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Way back when I looked like this, before my hair thinned out and became mostly gray I was handicapped, because no one including me could seemingly figure out what to call what I have always done with images, with concepts or with comments.

About midway in the nearly fifty-years that I’ve been doing what I do I discovered something called ‘Magic-Realism’ which was a school of Central and South American writers that superimposed their very unusual stories and oral traditions into a relatively new way of story telling that incorporated facts and sensibilities into powerfully memorable stories that tended to stay with those that read them. By applying this ‘tag’ to the graphics that I do and occasionally to what I write about, I found something that could be used to help those who need to be able to categorize the people who work in some of my various professions.

Lately the world is finally beginning in small ways, to challenge the created idioms of the global outlaws over the direction and purposes behind their criminal-creations that underpin the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds and the darkness of their private fantasies: Fantasies that if they are not stopped will kill this planet and every living thing upon it.

The basis for Magic-Realism is the intangible world of dreams and nightmares that lives in the invisible spaces in our thoughts and lives; in much the same way that Dark Matter together with Dark Energy (which actually composes 97% of the Universe) is not really empty space at all, but is as tangible and real as anything that is illuminated by the remaining 3% of the light which makes up the rest of the universe.

The real powers in this world are actually dependent upon this invisible means of support” which all people have access to, once they begin to think as part of the universe of which we are all a part.

The blood-enemies of humanity have constructed a completely artificial fantasy-world where money and greed rule absolutely over everything through fear and intimidation backed up by popularized myths like the TERRORISM that is used to try and force the world into unconditional SURRENDER. To these overblown fools and their fanatical worship of torture, imprisonment and genocide on a global scale there has never been any equal in the long history of humanity. That is only because the technology did not exist to dominate the far flung spaces in the ways that technology has made possible today.

This is what our enemy’s have tried (and are currently failing to convince the world of) – as our only choice for the future which they say that ONLY they can control! These cabals and myths and darkly fanatical shadow governments have many weapons of the hardened steel and thermonuclear variety.

They have entire armies and air-forces, fleets of armed and unarmed drones, at their beck and call. Whole navies and fleets of nuclear armed submarines, missiles of virtually all descriptions along with electronic and biochemical weapons that quite literally can stagger the imagination. They also have a wide variety of brainwashed-forces from militarized domestic forces to mercenary armies of snipers and saboteurs; not to mention the number of countries that they OWN through their total corruption of other governments and other people’s societies—along with the global media for the most part. To the uninitiated this might sound completely overwhelming, literally IMPOSSIBLE to resist? They are certain of their advantages and that once you and I come to realize how completely they have already taken over this society – then we will just weigh the odds (as they would) and decide to unconditionally surrender to this overwhelming force which they believe they own and control.

(When you have no conscience, no loyalty, no self-respect and no idea of what life is really all about – this “DECISION” would seem to be the only intelligent thing to do). Except that when you look closely at the number of countries where this same formula has been tried, and tried and tried again: the ending is always the same we lose, we lose and we continue to lose every time; but the reason for these losses has nothing to do with military or governmental controls over the occupied nation-states that have been targeted, including especially the old USA!

How could ordinary people resist such physical and global-monetary powers? That’s easy! People the world over have been resisting this agenda for as long as they’ve been trying to kill us – yet we’re still here and they have yet to totally dominate us anywhere. The reason for this is as simple as the love that people have for themselves and for those they love, which some are willing to die to protect from all this garbage which “they” are trying to force upon the rest of the human race.

The continuing utter failures of the would-be owners-of-us-all have to do with all those things which the New World Order, the Rothschilds and all of their SECRET societies have NEVER had which is any knowledge whatsoever of the wider universe or of LIFE in general. But the key to understanding all of this is that the balance in the world actually rests on the determination and courage of those individuals that will always resist these kinds of tyrannies at every level not because they do not fear our technologies or our massive weapons, or even our poisoning of the entire earth the water supply and the food which has been globally contaminated. They resist because it’s built-in to the DNA of being human and ALIVE! Today there comes another basic part of Magic-Realism, this time from Japan where the people there are finally awakening to the truth behind the nuclear lies and cover-ups that are threatening the entire globe with global-genocide unless these nuclear nightmares are ended once and for all. Here’s the beginning of the transcription…

“Long ago, human beings lost their true sense of time, and because of this, their senses grew dull and they lost other-dimensional creative powers that would be unimaginable today, like telepathy and advanced powers of thought.

Ever since then, evil people have created a false sense of time to keep those abilities smothered. Using the science of destruction, they built civilizations dependent on material things and created religion to force their self-serving rules on a bewildered populace, while behind the scenes, they monopolized energy and built money-based economies, snuffing out our powerful natural abilities.

