In 1978 I did a precursor for this illustration under the fear-laden title of “TERRORISM” for the California District Attorney’s Association and the California Chamber of Commerce – which appeared in a book called The Forgotten Victims of Violent Crime.

At the time “TERRORISM” had nothing to do with anything that had to do with the topic of that politically produced production – so why was it included? It was included because the book was created with private funding to underpin the Reagan campaign for the presidency in 1980, as well as the Deukmejian campaign for the governorship of California – but the work was done when Ronnie was just a candidate and when Duke was still the California AG. Once Ronnie and Duke had been elected I demanded payment for what was suppose to have been a public-service; because the work was USED to elect traitors to higher offices, and had virtually nothing to do with the plight of “victims” anywhere. That bought me 23 years of continual-war with the government in DC and California that ended in a draw. However this was also an early-warning shot across the bow for America concerning the WARS that were to come to all of us in this country as well as in the wider world.

One-hundred thousand copies of that book were printed and distributed free in Washington, and in the cloakrooms in both Sacramento and D.C., not to call attention to the plight of victims, but to build on their true agendas which would very soon lead this country into the mindset where TERROR could and would come to reign unchallenged over the whole planet, as the NEW INTERNATIONAL BOOGEYMAN that could never be contained or defeated – hence the New World Order currently being spread by Agenda 21 and the Illuminati while being bankrolled by the Rothschilds and all their various but deadly agendas.

FEAR throughout this agenda has played a monstrous part in all of this as if it were the only thing that every American must care about: Something that 911 managed to enshrine in the consciousness of not just this nation but of the world.

In the past there were always WARS whenever any group sought to make real changes in the political structure of the global-society. But all that ended with WWII when an entirely new kind of war was introduced that was purely psychological and sociopathic—new wars for the minds and misplaced passions of the greed-obsessed populations of the major nations of this world. And the preferred weapons used to accomplish this totally unique series of wars, have all been based on “FEARS, DELUSIONS & LIES”! (1)

But now we are beginning to witness The Other-Side of FEAR, because ‘fear’ is not one-dimensional and owes no allegiance to any side in any dispute or actual variation that can be misconstrued as a real war.

Those who started this WAR so long ago have forgotten that FEAR can be as dangerous to those that try to wield it, as it is to those that they believe they have TARGETED. And this is what we are seeing now! Those who tried to terrify this nation and the entire world with FEAR are themselves falling victim to it in virtually EVERY WAY IMAGINABLE! In fact the FEAR that the OUTLAWS created is now totally out-of-control and has come back upon them like a boomerang that is now seeking out those that created the nightmares for that special hell which comes with international exposure for their war-crimes against the people of the world. This is why the bankers are quitting and beginning to run for their pathetically-corrupted lives: This new phenomena is the direct result of the fact that the FEAR has switched sides—infecting its creators now—far more heavily than it might be still working on those it was created to literally-paralyze.

Today in Spain the RIOTS have begun in a general STRIKE against that nation which promises to create shock-waves that will soon reach Amerikan shores. The echoes of this rebellion in Spain will spread, the way that FEAR was supposed to have spread, around the world. What the originators of our FEAR-based-Terror planned is about to become unhinged; because in too many places now too many people now no longer have anything left to lose. In the video you can see the CCTV cameras on those Spanish street-lamps burning: A testament to the fragility of technology which the New World Order has spent trillions on creating—only to see their Big-Brother spying-network going up in flames at the first real signs of revolution or revolt. The same thing will happen to all of the garbage they have designed to keep the global population enslaved. (2)

The entire system of drones depends on technological security and communication – which is the first thing to go whenever any public revolts for real. The US criminal-government is literally AFRAID of everyone from grade-school children to ex-GI’s, from ordinary people to college students, from any and all professional associations to every business that has not been privatized: Despite the fact that the entire government is now totally OWNED by Zionista-Israel, the threats against the population in the old USA continue to double and triple and quadruple each and every hour. . . that shows anyone that cares to look just how TERRIFIED these creatures have become of the 99% that do not share in anything anymore. These bestial Outlaws have killed the Golden Goose by utterly destroying the entire infrastructure of this entire nation; and they are actually dumb enough to think that they can simply pass laws and force people to pay for things (like healthcare) when they have NO MONEY and NO JOBS to survive on. The end result of all these paper laws will be an OPEN REVOLT by everyone that has lost most of everything they thought they once had, just as soon as these fools attempt to collect money from the homeless and the unemployed for “services” that this government has refused to provide for the people that pay all the bills!

You want examples: Try this one, remembering that this is just one area of government owned human life!

“I’d like to expand your understanding of how sick, how anti-human, and how deranged American war is with some of my discoveries regarding Army organ transplantation, widespread brain damage, and the tormented victims of war that no longer truly live, but suffer in medical suspension just above death.

You must already know that the Pentagon’s “official” death lists, the KIA’s, or combat deaths, are an utter fraud, as are civilian deaths. A fatality is not considered a “combat death” if the individual is injured in an attack and then dies from those same wounds a year later in a hospital. Car accidents, accidental explosions or falls that result in death (even when they occur in a war-zone, which is all the time) are not considered combat deaths. Death from a disease acquired in the war zone is not considered a “combat death.” That includes cancer and chronic illness, which occurs much more frequently among “service-people,” and is likely caused by the toxic environment of deployment.

What the rolls of the dead also do not include, are the many thousands who continue on, to some extent or another, with permanently impaired brain function. This could mean many physiological things, including loss of memory, PTSD, retardation, quadriplegia, or total coma. USA Today reports that over 360,000 veterans of the Iraq/Afghan Wars have traumatic brain injuries. (Source).

However, there is a huge variation in the impacts of brain damage, so it is almost impossible to fully quantify. For example, a great deal of “service-people” have had concussions, which almost everyone fully recovers from, and are even simulated in boot-camp.” (3)

And then yesterday there was this article pointing out that a nation that values its people does not plan to create the wholesale murder of their nation, just to rid the government of the same people that this government was supposedly created to protect! 450 million bullets plus 175 million arms and bullets to use against a population of 340 million! (4)

And we still allow the criminals to be interviewed as if they were representing us? WOW there has to be a word beyond Gullible to define these slaves that apparently are incapable of seeing or hearing anything that is true…

Jim Kirwan

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