Questioning Authority

When I was a child I questioned the nature of everything. After I became a teenager, I began to focus that curiosity on the structures that were supposed to be the guiding principles of everyday life. I was extremely disappointed to discover that most of what passed for Authority then, tended to base it’s absolute powers on artificial totems that all seemed to require that the youth of any period, in the time line, should remain as ‘children’ throughout their lives—if they wanted to be “successful.”

Society had this image of POVERTY vs. LUXURY which to my young mind was massively inaccurate. The more I thought about this the more convinced I became that ‘money’ and its role in this society was as overblown, and basically conflicted as this image might indicate. ‘Money’ I could not help but notice seemed to be the basis for everything, whereas the depths of life were concerned with far more than just money. The plight of the Dandelion gone to seed, the left-over-waste of a consumer society had far more to do with poverty, in a world held together by Ecology (the symbol of the circle with the line through it stands for the Dream of Euripides, and became the global symbol for ecology worldwide). So it was that for me it was always the balance in living that mattered far more than the sum of the component parts: The “gold’ in LUXURY can never be eaten and while the rose can typify many things it is only peripheral when it comes to survival, so that when people begin to weigh the importance of their lives the key thing to understand is

“On what is real-Authority actually based”?

The answer to that question has to be the actual “EXPERIENCE,” which can only be gleaned from which ODYSSEYS we undertake to gain what we think of as knowledge; about the lives we have each chosen.

But growing up in Amerika, very few ever discover this seldom noticed footnote—this pivotal basis for the “questioning” of everything!

And because this is so, in the mind of a child: Those with real imaginations soon begin to balk at being treated as “children” for the rest of their adult lives.

That small but very important fact is at the root of what we all must face today: The FACT that we are no longer “children” and consequently are deserving of the actual-facts that determine what happens to our money and to our lives, because of decisions taken in SECRET and always BEHIND CLOSED DOORS about the most important facets of life that will determine our individual lives and futures for decades to come.

This conundrum led me to leave home earlier than most, so that by the end of my junior year in highschool I had become self-sustaining, with an apartment of my own. Obviously I had to work to make this possible in addition to school and athletics, but having direct control over the means of my own existence was as comfortable in the practical sense, as the absence of family was discomforting, on the personal side of that situation. I chose to fill the time with questions about everything, both personal and in the wider world. Because I was in charge of my own life the questions I asked were not the same as what most others might have had. But in the end I had created a template that taught me how to live in a hostile world that had little use for either thought or questions—largely because those things have always made the “authorities” very nervous. In today’s world that same “AUTHORITY” has now morphed into an army of monsters that has totally lost its perverted and collective mind, inside their paranoia’s amid Tsunami-size waves of outright TERROR.

This incidentally is what is beneath and behind what waits for the planet now; while its authors decide when to start WWIII. All of this destabilizing and completely contradictory garbage about both ownership and control over the planet is a by-product of turning all our people into perennial-children who are treated as less than slaves, and far more like living containers of resources to be farmed when needed and exterminated when they are no longer of any use whatsoever. David Icke talks about these differences between what we say and what we do in the way that we have allowed our moneyed-interests to pervert the whole planet with their poisons, their greed and perhaps most of all their totally unworkable robotics (the coming-age of) which they are implementing now with drones. (1)

This world is our responsibility and we cannot excuse ourselves from our duties to the natural world because we have lost the intelligence to select those that say they are leading us. It comes down to what each of us can and will do, to survive. Foremost among these weapons in our lives is the concept of “NO” and our willingness to directly oppose the criminals that are determined to finish killing us and the world that was once ours to enjoy.

Obviously this is a huge task, filled with many layers of convoluted and thoroughly twisted schemes, compounded by blackmail, outright murder, criminal thefts and fraudulent laws that have no basis in fact: All of which have been used repeatedly to convince the public that we are powerless—when the exact opposite is actually true. We have the powers that we need, provided that we do NOT surrender our powers to these thugs that insist that life cannot continue unless we do that… unconditionally!

Illustration by David Dees

We must not lose our ability to Question everything that is being done to us, even as this gets more bizarre with every passing day—because this time those opposing “THEM” are neither helpless, nor unarmed… See the last half of this video. (2)

Jim Kirwan

1) David Icke – Brilliant Speech – 9 min 24 sec video

2) Iran is Not a Punch Bag – 10 min 52 sec video

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