Orwellian Angst

The black & white profile of a young woman with the transparent censors over her translucent face is something that I wish I had done thirty or forty years ago, but I was too young then and now I think it’s already happened, to too many to change… I’ve used parts of Orwell’s masterpiece to try and lift the heavy veils that have absorbed so many already – but view this for yourselves and decide whether you will join the few of us that are still trying to add to human-awareness before everything gets erased…

Life is about how we have lived our lives, and not whether we “win or lose’ this battle. In that context those of us who chose to live in opposition to this obscenity have already been marked for extinction – but no one can live forever because everyone dies on this plain. Living according to the murmurings of conscience and the fires of resistance is not popular, but for those that have watched this parasitical cancer devour the future, there would seem to be no choice except to exploit every crack in the artificiality that has been constructed to turn all life into some form of yet another prison. There are answers to this ominous foreboding and some of that reverberates in the words of David Icke, yesterday.

The rest of us will have to keep looking for our own ways through this Orwellian-labyrinth. Part of that is to remember how to laugh and when to cry; along with keeping alive THE INVISBLE BOOK OF MEMORIES of that which has always mattered – and first among all those memories is FREEDOM!


“I guarantee you…. if you’re willing to see the world for what it really is, you will do something and fast!  Otherwise you are not really seeing it.”
Orwell’s Startling World Is Officially Here.

Jim Kirwan


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