Overwhelming Force

This country is up against an ‘Overwhelming Force’ that represents the militarization of government dictates which have been the standard in television and film-fare for the last 30 plus years. This has been augmented in recent years by a flood of computer-games and videos that all have the same goal—to capture and defeat anyone that opposes what you see above and below.

In fact we have entered a new phase in this war where those who challenge anything now can be attacked as unpatriotic, un-American, sociopathic-deviants, and even as being criminally insane: All because some people still demand to be able to live their own lives and think their own thoughts. To respond to that government has created thought-crimes and future-crimes that can be leveled to silence, to slander and to dissuade, the general public from ever doubting the absolute “truths” which the government first proclaims and then contradicts; each and every day in every forum imaginable. And this is possible because “FORCE” takes many shapes and comes in a wide variety of forms.

For those of us who choose to fight them the government attempts to find us, to label us, to categorize and to limit those of us that know what’s going on! The more people ‘discover’ that each and every one of us has not only the right to defend ourselves, we also have the duty to stand against these arbitrary-forms of darkness which this government has always represented.

‘The US Constitution was created as a swinging door that would, in the end, enable exactly what is happening now, to empower the filthy rich. However to begin that process the constitution was necessary to create the illusions necessary to allow the public to get behind our own eventual enslavement.’ (1)

William Kennedy gets it right and has said it better that I have been able to – so far. Basically the entire system has been shattered into a million pieces; and our only solution still available is to REFUSE to comply with whatever the massively illegal government continues to demand, at all levels of their supposed but completely perverted powers. We can begin to use this two-way door that the Constitution created to undo the original intent of the founders (hidden behind and among our founding documents), as described in the first video link.’ If we are to survive then we need to do this beginning YESTERDAY!’ (2)

How did this begin? A big part of it was created back in the 1930’s with the National Film Board and their ratings system that did not allow filmmakers to make films where the bad-guys could ever succeed at anything” and this skewed viewpoint set the stage for nationwide programming of the general population. That was followed up on with the Newsreels played in every cinema throughout WWII, along with the war time propaganda that covered up the truth as often as they promoted the government party-line. People got used to being lied to; because it was patriotic to “believe,” especially as we were “at war.”

In the fifties along came all the anti-communist propaganda and the ATOM-bomb scare nonsense that had every student under his or her desk with their hands over their heads – as if that could protect them from atomic radiation or death. The fifties also brought Joe McCarthy and his House Un-American Activities Committee to stop communist infiltration in the government but that did nothing about all the Zionists that were already beginning to steal the country for AIPAC and Israel.

It is ironic that it is communism once more and this time it’s real!

How else to explain how corporations get to keep all their profits and pass on all their debts to the working public, via the sold-out US government? How else to balance the Quadrillions in Debt that we now have by simply exempting the corporations and the banks and passing everything straight onto the backs of the poor and the disenfranchised—not to mention how we can send our unemployed into the military to attack the rest of the world (full-time) for private corporations, for war-profiteering and for Israel, while this nation starves to death inside the ruins of our failed industrial empire?

Using “The Protection of the Nation” as their holy-grail and their call-to-arms combined: These assholes remain hell-bent on exterminating over 250 million Americans, by any and all means possible—and that’s just for starters. Using their badges and uniforms as their quasi-shields to conceal what their assassins do in broad daylight now, while they themselves have come out of the shadows where they were spawned for this particular task. Today government is claiming that “there are millions of traitors running wild in this country and that the ENEMIES of the STATE are literally everywhere’! Government says that these enemy agents are everywhere now and they threatened the National Security of the United States—except the only place they are to be found is in virtually ever cop show, military saga or supposedly in-depth program on the Intelligence services of this country and the Mossad. In fact the writers of these propaganda specialties have managed to overwork the government message into literally every aspect of this society until it has become nauseatingly obvious. Who could still possibly believe such bullshit? Only the disconnected that haven’t paid any attention to anything that has gone in this place (in reality) for the last 50 plus years.

It is not just in the USI that these creatures have accomplished their lies as standard fare for the braindead: They have managed to conceal the history for most of the last century, from most of the world. There are of course some gaps in this story: Palestine and their 62 year Genocide is one, the 400 years of slavery in America, and the 400 year-plus war upon the American natives (60 million dead) was another. However by and large this history is – about the most glaring facts that the world still does not educate its people about: These facts must become part of the conversation and gun-control in the USA must end because in America real SELF-DEFENSE is now against the law – just ask any TSA or DHS agent! Here’s the bulk of that history, in a one hour video. (3)

Hatred & Fear are what drives this ancient attempt to dominate and control the entire planet; reinforced by personal Greed and self-appointed dictates that are used to keep their illegal Outlawed powers intact; while the public remains trapped; each in his or her own private Cage-of-Freedom—just waiting to die!

This war has been going on for a very long time—so much so that now the creators of all this treason and tyranny believe that they are actually invincible! They hide behind the wars, the disasters and financial collapses all of which they have created; while they demand that the public keep SILENT & Just OBEY their every command, in order to be “safe” from every possible problem in all of life. The Truth is that the real problems we all face all come directly and indirectly from our totally corrupted powers, throughout the government, private corporations and indeed through the entirety of international society that has become entangled in this seemingly unending nightmare; a Nightmare which they call “war-unending.” Meanwhile the public is so confused and threatened by all of this that they cannot seem to notice that it is USI & Israel that are the nation-states who are driving all these vicious and colonial invasions of so many other nations. When the “president” of this country says that he can kidnap, torture or kill any person anywhere on this planet” – then he is declaring the United States to be above all the international laws and treaties that were ever in existence. We should also remember that we constitute less than 7% of the planet, and if every other nation decided to end us we would be ended!

But the REAL-NEWS-NOW is that this criminally-inspired government has actually done what no other nation on earth could ever even dream of doing – they have attacked the United States on US soil and gotten away with it. This same government has also declared War upon the World—as well as upon every man, woman and child in this country and far too many of you don’t even bother to interrupt your ridiculous lives to even question or DEMAND any resignations by those who FAILED the nation and the Constitution on 911 and forever after!

Even the lowest life forms know when they are under attack; so I guess that makes most Amerikans dumber than monkeys, as we seem to be unable to confront the truth of what has happened to this place since we allowed this government to eliminate itself using the same document that created that government in the first place? So why does the congress continue to meet when they have been replaced by the CFR and the Super-Committee? Why bother with elections, when everyone knows that this is first and foremost a POLICE-STATE now? And as for presidents? JFK was the last American to hold that office—everyone else has owed that office to the shitty-little-state of Zionist-Israel.

There are many different ways to resist Tyranny, Oppression and Treason: but first you have to KNOW that you need to and that if you want TO SURVIVE,

Jim Kirwan

1) Stop the Machine – 23 min video

2) Are We Out of Options

3) Innocence Betrayed – When Self-Defense is Against the Law – 58 min video

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