Tracking the Origins – Part One

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In the upraised fist of Famine the double-headed serpent provides the Imbalance for the global scales of injustice, bracketed by WAR and DEATH, where gold outweighs the food so necessary to sustain the lives we try to live; while Conquest leads these constant reminders of our failure to deal with life on any level.

In the USA all of these legendary figures got their first real burst of official-approval from Lyndon Baines Johnson after he stepped into the shoes of the first Dead Kennedy with LBJ’s GREAT SOCIETY!

‘This is all part of an extensive plan that started with LBJ and his Great Society. This was the build up a massive welfare state to createavailable dollars for illegal drugs brought in by the military and CIA. This would then raise the dollars needed for black ops and provide massive new funding for the “war on poverty” and “the war on drugs”, which came later.

When all this started it seemed too incredulous at the time. But here was the modus operandi for all these illuminati social engineers. Create a massive problem, and simultaneously a gross social dependency. Use free trade, welfare, whatever to destroy jobs and create a massive newly dependent underclass. Then provide drastic solutions for this most serious problem that only the government could solve. They believed that people will either have to comply, because they will be too poor and weak to resist or will have abandoned all the basic community values by then out of sheer desperation.

This amounted to saying: “the Government is the ONLY solution to the problems created by the government in the first place.This has become: The first version of David Icke’s “Problem, Reaction, Solution”—in practice here.

This created massive conflict, social alienation, cognitive dissonance and also destroyed families, community norms and the basic glue that holds any society together. This provided the opportunity for government to begin to destroy the existing Republic, the family and the community, and the rule of law as well as providing an opportunity to shove the NWO of the ages into place. And the real nightmare in all of this came from the fact that the public would actually have to pay for all this massive damage that LBJ intended to do to all of us back in the 1960’s.

From 1964 through 1966 I worked on a project of my own design to literally show the world the massive flaws in LBJ’s GREAT SOCIETY, The WAR on Poverty and The AGE of CONTRADICTION. It was a graphic presentation divided into these three parts; consisting of 66 illuminations. Here is what is left of that unpublished project. Of particular interest, even without the drawings, are the titles of each of the illuminations that can be found in the central list of contents. Click on the thumbnails to see the full images. (1)

This was followed up by Nixon with his WAR on DRUGS. Has anyone ever wondered why every major thing that this government does is always prefaced by the word WAR? As it happens both The WAR on Poverty and the WAR on Drugs have turned out to be colossal failures (for the people) as in each case each topic undertaken, has only deepened the problems these programs were created to “fix.”

Poverty is now an epidemic in this nation, and is currently approaching a mainline condition in the lives of at least 40 % of the people living here. Drugs have gone from being something strictly from the criminal world, to the now major corporate-business-conglomerates. Huge (legalized) Corporations now control Mega-Medical and Pharmaceutical corporations who are now coupled with black-ops control and the distribution of illegal drugs that are managed almost exclusively by the CIA. Think about the profits which this government gets from the Poppy-fields (Heroin) in Afghanistan?

The drug Dealers that are still being warred upon are just potential competitors for our own black-ops agencies: This is just the tip of the black-iceberg that was made possible by Nixon’s War on Drugs. The reason that these two FAILED WARS are perpetuated is because they have become so very profitable to the traitors in government that they can never walk away from all that illicit money, or from the completely crippling damage which this has done to society as a part of daily life!

We are still fighting Bush’s “WAR on TERRA (earth)”,

So; with this as our relatively recent beginning point that has brought us all to the treason of January 1, 2012 with the imposition of “indefinite detention” and the possible outright murder of any or all American citizens, which was created and signed into law by Obama—thus illuminating the whole path from LBJ to Obama and all of those co-conspirators who served in either the congress or the White House from 1963 to 2012.

The WAR on Terror actually began in February of 2001.

Seven months BEFORE 911 when Bush decided to begin his illegal SPYING upon every American. How could he have decided that every American was a potential-threat to this country, so long before there was an attack, unless he not only knew the attack was coming but he also KNEW what it would do to this country? By December of 2002, here was what the USA looked like. (2)

And a year later in December of 2003:

“The end of another year is upon us, another year dominated by Dictators and tyrants, by the pirates and criminals. This marks the third year of George W “the Imposter” Bush, in his headlong drive to divide the world into the haves and the have-nots of Class Warfare.

How we came to this despicable impasse is a complex and ugly story of greed and tyranny unleashed upon a trusting world. This began early on for the United States and 911, it turns out, is only the latest chapter in this continuing charade:

As we moved forward after the Second World War, some began to lay the foundation for a universal dependence upon international markets that made beggars of formerly self-sustaining nation states. Always the goals were the same. The self-reliant countries were told that they must forego their independence and comply with a ’new’ global system that heavily increased world trade, at the expense of national interests, independent cultures, and racial traditions. This took a long time to implement, but in the end this ‘goal’ has largely been accomplished. Whole countries now depend upon a few exports for their survival, and now find themselves at the mercy of transnational marketers – whose only interest is their transnational bottom line, bolstered by personal perks diverted to the very few at the top.

