Killing Humanity For Fun & Profit

Since the end of WWII the scientific community has been effectively trying to split humanity into unsurvivable parts. Compartmentalization is no longer just something required in government, in corporate or in military organizations: The goal has always been to compartmentalize the entire human system to separate emotions from thought processes, our bodies from our minds, and our souls from our desires to own or conquer.

This is how “lemmings” are made; by subdividing each person into unrecognizable parts and then pitting those parts against each other in virtually every circumstance, every day.

In “law” for instance the entire process depends on eliminating all emotion from any aspect of the show-trials that are never about justice or law: Those contrived “show-trials” are only about a phony book of rules that have nothing to do with anything that actually happened because the courts (and the judges) have the privilege of deciding what can and cannot be entered into; during the course of the so-called trial which ironically makes the entire process into one giant LIE!

(The US Court system is based on English Maritime Law, and is performed by representatives of the Crown signified by the robes of the judge and the Maritime procedure indicated by the barrier between the court and the audience—all of which is part of USI and which has nothing to do with the USA. That is because under Maritime Law, persons are charged as individual corporate entities, each of which is registered with the government by our certificates of birth – and if you participate in such a trial you will lose your independence as a free individual, as distinct from your corporate personhood).

When watching any news reporting of any event, the public is encouraged to believe whatever is said by the commentator; and is never encouraged to dig-deeper for the truth of what they just saw a glimpse of. Between the siege of commercial ads (not allowed in other nations) and the extremely compressed “coverage” of anything that actually makes it into the totally owned media—most so-called stories are reduced to a phrase now, and sometimes even might merit a full sentence – hardly enough to inform anyone of anything that they might need to know about a world that is literally coming apart at the seems.

Yet despite all this pressure and all the obfuscation of the facts – ordinary lemmings just swallow it all whole, and move on or just get back to whatever they were doing to distract them from reality.

In matters of the heart things have also changed as well, thanks again to compartmentalization. Emotions have been the most frequently attacked aspect of humanity, for a very, very long time: Quite possibly because they contain the power to entirely alter everything in a split-second when those powerful feelings are actually listened to. This is the real reason why the NANNY-STATE exists to entirely neuter the passions and still the voices of dissent; as it takes over all the habits and words that might keep anyone free of the monsters that now tromp freely across our faces each and every day and night.

In Finance our brains have become separated from emotional connections to the point that sheer greed no longer gets analyzed, because that would interfere with spontaneous-acquisitions. So is it any wonder that so many got roped into so many transparently-criminal actions that have led directly to bankruptcy and collapse throughout the entire population? These are just a few of the side-effects of surrendering our real-selves to the criminally-corrupted sciences.

So after decades of this micro-surgery that goes largely undetected because for the most part it is not physical (Unlike getting chipped whenever you take the forced-vaccinations) or when they have begun to demand to have your biometric data added to your ID cards? In the end what this government is manipulating are just the left-overs of the real people that once inhabited our bodies—because the creatures that live in our houses and sleep in our beds are in reality no longer themselves they are merely lemmings-in-waiting on their way to extermination by design!

Not all of us got captured in that farce! What about you, whose side are you on? Will you just continue with what you are being programmed to do by every subliminal ad, or in every overt suggestion that appears everywhere now on public transportation? You KNOW that you still reject these false-flags of the government’s attempts to totally OWN your every thought or action—don’t you! So what happens between the disgust that comes up whenever you become aware of what they are trying to convince you of, and what you finally decide to do about any of it?

Here are a few thoughts you might want to consider while you ponder:

“Carry on shelling innocent children with your drones – no problem; because the more you do, the more defiant we will become.
Continue to fleece us with these ridiculous bills and general cost of living – no worries; because this will snap the sleepers out of their coma.

Proceed with your threats of war against Iran – no worries; because this will ‘finally’ engage all those political heads to see through your artificial politics and the fast of democracy.

Let the unemployment levels exponentially increase to a state worse than the 30′s – that’s OK; because this will be the final nail in the coffin for your credibility for the masses.

Go on, you just carry on arresting, and abusing innocent individuals for speaking up for their rights, their freedoms – that’ll be great; cause it will allow more and more and more people to come over to our side.

Don’t you stop your child-snatching, child abusing activities – just fine; because this will give us the drive, the impetus to stand up to you, no matter what threats you throw at us.

You just carry on with your propaganda, lies and deception – just dandy; as we are turning away from your nonsense, we have alternatives now. The cat is out the bag and for good this time.

No worries to all your satanic activities, because every step you take us towards your darkness, every death, every cruel act, every area of suffering, you will be adding to your demise. Every day your true ugly face is being exposed. Due to your activities people are finally ‘getting it’ and you are losing this battle. The true light is shining through. Consciousness is making a stand. Light will always dominate darkness. Goodness will always win over evil.

No worries” (1)

I have a suggestion for you. Look around – do you really NEED the approval of all the semi-robots that you see, everywhere you look!

What about what YOU want to do to that Big-Brother face, or to those EYES on the “SEE SOMETHING – SAY SOMETHING POSTER”?  You do KNOW the truth about the reason behind all of this artificial shit don’t you? Take eleven minutes and watch this brief video that puts an end to all the governmental bullshit about what really happened on 911. MOSSAD did 911 and not a bunch of Arabs from a cave inside Afghanistan—and Zionist Israel MUST PAY FOR THAT! (2)

And here’s one more key piece of evidence that you MUST begin to deal with.

‘In Indiana the Governor just signed a bill to allow people to protect themselves from the police, with firearms. The real protection (NOT MENTIONED herein) is for police officers to announce themselves and to get a warrant before they smash through your front door – that’s simple enough and it’s a LEGAL solution which should have prevented the NEED for this bill (except that the police no longer bother with warrants) However because cops have spit upon the law and began to treat citizens like animals in a kennel – there is a definite need for this bill: It cops die so be it, they were warned thousands of times before. Something like this could and does happen all the time but still the cops continue to spit upon the RIGHT of every citizen to SELF-DEFENSE, ESPECIALLY FROM THEM!  This new LAW should go VIRAL, and should be enacted in most of the still lingering other states… (3)

You are running out of time; why not THINK about that too, once in awhile!

Jim Kirwan

1) No Worries

2) Truth Behind 911 will annihilate Israel – 11 min video

3) Indiana Governor Signs Bill to allow Citizens to use deadly force

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