Israel Surrenders Credibility

Israel, specifically Zionist Occupied Israel, has surrendered any credibility they might ever have enjoyed to new walls of concrete and more barbed wire, to almost completely encircle the most belligerent and most HOSTILE state on the planet!

Paranoia inside that phobic place is running higher every day, while their policies AGAINST the world outside their borders are more and more often defined by all that steel and concrete than by anything that Israel says about its attitudes and policies, which now consist of nothing but lies. (1)

IDF Colonel-Rabbi implies: RAPE is permitted in War

“Answering a question from a concerned reader regarding the Torah’s position on rape during war, Colonel Eyal Qarim of the Military Rabbinate wrote nine years ago – out of uniform – that ‘prohibitions against immorality’ are removed during war.

Is it permitted for a Jewish soldier to rape a gentile woman during wartime? This question – based on the biblical mitzvah of Eshet Yefat Toar (“a comely woman”) – was referred to nine years ago (Hebrew) by Rabbi Eyal Qarim. The questioning party seemed anxious and worried, and wanted to know whether the iron-age mitzvah (religious deed) is applicable to IDF soldiers today.”

“The wars of Israel […] are mitzvah wars, in which they differ from the rest of the wars the nations wage among themselves. Since, essentially, a war is not an individual matter, but rather nations wage war as a whole, there are cases in which the personality of the individual is “erased” for the benefit of the whole. And vice versa: sometimes you risk a large unit for the saving of an individual, when it is essential for purposes of morale. One of the important and critical values during war is maintaining the army’s fighting ability […]

As in war the prohibition against risking your life is broken for the benefit of others, so are the prohibitions against immorality and of kashrut. Wine touched by gentiles, consumption of which is prohibited in peacetime, is allowed at war, to maintain the good spirit of the warriors. Consumption of prohibited foods is permitted at war (and some say, even when kosher food is available), to maintain the fitness of the warriors, even though they are prohibited during peacetime. Just so, war removes some of the prohibitions on sexual relations (gilui arayot in the original – YZG), and even though fraternizing with a gentile woman is a very serious matter, it was permitted during wartime (under the specific terms) out of understanding for the hardship endured by the warriors. And since the success of the whole at war is our goal, the Torah permitted the individual to satisfy the evil urge (yetzer ha’ra in the original -YZG), under the conditions mentioned, for the purpose of the success of the whole.” (2)

If these questions are not indicative of a break with the global world view of what is permissible in contemporary warfare then most of the world would definitely be surprised: As this seems to go hand in hand with surrounding themselves behind barbed wire and concrete walls.

It would seem that the world ought to boycott everything Israeli, until Israel comes to a consensus about how other people are to be treated, by Israel, in times of war or peace. What is also remarkable is the staunch refusal of Israel to make peace with the nation and its people which they invaded in 1948. Instead of peace Israel wants to make permanent the status of slave-state, which they have assigned to the Palestinians; the only people in the entire world that ever gave refuge to the Jews down through all the centuries when the Jews were a hunted and ostracized people everywhere in the known world.

And this is the thanks Palestinians get, for all those centuries of shelter, given freely, when no one anywhere else would grant the Jews refuge from the hatred and the political-storms that swirled around them, dating from the time of Ancient Carthage. Today the Palestinian State is beset with hundreds of miles of dividing walls that have made a mockery of their villages and their lives, in the barbed wire and barbarity of segregated prison-camps that have literally ripped apart families and people from their lands and property: And the world has ignored the savagery of this illegal and oppressive occupation for 64 years now.

Checkpoints are everywhere and are maintained to humiliate and brutalize the Palestinians many of whom have died at those check points for no reason at all except to keep the psychological pressure upon anyone who has chosen to say in their own lands.

No nation on earth that has resorted to erecting WALLS to keep out the unwanted, has ever survived that effort. From the Great Wall of China through all of the Roman’s failed efforts in England and Scotland, all the way down to the Berlin Wall—no nation was ever saved by walling itself in when they have tried to protect an unwanted nation from its real enemies. Israel will not be an exception, despite what they continue to profess to the entire world about the “specialness” of their ‘chosen’ people. Those who supposedly defend this criminal-enterprise need to begin to withdraw their support which can be done by beginning to close their own embassies inside Israel, while they begin evicting Israeli Embassy’s from their own countries.

This needs to be begun sooner rather than later, but preferably in a direct response to the ugliness of the intention behind the building of these walls of steel and concrete; topped with razor wire and hatred for the world beyond those barriers!

Here’s more from the second link:

“Wow. Herein lies a hornet’s nest. The first is that according to Qarim, the rape of female prisoners is not just permitted, it is also essential to war; the success of the whole at war relies on it. Even Genghis Khan, who (according to tradition) said that the best thing in the world is “to crush your enemies, to see them fall at your feet — to take their horses and goods and hear the lamentation of their women. That is best” – even he, who excelled at rape, did not see it as essential to warfare, just a satisfactory outcome. Stalin, likewise, dismissed complaints about rapes carried out massively by the Red Army by saying “a soldier has urges,” but he did not see it as an essential element of military life.

Qarim came up with a new military doctrine, which replaces Napoleon’s: an army marches on its phallus. According to this logic, perhaps the IDF should appoint to each unit not just a supply officer, but also a Comely Woman Officer (CWO), to make certain no soldier is left unsatisfied.

Another problem is that Qarim invokes here the usual apologetics of those who speak of “Jewish morality”: he claims war is a conflict between nations, not individuals, and that the individual has no importance at war. The raped woman is not a woman, is not a person, has no feelings and if she feels pain it is unimportant: she is not a woman or a person, just an individual of an enemy tribe whose misfortune was to be captured. Furthermore, Qarim says that rape during wartime is immoral if carried out by a rival tribe – but all Jewish wars are, by definition, mitzvah wars. If the rape of the defenseless is part and parcel of “Jewish morality,” it’s not hard to reach the conclusion it is inferior to all modern morality systems. It is also worth noting (Hebrew) that “Jewish morality” is a by-product of German blood and iron romanticism.

Yet a third problem is that, essentially, Qarim says there is nothing which may be prohibited in war, if it is done “for the success of the whole.” We know that the killing of armed combatants is permitted (this is, after all, the essence of war), and we now learn that, for His Blessed Name, the rape of women is also permitted. Then we must ask ourselves whether it is also permitted, for the sake of victory, to also kill unarmed people. Children, for instance, who we have good reason to think may seek one day vengeance for the death of their fathers and brothers and the torturing of their mothers and sisters. The notorious book “Torat Ha’Melekh” answered in the affirmative; it would be interesting to know what Qarim thinks, and whether there is anything he thinks a Jewish soldier ought not to do for victory.

But the real problem here is that Eyal Qarim is an IDF colonel (Aluf Mishneh), and is a senior officer in the Military Rabbinate, i.e. is in a senior position in the IDF religious edicts apparatus. I’ve sent the following questions to the IDF Spokesman.” (2)

How much longer will the world continue to tolerate these barbarians in our midst? How many more nation states need to suffer the second-hand invasions of their countries to appease the unending appetites of these completely barbaric and primitive throw-backs to the Stone Age! The nations of the world must begin to reject the demands of Israel on every front, and force that place to release the Palestinians from their totalitarian grip upon the nation they are charged with protecting, because of the result of the 1948 war and the UN that created this mess in the first place…

Jim Kirwan

1) Israel faces isolation as new border fence is erected – 6 min video

2) IDF Colonel-Rabbi Implies: Rape Is Permitted In War:

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