Who is Number One?

Perhaps a better question might be WHY is there such a tremendous passion out there to “BE” Number-One at everything?

Unfortunately this is the underlying challenge that has repeatedly tried to destroy the planet so many hundreds of times before. All of the “isms” and “ists” have become self-consumed with dictating how the rest of the world MUST live; in a world that is constantly beset with real challenges that seem to threaten the existence of most people the world over…

The powers that be, whether religious, political, racial or sexual have all left their footprints in this continuing global tragedy that always ends with the poorest among us supporting and paying for their fantasies of power-unending. Usually their efforts include a global war to prop up their continued war-profiteering, their global theft and War-Crimes by the tens-of-thousands in everything they each attempt to do—just to insure that they can each be seen as being NUMBER ONE, in something!

Part of this is about population control and how that has been used from the beginning to gain the title of NUMBER-ONE in any field of endeavor. In the recent phenomena which was exhibited during and after WWII we saw the Communists and the Nazis battling for control. Both tried to use their various populations to gain power: Only to begin exterminating those that brought them into power in the first place. As soon as they thought they were secure and protected, from being overthrown, by the same herds that brought them to power in the first place the slaughters began. Billions were massacred, millions more were tortured, murdered and imprisoned—and all of it just to reinforce the idea that their so-called leaders would always remain NUMBER-ONE in not-only their own world—but as a prelude to global dictatorship.

Once technology began to take over everything; then it suddenly became possible to literally own everything and everyone on the globe, at least according to these same bastards that have been trying to do this for thousands of years. But the same threats still exist for any group or individual who has become infected with the obscenity of this arrogantly-impossible desire. This can only end ONE-WAY: With the total destruction of whoever challenges the rest of the world with outright destruction backed up by their insistence for OUR UNCONDITIONAL-SURRENDER.

At bottom everyone knows that no-one, anywhere can ever maintain a hold over the entire planet for any length of time—it is simply impossible no matter how much spying or monitoring or Draconian behavior is used: Because their own arrogance and stupidity coupled with their private greed will always bring them down in the same way they tried to corner every angle, to crush every freedom and control every single being as a machine to serve themselves (forever) in a world where life and humanity are equally FORBIDDEN, everywhere!

Their latest set of tools is to completely-isolate everyone in this country from each other, in every place that people are forced to be together, from schools and the workplace to public transportation and now they are demanding total control of every thought that anyone might ever have. In fact we can now be charged with committing “thought-crimes” or “Future-Crimes” in this world that has become a science-fiction project where the DARK-FORCES are in complete control and


What crap this is! These creatures are terrified that they are about to lose this current game, which is why they are racing ahead: Announcing “Peacetime Martial Law” because they do NOT have the forces necessary to go directly to MILITARY-MARTIAL-LAW. The idea is to announce that “it’s COMING to YOU, no matter where you are!” And then they have to “hope” that people will continue to automatically just OBEY and REMAIN SILENT while they finish hijacking the nation and everything we once were; along with whatever wealth we might still have squirreled away from their constant need to watch our every move, as they record everything we might even think of doing.

The Fourth Reich is alive and well, and living inside Zionist Israel. (1)

But the new Communism is where America’s new threat is based. The United States has socialized the government’s DEBT and is protecting private profits from any losses while passing on all the commercial and private failures to the dumber than dumb public. This arrangement allows government to provide total support to every corporate wish-list and at the same time subjecting the entire population to the megalomania of global DEBT that can never be ended and will result in a global financial collapse very, very soon.

The above arrangement comes to us right out of the Communist Manifesto, and has been the true goal of this country since the end of WWII. The purpose of Israel has been to threaten the world with the NAZI-ism of the 4th Reich, while distracting the American public from what’s really going on, until it will be way too late to stop this.

One proof of this could be said to include the fact that last week we sent combat troops into four more countries in Africa, while the scary headlines about Syria and Iran were raging, and very few even bothered to notice. For that matter the so-called president declared “Peacetime Martial Law”: And nobody in the regular media felt compelled to print that FACT! (2)

This assault upon America has been getting hit every week since January first of this year, with anti-American legislation that is hell bent on showing Americans that they no longer have any laws, a Constitution or the Bill of Rights, and what do the headlines deal with – Well — who’s leading in the elections that will not happen, because we are now officially a POLICE STATE. Any election that is held in any police state is strictly a formality, and has nothing whatever to do with the fascist government that has taken over this country!

Back to that original question: What is it with this fascination with being Number One? It’s about competition we say. Yet the goal of every fascist and communist state is to eliminate competition and to equalize the poor while enriching the rich and unlawfully powerful—at the expense of the same “poor” they were supposedly created to protect?

As long as there are people in the world that envy and covet others, there will be this problem. And everytime any society gives-in to private greed and arrogance as their sole reason for being, there will be massive failures in the society that chooses to emulate the criminals. And because there are limits on how much can actually be stolen before the criminals run out of targets; there will be those failures that involve the criminals turning on each other just as they did yesterday when JPMorgan Chase closed the Vatican’s Bank Account.

“VATICAN CITY/MILAN, March 19 (Reuters) – JP Morgan Chase is closing the Vatican bank’s account with an Italian branch of the U.S. banking giant because of concerns about a lack of transparency at the Holy See’s financial institution, Italian newspapers reported.

The move is a blow to the Vatican’s drive to have its bank included in Europe’s “white list” of states that comply with international standards against tax fraud and money-laundering.

The bank, formally known as the Institute for Works of Religion (IOR), enacted major reforms last year in an attempt to get Europe’s seal of approval and put behind it scandals that have included accusations of money laundering and fraud.” (3)

When the rats begin to flee their sinking ships, you know the end is very near. Couple this with what else is happening all through the EU, and the global money wars; contrasted with the daily poundings of the global HAWKS demanding “WAR, WAR & LOTS MORE WAR” just to keep their war-profiteering rackets going full steam ahead, and it’s easy to see that there are mountains of trouble lying just beneath the contaminated oceans of chaos which have now surrounded every key point in all societies around the planet.

Once the planet is in ruins and completely polluted by nuclear fallout from all of this I doubt that anyone will dare to ever speak of being “NUMBER ONE” again—even if there are people left that have anything to say to the survivors, if indeed there are any!

Resistance is something that only those who have “NOTHING LEFT TO LOSE” will undertake–and we are nearly there with unemployment nearing 50%, and MARTIAL LAW already announced: What makes YOU think that you will magically escape the newly created FEMA CORP CAMPS!

Jim Kirwan

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3) JPMorgan Chase Closes Vatican Bank Account Amid Dispute


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