The Life’s Blood of Nations

Illustration by David Dees

National Histories are shaped by the life-blood of nation states. In the United States, which has not had a revolution since the Revolutionary War (that gave birth to the fledgling colonies), who fought the English King on American soil to free themselves from tyranny. We supposedly mark that war for Independence on July the 4th of every year. But in Amerika, that day is celebrated with picnics parties, parades and sports; without mention of what that day actually marks—because Amerikans know nothing at all about this nation or its founding documents—the huge discounts on car lots are more important to them than the documents that lent their weight to the founding of a nation that as of January 1, 2012 no longer exists – CONSTITUTIONALLY!

By contrast, Israel a “nation without a country” for most of its shadowy existence has chosen to remember its past with events such as Purim. This event falls on a different day each year, because it comes from a different calendar. The other major difference is that Purim celebrates the massacre of 75,000 Persians by the then victorious Israelis, in the biblical days of history—long before there was ever a state for Israel as a nation. Purim is a literal orgy of drunkenness, celebrated with triangular shaped cookies (symbolizing the ears of their dead enemies) – but it is far more than that.

In the first Iraq war there was one very bloody and shameful massacre which the US carried out but which few remember. It happened to the Iraqi Republican Guard as they were fleeing back to Baghdad from Kuwait. The column was bombed and strafed using tactical mini-nukes to create a MASSACRE that began and ended on Purim of that year. If there was any doubt of Zionist influence in the first Gulf War, that should have ended any questions that might have lingered.

In modern history Purim is used traditionally as the beginning or ending point for massive new wars, massacres, and other unprovoked attacks on Israel’s enemies against Israel’s current enemies list: Everyone else who is not inclined to support the Zionist call to everlasting wars unending.  In the Zionist play-book, these wars never end; and they won’t until Zionism has conquered the entire world and murdered everyone who opposes them. (1)

It’s fascinating in a morbid sense: That the only nation without a country should dwell so intently upon murder, revenge and chaos; while most other nations, the ones who had their own countries before the Zionists began to devour their host nations one by one are now threatened with permanent extinction the world over. The ‘horrific’ part of this is that huge numbers of people have still not chosen to rebel against this political-pandemic that grows more vicious every day. In the USA today; we are CELEBRATING the victorious and obscene activities of Israel and the Zionists with a major-annual-political festival in Washington D.C. at the headquarters of the American-Israeli Political Action Committee: which is actually the illegal headquarters for Israel inside the USA: Illegal because they have never registered as a representative organization of a foreign power—which is required under US law.

Over three hundred members of congress have signed loyalty oaths to Israel First, over their own political oaths of office as American office-holders: They, the 300 TRAITORS will all be there today, along with so many of our young leaders from highschools and colleges all across the nation – which AIPAC pays to come to Washington for the Conference, in order to compromise the coming generations of Americans before they enter adulthood. Israeli-defenders will say that this Israel has a “Special Relationship” with the USA and therefore does not need to register as a foreign power. But there is no document that was ever signed to that effect; and besides our “friends” are not expected to attack us routinely, to murder our soldiers sailors and marines, to steal our national secrets and then to blackmail this country into giving “our friends” exactly what they routinely DEMAND each and every year!

In case you might be wondering Israel always wants MORE, MORE and YET STILL MORE – despite conditions and deprivations throughout this country—primarily because Israel seeks NOT to help America but to actually end the USA. In fact IF the entire delegation at the Convention in DC were to be arrested today—the entire world could be saved from the pending disaster of WWIII, another project of the Fourth Reich, represented in full at this Conference. (2)

Please watch the videos below, and then decide just how impoverished and innocent the Children of Israel really are—or are not: On this 4th day of March, in 2012. This is who Israel has become in modern times, for far too many of their chosen enemies. (3)

Here is the remaining schedule for the beginning of the end of us.

TODAY the AIPAC Conference in Washington D.C. BEGINS Tomorrow Obama & Netanyahu meet in the White House for a decision on Iran & possibly Syria on the 5th,

Purim begins on the 7th and runs thru the 8th

Also on the 8th the FBI shuts down 4 million computers & the web?

This is why the stories in the two videos below

Are so important; historically as well as CURRENTLY!

Jim Kirwan

1) The Panic Room – 7 min 10 sec – video

2) The 4th Reich

3) I Am Israel – 6 min video

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