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This is what our military and Police presence has come down to around the world today. But it was not always like this. When Reagan came to the global stage we still had community based police that tried to do their jobs without resorting to treating everyone as terrorists: And our military had not yet become the Butchers of Baghdad which they became, first under GWH Bush, and then under his evil spawn Bush Junior who declared and fought the longest illegal and hostile-occupation by America, (or another nation) in our history. How did we go from a society where people believed that they were represented inside their own government; to this place where we have now become the new targets for our own uniformed thugs to intimidate, to terrorize and to slaughter any and all US citizens at will?

There is a weapons-system that few recognize as such. That system was hidden in our educational system – society-wide. Its primary shells came from television and films, but were augmented through the classrooms and the streets of every city and town in America: And because these “productions” were ostensibly “American” in nature; they were picked-up and distributed worldwide. (This is why all the current riots look exactly the same way—no matter which country the footage is taken in). Here’s how it worked!

How many times have we all seen or watched on television “the police” or others supposedly in law-enforcement surrounding strange locations, or private homes; only to smash their way into whatever their target location might have been? Countless times we have seen how the police conduct themselves; but more recently none of that scripted story is true—if indeed it ever was.

Now we have come to know that cops can and do execute people in their own homes without notifying the occupants that they are in fact police or SWAT or any other law-enforcement branch of the government. There was the marine-veteran of two tours in Iraq who was summarily executed in his own home in under three seconds by 71 shots from SWAT team members—on a suspicion that was later proven to be false. There are numerous cases of these blatant murders committed in the name of SECURITY – but which are in reality just reinforcing the public’s terror of the armed criminals with badges that have decided to become judge, jury & executioner all in one. And in that case no one was held to be responsible for that senseless death!

How many times did television of the movies set the scene for this kind of barbarity and then “justify” it under some form of bullshit security measure that had nothing to do with security and everything to do with hijacking the constitution and this nation? During the first War-on-Iraq a then popular FOX television series (“24”) specialized in torturing “suspects” to prevent supposed repeats of 911. That piece of shit ran on and on, leaving the impression with the public that torture was just fine, so long as the reason for it was “noble.” TORTURE is ILLEGAL, for very good reasons. First because it is inhuman, and also because it does not produce usable intelligence. It will produce answers but the huge bulk of that turns out to be just pleasing the interrogators, (many of whom get off on it, just like child predators enjoy giving pat-downs at TSA) and has nothing to do with preventing anything.

As the cop & lawyer shows crept up on us through their psy-ops programming, the make-believe cops were always supposedly living in deathly FEAR of “internal affairs” that would never stop investigating them until they had been forced out for even a minor infraction. The truth is that the cops today play a major part in the robbery, the drugs, and the crime on our streets that they supposedly “investigate.” They no longer investigate anything – except any suspicious character that needs to be WATCHED, because he or she might be “Al Qaeda.” That isn’t possible because “Al Qaeda” DOES NOT EXIST, except on paper! It did exist during the time when we were fighting the Russians in Afghanistan; but it ended when the Russians were defeated. On 9-10-01 it was just a file in CIA headquarters, but by 9-11-01 it had become America’s number one enemy of this country, as part of the Bushwhacker’s lies surrounding that day of infamy that still screams for RESOLUTION through “Investigation, prosecution and formal sentencing!”

Had movies been made or TV programs been written along the lines of current police and law enforcement behavior – there would have been an outcry from the general public—but since the Zionist-controllers of all film and television, don’t want to disturb the herd that is still remaining “quiet,” no such programs are made—here!

If films or dramatic presentations were made about current events, in a truthful way, none of what the Illuminati and the Global-criminal Bankers and Corporations continue to do would be possible: If the global population were routinely exposed to the truth behind every blatant criminal act committed every second by those that are seeking a total end of the world we inhabit today; then every Zionist would be running for their lives as we speak!

What this ‘new weapon’ has created is the “PRE-CONDITIONING” necessary to indoctrinate a literally-global-audience into believing in the absolute SUPERIORITY of a super-race that wears badges and carries heavy weapons into every situation. But you know that’s all pure unadulterated garbage! Back in 2006 the US military lost Forward Base Falcon. In one day the resistance in Iraq overran the base and killed over three-hundred Americans. This was during the height of the second War-on-Iraq and IF these figures had been released at the time, then the WAR-on-Iraq would have ended the very next day, because of the public outcry that was covered-up by this LIE OF MASSIVE OMISSION! (1)

Still this little know FACT proves beyond all doubt that the thugs running wild in our streets and towns, soon to be in our subdivisions and on our highways as well – are anything but bullet-proof!

