“The Few, the Proud, the Marines”!

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Gather round people, this is not about the oath these creatures above have taken, because you see they are no longer “OUR forces.”

It seems that in the dead and darkened night of political intrigues these people have all been kidnapped and converted from US personnel to armed members of the slave-state that is being run by the United Nations and The Bank of International-Settlements, the World Bank, the IMF and the Illuminati. Before you get totally insane, you might want to remember that this was all done in daylight by trade-agreements that were signed by every fake president we’ve had since JFK was murdered!

The ‘reasoning’ behind this kidnapping of all our military and civilian armed forces was created to give our self-defense forces over to those that came to kill us, by agreements with the same people that are stealing everything else that was once referred to as “American.” Now the deed is done and the hideous genii has been let out of the bottle for all to contemplate, but these new “Warriors-on-America” cannot be touched or interfered with, because “They have their orders now,” and in-between the time you found out about them and today, they have become your worst nightmare. You see we no longer have the U.S. Marines, they are now just Marines. The U.S. Army is just the Army, and the U.S. Navy and the U.S. Air Force are just the Navy and the Air Force. Because they are no longer serving the people of the United States: They are charged with ending us instead!

This came up in an email this morning: U.S. Marine being investigated for posting “Obama is the Domestic Enemy of our Oath.” I responded this way:

“The US military cannot have it both ways: They have just admitted in testimony in front of the Armed Services Committee that the US military is not being led by the US “Commander-in-Chief” – but is in fact a creature of the United Nations and the New World Order which is who they answer to. Obama is nothing but yet another ceremonial figurehead, and no longer commands United States Forces! (1)

Consequently the Marine Sergeant here in this story has not violated any of the supposed laws of the US military since the said “military” is nothing but a puppet organization that is not controlled by the United States Military – that comes directly from the Secretary of War, (in testimony before congress) and the Israeli’s that are demanding the use of our troops in their wars – which just happen to coincide with the fact that US troops are now answering to the UN, NATO, the World Bank and other non-American organizations – who now can USE American troops just like mercenaries to prosecute the continuing and totally illegal new-age-wars for Colonial and dictatorial ends. . . And this has all been going on since Reagan!

This Sergeant has the right to his own opinion, but under the old military rules he had to sacrifice his individual human rights while in uniform – what is happening now is an entirely new area that is UNCLEAR, given that US troops are not actually “UNITED STATES TROOPS” any longer? One wonders if the old rule of not needing to follow illegal or unjust orders still applies – since the entire US military is no longer serving the people of the United States – something that apparently NO ONE wants to even suggest, much less actually INVESTIGATE!

This QUESTION must be brought before the now ceremonial congress and the fake president as well as the faux Supreme Court – so that this can be clarified for the people that paid to have a UNITED STATES FORCE, under-arms, to “protect and serve the public of this country,” and not some bullshit idiot in Israel, who thinks they own everything American including our military! (2)

This would seem to be a QUESTION very much in need of an answer; because not only the life of this nation but the lives of all our civilians depends upon the answer that has so far NOT been forthcoming during the last 49 years!

Jim Kirwan

1) ‘International Permission’ Trumps Congressional Permission for Military Actions – 7 min 31 sec video

2) US Marine Being Investigated For Posting “Obama Is The Domestic Enemy Our Oath Speaks About” – 3 min video

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