The Mythical Day That Should Never Come!

The Citadel of Broken Dreams

This image was done in the early 1970’s, and depicts the immobility of the human condition. This definition applies to the fossilized corpse of humanity beneath a castle of greed and arrogance in a surreal landscape. The entire mini-drama is poised at the volcano’s edge—waiting for a final outcome while the dragon’s fire looks on unnoticed in a world that will not listen because too many are still trying NOT to see, with their ‘eyes-wide shut’!

In just 48 hours, two more days, this scene will become reality and the whole edifice will tumble into the crucible of flames that waits below—unless the dragon is joined by the millions that need to rise to change this cynical view of what should never have been allowed to happen in the first place.

Many doubt that what I’m saying could ever happen. Here’s what one reader added to my thoughts:

“Jim, someday, somehow, major pushback is going to come on like a storm. Why do you think the shadow government is scared sh*tless these days and doing everything they can to lock down the USA and turn it into the New Gaza, a big open air prison camp as Alex Jones has been saying for 15 years (he was right, too). This isn’t Gaza either. Americans are a “sleeping giant”, once awoken who will reap havoc on these offshore illuminati criminals that hijacked our whole system. You watch, major turning points will arise as things go critical mass. You ain’t seen nothin yet and much of it will erupt inside the military and even homeland security no less once these critical mass points are reached.

There are very few true experts on social eruptions and mass movements going critical, how this occurs, why and what symbols elicit them. I am one and you can expect unpredictable pushback when things deteriorate beyond a certain point. The lower level worker bees in the new American Gestapo are basically dupes, but some know what is going on and just want their paychecks and benefits until TSHTF. All the governments algorithms and predictors go only so far. Any real expert can tell you the human heart and soul is unpredictable and heroism and courage can arise in some of the darkest moments, and can do so as a mass movement too. As Gerald Celente has always says, when folks lose everything, they lose it ! “

This could be called February 30th 2012 a mythical day that approximates ‘the Twelfth of Never’ because there is no such day on the modern calendar. Yet the day that never-should-have-been is nearly here. The question is what will this day contain and how much damage will be done to each and every one of us because we have allowed events to bring us all to this encounter with the beginning of the endpoint of the real world?

Throughout history there have been many nations that have slaughtered millions of people, some like us, actually decided to make war upon their own people in order to achieve their criminal goals. What happened to those now failed-empires is now just dust-covered history and matters not at all to anyone alive today. If it mattered we would be listening to the lessons of history and we would never have begun to venture down this cul-de-sac that will only end by killing everything that once made all of this a possibility. But instead of learning from the history we decided to go for the Empire over nature, over the needs of all humanity and over all of the lessons contained throughout all of human history. WE chose INSANITY over reason; arrogance over compassion; and finally we chose to allow some to claim the right to rule over every other being on the planet—so we shall die along with those that wanted this to happen—unless we listen to call of all mankind and RISE-UP against the hate and terror and take back the world that all of us were born into.

INSANITY is a powerful term and one not to be used lightly. But what else can one say whenever the world chooses to abide by the lies being spread by global-media about the nature of what is about to happen in a world besotted with criminality and global-crimes against humanity?

We have a non-person with three names, supposedly leading this country into another global-holocaust that does not need to happen. He is able to do this because we have pilotless drones now that can do whatever is necessary without losing a single American pilot. Consequently we are more than willing (we are now eager) to interfere with yet another nation (Syria this time) supposedly to stop unnecessary human deaths. The last time we did this, in Libya, we left behind nothing but chaos, slaughter and the death of yet another independent nation-state that has now been raped and plundered and reduced to rubble.

“Israel’s second largest newspaper is quoting a U.S. military official who has outlined a plan to implement a U.S. backed aerial blockade over Syria, reminiscent of the NATO lead no-fly zone over however.

However, the news paper reports the plan is to be modeled after NATO’s intervention in Kosovo which led to shelling of the nation.

According to the report the plan calls for the establishment of international humanitarian missions to handle Syrian refugees before the blockade is to be implemented.

Earlier U.S. drones were reported to be operating over Syria which prompted Iran to say Syria has the right to shoot down the drones and stern warnings from China and Russia to respect Syria’s sovereignty.

Of course an aerial blockade, which would essentially mean nothing in or out, backed by U.S. airpower, will not work in Syria unless it is accompanied by a naval blockade. That presents another problem, since Russia and Iran have sent warships to Syria within the past few weeks and will not take kindly to being told they can not continue to do so.

Clearly, Russia, China and Iran have joined forces and said that Syria is the line drawn in the sand just as allied forces drew the line in the sand in Czechoslovakia before Hitler invaded marking the official start of World War 3.

Even if those nations don’t respond immediately with a declaration of war, a situation is created in which many events could occur for either side could us as a pretense to justify all out war.

Analysts are already saying the economic blockade sanctions against Iran is an act of war so an aerial and naval blockade surely fits the criteria.

We already know that Iranian military forces are on the ground.

A clash between those forces and western force could spark an uncontrollable chain reaction that would lead to a complete meltdown of foreign relations between the east and the west.