This psyops program via the media and the entertainment industry is a crime of misrepresentation, collusion and has contributed massively to the CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY that we have become overactive in creating throughout the last twelve years—but in reality all of this has been going on for DECADES!

Many want to believe that we’ve been “dumbed-down” which is why we fail to react at the deaths of so many millions of people because of US policies. However here’s a bit more of the background behind what happened in 1945; near the end of the WAR in the Pacific (67 years ago), that would be three years before the artificial creation of Israel by the deceptive UN which was itself part of the disinformation generated by Harry Truman who also founded the CIA (illegally at the time) and the Council on Foreign-Relations (CFR) who took over our legislative wing of the US government from the congress at that time.

So the American public, at least since the time of Dirty-Harry has been undergoing training thru mass-hypnosis underwritten and enforced by conscious disinformation and blatant LIES that set us on a course that has resulted in the loss of our Republic, our Constitution and our way of life. What was that course? We have been trained to expect violence from the authorities that “rule-over-us” and that ‘we somehow have it coming’ if we dare to disobey “the mighty” who supposedly lead us around as if we were nothing but herd animals. The ever intensifying rules and “laws” that threaten and seek to punish anyone for any minor infraction of this never-ending list of requirements is designed to push the public into picking up their weapons—so that they can finally entirely justify attacking the entire country as if we were an invading force, instead of the people who live here and just detest our government for selling us all out to Israel, to be used as cannon-fodder in Israel’s wars of acquisition, and as financiers for a state that still does not exist because it has no fixed borders.

Deconstructing this mindset of the least educated Americans and the world at large, is a massive task given the number of totally corrupted judges, cops, lawyers and politicians that have been added to the well recognized version of the religious hacks such as Elmer Gantry and the Pope who have for far too long ruled the world of extreme-religiosity.

Here’s a piece of a conversation about ‘origins. I haven’t quoted it because there is a lot more to it than this: If you want to know more then research it for yourself, it’s out there!

‘Einstein’s the one who pressured Harry Truman to not accept Japan’s offer of surrender, so they would have time to complete and test the A-bomb. Hiroshima-Nagasaki were also tests. Where else could they test the Z-bomb, but on Japan, which nobody liked, at that time, anyway?’

‘Einstein worked with Weizman shilling for a Jewish state in Palestine and then with the Jewish nuclear terrorist Leo Tzilard, who had a patent on an atomic bomb already in the thirties, and he wrote a letter to Roosevelt in 1939 citing the ‘progress’ made by Tzilard and Fermi on a bomb, and the letter was delivered by a Jewish banker, Sachs, to Roosevelt, whose ancestors were named Rosenfeld (Jewish). As a result Rosenfeld started a committee working on a bomb that became the Manhattan Project, including work by the Jews Oppenheimer, Teller, and Ulam. The program then that Einstein catalyzed, resulted in nuclear weapons. Later, Einstein pretended to recant. This is how all these moral midgets like Einstein operate, with a Jewish media following/supporting them as geniuses. If people like Icke cannot even do the history study to expose the fraud of Einstein, it is a perfect example of why we cannot get this all right and repudiate the true traitors to humanity. Nothing else has quite sealed the coffin like DU, Fukushima, and atomic weapons, and Einstein was the pivotal catalyst of destructive Judaism as shown by history.’

The combined “lessons being taught to the world thru all the disinformation and spin is that government everywhere is to be FEARED above and beyond all else. The truth is that government is to be distrusted by everyone—always—until it proves itself by protecting us from all of its monsters! What this government and all of its parasitical playmates need to understand is that all governments NEED TO FEAR THEIR OWN PEOPLE first; because that is the only way to have a world without the Zionist-usurpers!

So the police and the authorities in office have been giving us all a Master’s Degree course in How to Survive on the Dark Side: Traditionally called Learning to Unconditionally Surrender and to love the Dark Side Beyond All Else! How do you like living in this sewer so far?

In the 1980’s Reagan began to intensify what Dirty-Harry began by teaching the public that ‘Greed is Good.’ And now we can see exactly what that deviation from reality has cost not just us, but the whole world as well! The public has also been given graduate courses in Cynicism, FEAR, invisible pressures, TERRORISM, and the uses and abuses of political powers world-wide all FREE of course—provided that we UNCONDITIONALLY SURRENDER everything we are, or might ever be, to the DARK SIDE—forever!

Reading the Footnotes clarifies the details
That’s WHY they are here!

Jim Kirwan

1) 300+ US Casualties: Forward Base Falcon “Coverup”!

How Quickly we Forgot

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