In the Shadows of Empire

When you’re looking for clues about how we came to be in this place; this TWILIGHT-ZONE where reality is only visible from the inside-out: Sometimes the truth can be seen more clearly in the details behind the headlines…

What we’re facing now seems to be a contest between the Generals and the Visionaries. This ages old conflict is shorthand for the differences between the raw and unchecked military powers and the sometimes more powerful words that bring us truths that cannot be denied.

One such conflict can be found in what actually happened between the nation of Iran and the deluded power that was boiling over back in 1979. The background for these events came from the overthrow of the democratically elected government of Iran back in the 1953. A US puppet was installed to replace Iran’s legally elected Prime Minister Mossadeq. The person who replaced him was Mohammed Reza Shah of Iran. (1)

Then in 1979, the Shah was overthrown in a coup, this time the new government was seriously opposed to the US and our intervention in the affairs of Muslim Iran. Shortly after the coup took place, the new government seized and held the US Embassy in Tehran, and imprisoned the staff for 444 days, until Reagan (with engineering by GHW Bush), became president here. With Reagan’s victory Iran released the hostages under a secret deal for weapons in exchange for the hostages. (2)

The US, as a direct result of this “insult” to our faux-prestige, we broke off diplomatic relations at that time (1980). Here is something that impacts the entire Middle-Eastern policy of the so-called United States. In country after country our national security policy goes something like this: First we accuse country ‘x’ of crimes or weapons of mass destruction, or anything that could conveniently serve to persuade the slumbering herd in “Amerika” that “SOMETHING MUST BE DONE.” Then we attack country ‘x’ and begin to obliterate their water supply, their hospitals and their infrastructure – along with the mass murder of the virtually unarmed public in the process. In cases such as Iraq (that war officially lasted 20 years from 1991-2011). We killed several million imprisoned millions and displaced millions more.

When we “pulled out’ we expected Iraq to thank us for saving them from Saddam, despite the casualties and the ruination of that country which is now much worse that it was BEFORE we began attacking it back in 1991. We have virtually destroyed what was a very successful nation, under Saddam, in every other way except his behavior toward his neighboring nations. That policy of Saddam’s was being dictated to him as our puppet, and we supplied him with the nerve gas and the weapons of mass destruction that we paid him to use on Iran and the Kurds. And this was the policy that we used as the excuse to attack Iraq with preemptive air strikes and finally with an all out and continuing invasion (In actuality it cannot be called a war, because wars always have two armies), our invasion met almost no resistance, either time!

Here’s the key point behind all of our criminal attacks on so many different nations. First we lied about the need to invade, and then we invade anyway and do all the crimes that we committed over and over again in Iraq, in Libya, and elsewhere. To try and justify our completely illegal war-crimes, we then offer the now shattered and almost broken states a payoff to “stop resisting us.” US State Department Policy under the murderess tutelage of Hillary Clinton the figurehead who took over from Janet Reno (A.G. at the time) in the events that were later referred to as the Siege of Waco or The Murder of the Branch Davidians. It was Hillary that ordered the ATF and the FBI to open fire and create the circumstances that led to using US flame-throwing tanks to burn the place to the ground. Most of the Branch Davidians were killed, burning alive women and children needlessly, just to make the same kinds of points that were attempted to be made in Pakistan, Iraq, Libya, and now potentially in Syria and Iran.

What is most mystifying is that while the United States is still lusting to bomb Iran, probably for the living hostages they took back in 1979, because of their successful overthrow of a US puppet – yet, ‘we’ the United States have still not forgiven Iran for that public act which embarrassed the USA for 444 days. Contrast this behavior with what we currently demand of our victimized and semi-conquered states that we finally decide to make peace with. We offer their puppet-leaders money and expect that the populations will just FORGET how many people we tortured, imprisoned, murdered or maimed over the course of our totally illegal invasions of their own countries.

In fact, when they refuse to forget and actually want us OUT of their countries forever, we complain that these places are behaving like savages that have no appreciation for what they need to do to just get on with their lives? “WE” have never forgotten the embarrassment by Iran that did not kill Americans, but only held them hostage. Yet after years of repeated devastation of nation after nation and the ravaging of so many places, “we demand that all the survivors forgive us and just get on with their lives” – REALLY! Oh, and yes the same thing is also true of that shitty-little-country that has betrayed and attacked the US along with having stolen everything from the nuclear weapons they now have, to the weapons systems they also stole from our military over the decades. That is the same “nation” that has spied on all Amerikans, killed individuals secretly using the Mossad to do those killings on American soil, and then covered it all up using the totally un-American government to protect Israel from any blame. LBJ was blackmailed into trying to allow the sinking of the USS Liberty (this is well known, if you care look it up) for Israel, so that Egypt could be blamed for that attack, except that it failed and while the world now knows the TRUTH about the whole affair—still nothing has ever been done about this massive treason.

There was also the massacre of the US Marines in Lebanon, planned and carried out by Mossad, during Ronnie’s Reign of Cowardice. After that disaster Regan packed up the surviving US troops in Lebanon and headed off to invade Grenada, to cover up his failure to confront Israel over the deaths of so many unarmed US forces. Here’s the basic account; but about five years ago the footprint for the bomb that was used was discovered to have come from the only nation that could produce such a bomb and that nation was Israel. The same thing was also true of the bomb that killed the very popular Syrian leader at the time, shortly after the Beirut Bombing. (3)

All of this by way of saying that Israel has been blackmailing the entire planet to get exactly whatever she demands, regardless of the situation. Her goal comes first and the world is being held hostage to this plan which is outlined here; it’s the map of Greater Israel.

Israel cares NOT how many lives this will cost.

Even if these wars actually bring on WWIII – just to accomplish her perverted purposes!

If you want to understand what’s going on now, why not begin to listen to the often harsh but accurate voices of the VISIONARIES among us that are walking through the mine-fields, each and every day, that protect the truth from getting out there!

The time to separate the truth from all the disinformation that the PR forces of the totally corrupted WEST continue to spin—is now. Because whenever any massively corrupt power begins to believe their own PR, then you can bank on the fact that those illegal and primitive-forces are about to be colossally defeated at their own game! Sometimes the visionaries are correct—and this is one of those times!

Here’s their schedule, why not do whatever you can do to interrupt any or all of this criminal charade:

Tomorrow US Troops begin arresting people here!
The AIPAC conference in Washington D.C. on 4th,
Obama & Netanyahu decision on Iran on the 5th,
Purim begins on the 7th
And the FBI shuts down the web on the 8th

The shadows that surround this global takeover are just that: Shadows, until you and I SURRENDER to them, without a fight. I don’t know about you, but I care enough about my life to risk it in this last opportunity to do something constructive to end these nightmares…

Jim Kirwan

1) A short account of the 1953 Coup

2) The Fall of the Shah of Iran

3) The 1983 Marine Barracks Bombing: Connecting the Dots

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