The Countdown Begins

A detail from an illustration by David Dees

Because Purim is honored, based on the Hebrew calendar, the days when it is celebrated are different each year. So when you try and check to verify the statements in the paragraph below, using our calendar, the results could be confusing. What is not at issue is that today Purim begins for 2012.

“This year this wicked occult ritual of Purim falls on March the seventh and eighth. Consider this: The Iraq war of 1991 ended prematurely exactly on Purim Day: Immediately following the savage slaughtering of 150,000 SURRENDERING Iraqi troops, during the Purim dates. Decidedly monstrous in any estimation. The next Iraq War began on Purim, 2003. (And the Libyan Invasion began on Purim, 2011).” (1)

There have been several other developments that are not heart-warming, but which do throw more light on what is continuing to develop between Zionist-Israel and the rest of the world.

“06 Mar 2012 Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu requested the United States approve the sale of advanced refueling aircraft as well as GBU-28 bunker-piercing bombs to Israel during a recent meeting with Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, a top U.S. official said on Tuesday. The American official said that U.S. President Barack Obama instructed Panetta to work directly with Defense Minister Ehud Barak on the matter, indicating that the U.S. administration was inclined to look favorably upon the request as soon as possible. During the administration of former U.S. President [sic] George Bush, the U.S. refused to sell bunker-penetrating bombs and refueling aircrafts to Israel, as a result of American estimates that Israel would then use them to strike Iran’s nuclear facilities. Following Obama’s entrance into the White House, however, the United States approved a string of Israeli requests to purchase advance armament.” (2)

“…the White House has issued a new “Fact Sheet” on this directive (indefinite detention) outlining how Section 1022 of the NDAA, which deals with the indefinite detention of suspected “terrorists” by the U.S. military, will not necessarily apply to “U.S. lawful permanent residents” who are arrested in the U.S. under certain circumstances.”

(So despite Obama’s twice-reversed positions on this pivotal government illegal-order – it appears that “some people” will still be swept up by military kidnappers of uncharged US citizens.)

“But this PPD is not law and it is not permanent, as it only expresses the procedures that are to take place during 2012. It also states that the procedures “do not apply to any individuals held in the custody of the Department of Defense, state and local law enforcement agencies acting under their authorities, or a foreign government,” which basically asserts that the illegal detention provisions of the NDAA still do apply to all Americans” (3)

And then there was this from a reader: “we shall see what happens to the Iranian goal of selling oil not denominated in dollars.

I am re-reading Combat-the collection of newspaper editorials written by Camus in Occupied Paris and just after in the newspaper of the same name. This was the paper of the united resistance movement. Remarkably many of the issues facing Occupied France (then) can be slightly changed to speak of the present. Interestingly one big problem was that the Americans favored Vichy France. A second problem was the inability of the Resistance to really influence a non-Vichy regime. I think your Op Ed pieces will gain some fresh comparisons and some new insights. In a unique way, your voice is a voice of populist resistance, and I think you will appreciate Camus.

Lastly, a population of Germans called Americans is still sleeping waiting the voice of their Hitler. It is not a sleep of reason, but treason.”

The ‘money’ issue was the same in Libya (and Iraq) for the US; and is what probably finally decided the fate of Kaddafi as well. That issue (American dollars as the international standard for oil purchases) is still white-hot, in the global meltdown of the economic collapse which is shadowing each and every event surrounding the fate of both Iran and Syria, as the threats of this day continue to play out around the world. Nothing is ever a one-issue problem anymore—everything is global and each problem does indeed have many faces, depending on where you view any of these potential crises ‘from.’ In global political-speak it’s called the Parallax-View. Yet even this is haunted by all the most basic of the vile human failings such as greed, vengeance, and all the ancient hatreds that currently seem to run the world today with Zionism being the leading example of all that filth!

Also given the totality of what Americans have been hit with in just the last two weeks here is how the political landscape has already been altered. We began the year without the Constitutional protections guaranteed in the Bill of Rights. Having used NDAA to create “indefinite detentions” we went on to add the Enemy Expatriation Act, allowing the government to strip citizens of their American citizenship for thought-crimes, We followed that up with The Protest Bill which makes all PROTESTS illegal on American soil. (4)

Then we had the first AIPAC Conference held since over 300 members of congress (out of the 535 in congress) signed away their oath of office here to swear undying loyalty to Israel—FIRST! Thus formally replacing the US Congress with a body of criminals that represent Israel, and not the USA. Here is some footage of one of those “Amerikan-TRAITORS” who was interrupted by OCCUPY at one of the meeting yesterday in Washington.

Representative Ilena Ros-Lehtinen who has received more than $240,000 from AIPAC, and who is now pushing America to go to WAR in Iran, was interrupted by OCCUPY protestors. The audience responds by calling the protestors “NAZIS” which is ironic because everyone at AIPAC yesterday and today subscribe to the Fourth Reich that now RULES Israel. (5) But the best part of this 2 minute video is the Hebrew song that is used to silence the protestors – and for me this said it all! (6)

America is indeed at the final crossroads that will determine whether its people will be able to live or die (in that living death that slavery creates), or more likely in the kinds of death that these scenes might be reflective of in the very near future—when what’s left of nature begins to clean up the mess that mankind has made of the entire world… (7)

Good Luck America, we’re going to need all that we can get to survive any of whatever is coming; either during Purim or by the 20th when the clock runs out on the global financial nightmare…

Jim Kirwan

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