The Stairway to Hell

This place was supposed to be founded upon Challenges and second chances. Some went so far as to claim that we could be a beacon throughout the world for those that needed that second chance, that time to start anew…

And for many there had been that chance to begin again, but that was a very long time ago.

How did this nation of immigrants repay their fellow citizens; those same people that had given them that precious “SECOND CHANCE”? Well along about the late 1970’s we decided to change the requirements in our laws to reflect no mercy, no second chances EVER-AGAIN for anyone who made just one mistake, in the entire history of their lives. Think about that for a moment—all of you holier-than-thou “citizens” who have obviously NEVER-EVER made even one mistake?

Of course that’s a lie! Everyone makes mistakes, that’s how people learn, and it’s how we grow and change into decent human beings. But once ‘Amerika” became afraid of every stranger they began to demand much harsher punishments, for any act that could be seen as “breaking any law.” No matter how small the transgression; the record of those “mistakes” could and would be kept forever, unless of course you came from the filthy-rich, whose records always somehow manage to get expunged. For anyone not part of the top 3 %, life is now a constant tight-rope walk without a net over a chasm that can end your freedom or even your life in an instant: And all because your fellow citizens must have PROOF that every person they encounter is not a criminal, in any thought or word or deed—EVER!

So Amerika does not give “Second-Chances” anymore: Because we have totally forgotten under what conditions our own ancestors came here; back before we all needed to be PERFECT in every legal sense of that term…

Instead of being presented with the ever-present challenge to succeed; we have chosen the down-bound stairway (for everyone except ourselves) to an ever-shrinking world where nothing can ever be answered for, and where the future ends in a cul-de-sac of only the deepest darkness. And then we wonder why it is that our world is so brutal, so uncompromisingly vicious whenever anything with new potential makes an appearance?

Basically this is because we SUCK at being ordinary people now; because we live in constant terror of anything and everything that does not come with a super-clean resume—even though that means, in most cases, that the individual in question has not lived at all, except on paper! Now we have what was once a nation that is literally being run by wardens and thugs that have made a business of spying on every person in this land—expecting that ever single person here from infants to every man and woman in the society is, of course, guilty of some crime or other that has yet to be discovered in the cold hard eyes of a legal community that is itself totally corrupted from top to bottom.

This has left our supposed “LEADERSHIP” to run everything beneath heavy cloaks of stealth and ULTRA-SECRET actions that have as their core principles the secret capture of the entire nation; with the termination of over four-fifths of our population, just to insure that no-one left alive can ever threatened them in their fortified castles of corruption and deviation—to do just as they please with the rest of us for their own enjoyment. How else to explain TSA and all their sick perversions of ordinary people, every hour of the day or night?

Now we have reached the Zenith of that behavior – the time when all the corruption must now become visible and those responsible for this newly criminalized way-of-living that cannot withstand the clear light of ordinary day.

We have swapped the sword of Justice for the sword of Vlad the Impaler, and reduced our laws to paper edicts that have no basis in the Constitution or in settled law.

Our military is no longer ours, our government is nothing but a giant FRAUD, and our so-called occupations rely upon blackmail and extortion to function at all. Our so-called government now attacks any and all countries that we might want to steal resources or wealth of any kind from; while we torture and murder innocent people around the world for a policy that says there are some people that are above all the laws that apply to society, because they and ONLY they are “SPECIAL” and to prove it we are going to murder everyone else on this planet… This is who we have become—linked as we are at the hip to the nation with the shortest and most vicious history on record—that would be Zionist controlled Israel!

“The War on Terror being conducted by the U.S. government, directly under the orders of its Commander in Chief, Barack Obama, is out of control. By that I mean that Obama is acting way beyond lawful and accountable control. He orders in U.S. forces where he wills, in secrecy, without there being fixed or known responsibilities for their use, without accountability for collateral damage, breaking the laws and political customs of countries including those of America, and using special forces for wide ranging purposes of his own choosing. They are his private army, funded by an approving Congress. The U.S. can withdraw ordinary forces all day long, while simultaneously maintaining Special Forces where it wills to carry out all sorts of tasks. They include training foreign military forces and police, paying bribes, providing humanitarian aid, spying, gathering intelligence, forging political alliances, killing, conducting open battles, patrolling, maintaining roadblocks, assassinations, calling in air strikes, disarming bombs, dispatching drones. You name it, they’ll do it, under orders of whoever is president.” (1)

The disgusting sewer that we have made of this place cannot and will not survive even for another year. And yet so many pretend that this place is still a nation-state, with laws and policies that still work to keep us “FREE”! To live inside this lie is not living anymore than having to confront the total farce which our legal-system has become, has anything to do with either justice or freedom. We have become merely one long line of victims waiting for the execution’s sword of Damocles to fall upon us, when our turn comes to die.

Congratulations Amerika, you are about to discover what is meant by the phrase: “Cowards Die a Thousand Times,” because they will not face the truth about the so-called lives they have NOT lived!

Jim Kirwan

1) U.S. Special Forces

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