Imagining the Future Without Israel

Ambition & Mediocrity are the end-points that Israel has compressed into their cul-de-sac where nothing real can ever be allowed to live.

To each and every person on the planet, a world without Israel would bring a new gift of life and energy into the global sandbox of hatred and divisions, based upon unendingly-intricate levels of evil-secrecy: That dark shadow that has at its core; a false precondition based on an absolute command that demands total slavery from all people that are not of “the chosen race.”

That ‘future’ would be devoid of the United Nations, because without Zionist-Occupied Israel there would no longer be these deeply destructive global-wars that currently rage across the planet. Without the UN and all of its subversions of anything and everything that feeds real health or human-survival, over abject hatred and absolute submission to unrestricted global-Zionist-control, over all humanity: Finally the world could go back to ‘BEING ALIVE’ instead of having to live on the edge of so many open-air prison camps—that simply feed the FEAR and TERROR which is all the UN has ever done in the real world.

Think Bosnia, Haiti, Africa, indeed wherever that hated blue-helmet has gone; rape, pillage and plunder have always followed. And now we have Agenda 21 on steroids that has already begun to tax the United States into what will be absolute oblivion. Why is this?

Because the United Nations was created to give birth to Israel in 1948; and everything since that moment has led us to this impasse.

Without Israel most of the world could again sleep at night knowing that the major proponent of pure Evil was NO MORE! Israel was created to be the mote in the eye of God, the goat that would defile every other alter, anywhere on the earth—and for that reason alone she ought to be condemned—because each person has always had the right to their own beliefs. If there is Israel, then there are no human rights beyond the Dictates of Zion. If Israel survives then there will be only the sharp edges of razor-wire in black & white and “full-color-anywhere” will be outlawed around the world. (1)

On the literal side a reader said: “The media’s spoon feeding the masses a predigested future that is one of fear with a layered, stacked and continuous impending doom, introversion and political cognitive dissonance to keep us all introverted and helpless to the point of begging for the Zionists to take over our lives and every minute detail there of! In short the Z’s want us to believe our future is mental paralysis and submissive reality 24/7…

The Z’s can’t spike our food with enough chemicals, bombard us with enough microwave weapons, or trick-fuck our consciousness with fake news to keep some of us from waking & seeing an immediate future without them! Hence, drones, FEMA concentration camps and 450 million hollow points like rumors to scare us back into inaction and surrendering our personal will over to NWO/UN… Imagine a future without the Z’s!!!” Here is more on the 450 million hollow-points. (2)

To understand what the world could be like without Israel we need to go back to the way the world was BEFORE Israel. Was it perfect, was it fair, of course not; but neither was it locked into the darkest of powers that now control every aspect of it today.

The world has always been a very difficult and conflicted place, but for most conflicts and genuine disagreements there were also new possibilities to improve lives to actually be able to believe in some kind of actual future for ordinary people and for their children, regardless of nationality, race or creed: These “benefits” were not universal, and women are still second class in most places—racism and slavery are still active thorns in the side of humanity; but some progress was under way until the formal birth of Israel. That birth of the most-evil of seeds has set the world back thousands of years. We need to end this parasitic-cancer that lives upon the world and sucks the blood from everyone that seeks to LIVE!

Zionist-Israel is now almost completely surrounded by its own walls of steel, concrete & razor-wire. Clearly Israel stands AGAINST all of humanity now, while she continues to threaten many other nations, with thermonuclear-annihilation beyond her still unfinished borders.

Her borders she maintains are inviolate, and her every decree is meant to be absolutely obeyed, by the entire world that she detests! She is however still ‘INCOMPLETE’ only because she is still hell-bent on adding to her loot with other people’s nations and other peoples lives and property. (3)

Israel was also behind 911, the buildings were wired to explode by Israeli Mossad agents; and no nation, except USI, has profited more from the events of that day than has the global-capital of TREACHERY around the world—that would be Zionist-Occupied Israel! (4)

But there is some potentially good news now as well. There is a continuing-criminal-outrage that has been currently falling apart in recent days, with the resignations of over 400 of the criminal banking establishment’s elites – 200 of which have been arrested! This too may well turn out to contain a great many more Zionists than anyone would have expected… (5)

If this continues; then this beginning of the collapse of global finance, might well also mark a much deeper erosion of that DARKNESS that sits in the middle of the Middle-East as well. But either way, Israel must be ended because for people the world over—there is no-way that we or they can have a real world if Israel continues to survive…

Jim Kirwan

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5) Illuminati Cabal Flee by the Hundreds as Mass Arrests Await them from States Becoming Free from the FED – 15 min video

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