Let’s also not forget that Syria has hundreds, if not thousands of Surface to Air missiles, which are more than capable of shooting down military air craft in their skies.

Clearly with Iran knowing they are the next target after Syria, it is more likely they will wage a proxy war on Syrian soil than their own.

That war of course will have the full backing of both Russian and China.

Make no mistake about it, the situation in the Middle East looks like it is head straight toward a dead-end called World War 3 faster than we know it.

Obama has already invoked the NDAA declaring the threat from Iran a national emergency.

Israel knows war is going to breakout soon, evidenced by the embassies located there have already began making preparations for war by and diplomats their have began ordering gas mask, putting their military on high-alert and their deployment of the Iron Dome Battery over Tel-Aviv for the first time.

The media has been making emergency preparations to broadcast the war with Iran, measures which telling their contractors to implement redundancies to broadcast during war and renting out several Tel-Aviv roof tops to shoot news coverage from.

Iran has cut oil to France and the UK, and just yesterday to Greece as well.

Surely Iran is outraged by the admission of top U.S. officials that Israel is sponsoring and controlling the terrorists that are conducting assassinations and bombings inside of Iran.

It is also no secret that the Pentagon has been preparing for war in Syria and U.S. officials have warned the international militarization of Syria is growing closer.

The question is for how long? Let’s not forget General Wesley Clark told us that immediately after 9/11 the US had plans to invade seven nations —, Syria, Lebanon, Somalia, and, Iran.

We are working on Syria and Iran right now.” (1)

To do this we have ignored the truth about the weaponry involved from Russia, from China and from Iran, which has steadfastly been downplayed by the US War Department. In effect the US lead attack for the Zionists, on the region is a suicide attack that will smash the US and Israel in the end, but in that process, the entire world will become nothing more than a series of military targets for war-toys of all descriptions and in the end the planet will no longer be fit for human habitation.

Who leads this kind of insanity? People with no military or political experience at all, in each and every place where such things are critical now, if any of this chaos is to be not just avoided but rejected. Yet there is absolutely no sign of any change except to move up the target date for full-blown hostilities to begin – probably this coming weekend.

“The National Responder Support Camp contract, posted on the Federal Business Opportunities website, calls on contractors to “provide all necessary supervision, professional staff, labor support, material, supplies and equipment as necessary to make a RSC within a disaster-impacted area anywhere within the CONUS (Continental United States) within 72 hours after notification.”

The camps are primarily designed to house emergency responders, but will also be utilized to shelter “displaced citizens,” who will be “given the first opportunities for employment within the camp,” according to the solicitation. The camps will be able to service up to 2,000 people at one time.

As well as natural disasters, the 72-hour camps are designed to deal with terrorist attacks, National Response Framework activities of federal agencies, National Special Security Events, “or any other situation where FEMA or an agency working through FEMA needs a RSC.”

The camps will be secured with fencing and barricades that will also serve to create areas that are “off limits” to certain occupants. Entry to the camp will be controlled through a photo ID system for all occupants and visitors.

Medical treatment facilities, dining facilities, mobile showers and “morale welfare and recreation” facilities are all required as part of the contract.

FEMA’s latest efforts to satisfy the demand for emergency camps represents a continuation of preparations on behalf of the federal government to prepare for civil emergencies and potential social disorder.

Last December, Department of Homeland Security chief Janet Napolitano directed ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) to prepare for a mass influx of immigrants into the United States, calling for the plan to deal with the “shelter” and “processing” of large numbers of people.” (2)

At the end: This will be all that’s left of that Castle

How could the world spend itself into literal oblivion, going into global DEBT to the tune of $1.2 Quadrillion, just to commit national suicide in so many places at the same time? That is the true definition of the INSANITY that is happening right now throughout capitals all over the world. How could the world ever have taken any of these criminals seriously for all this time? Trillions upon trillions of dollars for what! Here’s the current view of the financial side of this. (3)

These creatures are not leaders; they are puppets that have never been part of any real-war themselves. To listen to them is a crime-against-humanity in itself! And to continue to “DO-NOTHING” is even worse, because “we” are all that stands against this continuing crime and if WE want to end this now, then we must begin to REFUSE every unlawful order issued by any of the hundreds of bogus agencies all over this once-free nation. When Clinton left office the USA had a budget-SURPLUS and now we have a Budget DEFICIT that knows NO bottom. Our choice is between continued national-insanity, coupled with TREASON and tyranny dressed up as patriotism: or a world that can still break free of these chains of oppression to again stand as equal men and women in charge of our own lives because we cared enough to demand our right to live as we choose, and not as slaves to any foreign dictator!

March first, 2012 must not become the date on our tombstone: Rather it should mark the beginning of the 2nd American Revolution, to free ourselves forever from the tentacles of Global Zionism in all its hideous forms and deceptions!

Jim Kirwan

1) WW3 Triggers US to Implement Syria Ariel Blockade

2) FEMA Puts Out Contract for Emergency Camps to House “Displaced Citizens”

3) RIOTS are COMING – video

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