Throughout this misbegotten journey there were behind the scenes battles for control of this nation’s leadership, and warfare over the direction that new ideas would take, in charting a new political course for the United States. Until the new Millennium the US had recognized cooperative efforts within the world that included cooperation, joint ventures, and containment of violent and hostile enemies of our goals. But that course ended with the stolen election for the presidency of the United States in 2000.” (3)

In 2004, we ended that year with “Tributes.”

“The White House today paid tribute to three individuals by awarding each of them, the American Medal of Freedom. This is the nation’s highest honor for civilians, who have contributed to the advancement of this country and the world.

The awards went to retired General Tommy Franks, for his role in fighting the Iraq War; to George Tenet, for his role as the head of CIA Intelligence in the same war; and to Paul Bremer, the civilian administrator of Iraq, for his administration of the aftermath of that invasion. All three men failed miserably in their assigned duties, but each was nonetheless awarded a Medal of Freedom for their respective efforts. For his part, Bush was “reelected” to the office he has occupied since 2000. Today was indeed a black day for “Freedom” in this country.

Which brings us to the next group of sterling individuals who will no-doubt be awarded their own Medals of Freedom, in the very near future. The first will be the new Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, the man who has remained as close as a shadow to Bush since his governorship in Texas. This is the genius who wrote all those legalistic overrides of the Geneva Conventions so that we might have unlimited charge of “enemy combatants” worldwide. He’s also the man who created the contents of that evil pair of Patriot Acts, that serve as bookends for the legalistic crushing of what’s left of law and government responsibilities under the new “Terror Laws.” This guy’s a “must have” if we are to remain on track for Fascism in America, in 21st Century style.” (4)

By December of 2005 we were making “WAR on Shadows.”

“There is nothing traditional about the current war in Iraq. There is no clearly defined or uniformed enemy, there is not even a front line or a foreseeable conclusion to what the president has described as “unending war.” Most important, this was not a war based on an attack against us – the Iraq War was an illegal preemptive strike – which is something that violates every aspect of all the rules of war, because in Bush’s world, any country can now be attacked for just thinking about opposition to the United States, or to our policies.

This is a situation that the USA has not faced before, because international law forbids “preemptive military action,” for acts believed to be ‘potentially pending.’ Had the president and his advisors been able to prove that an attack was actually eminent that might have been different, but all the intelligence they used to support that theory has been proven false. Not only is this a war against shadows, the War-on-Iraq was and is illegal. Now it appears that when we are at war, Bush believes there is only one branch of government – and because of his interpretation of the Second Amendment – no laws can be valid if those laws seek to reign in his power over either the military or the population.

Everything about this war and its continuing fallout is very difficult to keep up with, primarily because everything we are trying to understand is either illegal or secret, because this president does not trust congress, the courts or the American public. What we got instead of candor was layer upon layer of half-truths, self-justifications and outright lies.” (5)

By the end of 2006, here is how things “looked” to the US & the World.

“Everybody knows the clock is ticking but nobody knows the time!

The “Season of Sharing” has drawn to a close as we now return to the 364 days in The Season of Taking. Nearly six years have elapsed in this time-warp that has made its blood-drenched way toward impending total war: yet the planet still waits upon those final moments that will finally tell us all-what time it really is.

What has been lost and what is left to lose remains shrouded in mystery, for the most part. Thanks to so many investigative articles by hundreds of writers and photo-journalists we now know a great deal more about the history of this world than most of us could ever have imagined before this nightmare began. What we do now know is that we have been told only lies-but more importantly those lies have been enabled and perpetuated by the vast majority of all the politicians from both parties. And we know that to this day “The Decider” has stonewalled all the real questions that he said justified all that we did militarily.

Here is some of what Robert Fisk has so clearly pointed out about the real complexities that are involved in what the US has been doing since we turned everything over to the Decider!” (6)

By 2007, major lies were beginning to appear everywhere.

“In the ‘Loose Ends’ file; a number of inexplicable footnotes are finally beginning to answer some larger questions. Back in 06, just after the November Elections: that were going to change this countries direction in Iraq – yet all that happened only launched us ever-deeper in the opposite direction. Rummy ‘resigned’ and Bates was appointed, while Pelosi had just begun to speak cowardice into the Congressional record of national shame – where her words have come to live with ‘permanent failure.’