Over thousands of years, genetic memory loss set in: after numerous reincarnations, here we are, having completely forgotten those abilities. We all have collective amnesia! Talking about four-dimensional science and philosophy may bore people who have no interest in fantasy, so let me put it simply:

For a long time, some people have made money by destroying nature and irresponsibly making dangerous products, all while using the media to deceive the masses and inflicting horrible pain and suffering on those in harmony with nature.
The electricity powering our lives is no exception — it’s built on the suffering of others. But peer deep into Pandora’s Box and you’ll see advanced technologies that harness natural energy without destroying nature.

With technologies like solar power and other renewables, we can get all the electricity we need without nuclear power, and cheaply, too. We could shut down all the nuclear plants and easily make up the difference by operating our hydroelectric and thermal power plants at full capacity. But powerful interests hide this fact from us. Why? Because of money! Money! Those people are terminally insane!” (1)

The nightmare has its weapons and its deceptions, its Doublespeak and thought crimes to intimidate and frighten. It also has the massive and now endemic political-corruption throughout the world, the destruction of the Republic here and the Constitution along with the Bill of Rights and the replacement of local law enforcement with federal and feral-illegal oversight of every conceivable area of life and health for the foreseeable future—yet this is NOT enough because we have these invisible weapons that are not subject to bullets or bombs, knives or murder: What could this be? It’s all in the natural powers of the universal connections that we all share; it’s in that part of the mind that wasn’t brainwashed and can’t be captured unless you let that happen. It’s what writers like David Icke and performers like George Carlin speak to when they come down to the basics behind it all.

Some call it love, but most only know it as that mysterious power that cannot be stopped by walls or contained by bars or chains or torture, because it outlives the tyrants—it always has and it always will unless we allow the earth to be extinguished in a thermonuclear war that will take the planet back to before the stone age and our long slow climb out of the primordial ooze that the thugs seem to want to recreate all over again. The form this weapon takes is that of the thought-form that cannot be seen but can devastate any current or traditional form of governance, in an instant.

Here’s another quote from The Rage Against Radiation:

“Staying apathetic and gullible will only lead us to destruction! This isn’t about not having enough electrical power, because you can live without electricity, but you can’t live without nature. Irreversible damage has already been done. I’m not talking about feeling sorry for animals and plants harmed by our egotistical ways, because you know who we should really feel sorry for? The children! They’re our future! If we don’t protect them, who the hell will?

Fifty, a hundred, or two hundred years from now, people might look back on our era and say, “They were a bunch of Hitler’s! They were a bunch of genocidal maniacs!” If we see the truth behind the lies, we can change the world overnight without violence!

[But this can only happen if we begin to stand-up for ourselves and for the kind of lives we want to live without interference from the government in literally every single thought or action that we want to take—without government or the nanny state deciding everything for everyone, as if this were the only course of action that is permitted.]

No matter how many detours we take, or how many times we are reborn, the goal remains the same: love! Love!
It’s not just some corny word, and don’t be embarrassed to say it: “Love!” Love is what we need! Shout it out: ‘LOVE!’” (1)

When the nights are darkest, we need to “Remember Who We Are” and that we are connected to all those stars above us because we are universal beings, not just pawns or footnotes in someone else’s fantasy to be used and abused like helpless members of anyone else’s herd that is only being raised to be slaughtered at that someone else’s convenience! Nothing is impossible if you use the strengths and this knowledge of the truths’ you were born with.

We were born into an earthly paradise that we were supposedly responsible for and unlike many of the native populations who tried to live with the earth and with nature; we chose instead to make WAR on nature, on women and on the earth itself: The results of those wars is what can be seen everywhere today around the entire planet. If that’s impossible to face then get your coffin today, because you’re just roadkill on the way to Empire. But if you chose to fight then Damnit get out there now and begin to take back what you thought was yours before this generation of monstrous criminals began their lock-down of this planet in earnest.

Before we attacked Afghanistan and Iraq we had the remnants of a so-called Democracy and our own Constitution that Bush said we were fighting to give to them. That was nothing but a pack of LIES.

We are locked in a battle between LIFE and mere existence!

Now that we’ve lost both those illegal occupations—we’ve also lost our own country to the same bastards that have wasted tens of trillions of our own money just to kill the people of this nation now! If that’s “fine” with you then the hell with you; because the rest of us will root you out along with all the rest of the less-than-human traitors that have tried to steal even life itself from every man woman and child in this place. (2)

The tide is turning, and you can almost smell our worthless dollars beginning to burn across the globe. There will be a new day coming the only question remaining is will there be a real world for that dawn to shine upon?

Jim Kirwan

1) The Rage Against Radiation

2) Killing the Future

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