) The Questions they won’t let you ask – video


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