A week ago I wondered about the official casualty tolls when these were contrasted with what the Veteran’s Administration has recorded. So I wrote to some people about it, and then I wrote an article. (1) The key component of that story was the huge disparity between the numbers given by the VA and the ones given by the US Department of War What blew me away was that members of the public wrote to tell me, saying that “the VA was obviously lying.” I expected that most people would believe the White House was lying but – Why would the Veteran’s Administration lie about the number of dead Veterans in Iraq & Afghanistan?

Then I remembered something that I thought I’d lost in one of the many crashes of my system, which was the story of the battle that destroyed Forward Base Falcon in October of 06. Three thousand US personnel were stationed there when it came under attack. The fires burned for days and could be seen from high above the earth – yet this attack was not covered by American media: It was however covered by ‘other media’ and the details were grim. There were Three-Hundred and Nineteen dead in this attack on the first day, yet nothing about these casualties was mentioned in either the daily or the weekly body counts. So when people tried to defend the government’s numbers I couldn’t help but remember that IF America had ever had over three hundred troops die in any single event in Iraq (totals for no single month were ever that high) – then the headlines would have been shattering, and the troops would have been gone as quickly as we left Somalia after one Blackhawk went down!” (7)

2008 ended with another fake offer from Israel to withdraw from Gaza – but of course that never happened either!

“The last day of 2008 is also day five in the continuing hostage situation in Gaza, where 1.5 million people are waiting for Israel’s next move. Israel has been militarily in-charge of Gaza for the last forty-one years, which is a historic testament to Israel’s failure to coerce or defeat the Palestinians that that have spent over four decades in Israeli gun sights. How many people do you know that have spent more than forty years in prison, and then learned to love their captors?

“Israeli troops have pulled out of the Gaza Strip more than 38 years after capturing the narrow coastal area. Tanks and armored vehicles left under cover of darkness and the last officer shut the Kissufim border at dawn. Thousands of jubilant Palestinians entered the former Jewish enclaves, and some set an abandoned synagogue ablaze in a settlement near Khan Younis”. (8)

And a year later in 2009:

“In forty-eight hours we’ll arrive at the one year anniversary of the last major Israeli attack on Gaza that has still not been resolved. 12-28-08 was the day that Israel decided to end the resistance to their tyranny in Gaza last year; but they failed!

“Israel is claiming that its citizens alone, in Palestine, are the only ones with a “Right to Live.’ That is an arrogant lie that belittles the rest of the world as well as the Palestinians, but it goes to the whole issue behind this massive war crime. Israel says it wants peace, yet it refuses to cease its heavy-handed seizure of Palestinian lands, the starvation and privation of the Palestinian people by land by sea and by total control over the air space above Gaza. The Israeli army pulled out but their absolute control over every facet of Palestinian life amid the 1.5 million people of Gaza has intensified, to the point of constituting one of the most horrific holocausts in modern times. Now with this new and more brazen attack upon a captive and defenseless people Israel has lost all rights to anything like ‘a legitimate state’ within the world community. If, in fact, Israel did not have the unrestrained support of the criminal-enterprise that is the current government of the USA – none of this could be taking place!”

In the last few days Israeli planes have been dropping leaflets again; warning the population that another attack is coming. Apparently the wider world has chosen not to pay much attention to this latest round of new belligerent-barbarity from the unfinished but still savage state of Israel.” (9)

By 2010 the subject of the relevance of the Constitution had arisen along with the literal back-story of the Zionists.

“As the world of 2011 begins to dawn we must focus on the differences between the savage dangers inherent in political rumors and what we have come to know in the mind’s eye as the Truth that can be both seen and heard through intuition, experience and the basic understanding of what must be basic to the continuance of our lives, if there is to be a society to live in at all.

…no one can ever guarantee anything to anyone else in the real world—because all of life is based on risk as well as change. So our lives in reality, while they are always at risk, should be based upon building a viable world that has a future. What we have apparently chosen instead is a world based upon WARS and the fortunes to be made in prosecuting these illegal and massively inhuman attacks upon those “not-chosen” by the barbaric creatures that set out to rule the planet in 1897.

“Without a modern State of Israel perspective, historians, scholars and researchers have spent half of the 20th Century writing hundreds of thousands of manuscripts, books, theses, dissertations, essays and journal submissions attempting to resolve the anomalies and inconsistencies of the events from 1897-1948.” (10)

Which brings us to the end of last year entitled “Endings.”

“In two days time the funeral for the United States will be complete. The gravestone should read Born 1776 – Died 2011. The cause of death was the total failure of the public to participate in any of the things that could have kept this nation alive. This is of course the same basic reason why every successful nation in the past also died; because of greed, corruption and lawlessness that in one way or another led to the death of so many billions of people; Only to know that the evil which conquered each and every viable state, would itself also be totally destroyed in the end—forcing the survivors to start all over again from the beginning…” (11)

Sorry for the length, but the murder of a nation tends to take up more space than just one column, this is the end of Part One.

Jim Kirwan

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