Forbidding Everything!

Two States are now deciding how to literally forbid Everything from having any effect upon the public in two states.

“Free-Market Analysis: These bills are all about the criminalizing of the Internet. Now that SOPA has been pushed back on the federal front, the action is turning to the states. The idea, in our view, is to whittle away at the Internet bit by bit. Create precedent at the state level and then move in again at the federal level.

The powers-that-be don’t like the Internet or what we call the Internet Reformation that has changed the context of the power debate in the US and throughout the world.

The Internet has exposed the memes of the elite, the dominant social themes that are used to promote world government by scaring people into cooperating with internationalist facilities like the UN.

The powers-that-be are using the same strategies as regards the Internet. They are trying to convince people that a series of organized electrons are as a dangerous as a dark alley on a bad side of town. The Internet needs to be seriously policed and criminalized.” (1)

Similar plans were announced for Arizona where this same plan awaits that Governor’s signature. (2)

However the real problems which this slipshod, shoot-from-the-hip legislation will create have yet to be even thought about much less discussed Because while these “LAWS” envision preventing anything coming from the Internet to interfere with any of the thoughts of their State’s (about-to-be) criminally-protected citizens: In reality this will go much, much further.

What about songs or music that falls into the same category? What about video games, graphic novels, books, movies, or even television? How will this affect the whole of the wider society, not just the damaged people that these noble legislators say that they MUST PROTECT? What about the commerce clause, will companies be charged because whatever they “sell” might adversely affect some moron living in outback Connecticut or the sandstorms of Phoenix?

As someone who has had his work banned by Oklahoma (Black Lizard Books were BANNED in Oklahoma because I did the covers) – I have to wonder how long will it be before instead of Tail-gate parties and night long conversations, in coffee shops or bars or just around the backyard Barbque—Amerikans will be reduced to book burning parties and the wholesale destruction of all those video-games and other CD’s because they might threaten the very delicate minds of either themselves or their precious offspring?

In California this week there was a mass killing of students on a Christian college campus where 7 people died because of a nut job that went berserk. How would these new bills have prevented that? Should the San Francisco Chronicle be liable because they ran stories about that shooting on their front page?

“04-03) 09:30 PDT OAKLAND — Hours after a gunman killed seven people at a small Christian college in Oakland, relatives gathered a few miles away to mourn Katleen Ping, 24, a school employee shot in Monday’s mass murder.

As he watched the Cartoon Network on television, Ping’s son, 4-year-old Kayzzer, didn’t understand what had happened. And no one around him seemed to know what to do about that.

“He doesn’t know,” said his anguished grandfather, Liberty Ping, as the little boy ducked behind the couch to hide and then scampered across the room on all fours. “He keeps asking everyone why they’re crying.”

In the next room, Katleen’s brother, Kaine Ping, wept as he looked at photos of his sister on a desktop computer.

Before the shooting at Oikos University, he said, his sister had been the stabilizing force not only for her young son, but for her whole family, which lives together on a tough block in East Oakland.

“She took care of us,” said Kaine Ping, 21.

“It’s hard to accept,” said Liberty Ping. “I could accept it maybe if she was (killed while) out driving or walking. But she was in the best place, the safest place – a school.” (3)

Apparently the legislatures in Arizona and Connecticut have not even bothered to read the First Amendment of the US Constitution – because everything they want to do with this Bill is in active VIOLATION of RIGHTS that are PROTECTED BY THE US Constitution. If this is signed in Arizona or passed in Connecticut then a lot of people around the world could be charged or possibly arrested—before the legitimacy of this new piece of The New World Order gets sorted out, by being challenged in Federal Court.

There is also a question of the time-line, regarding the difference between when something was written or created and whether or not  that “offending result” can then be used retrospectively to charge people for articles of commission BEFORE this bill became “Law”?

And of course that is the $64 Trillion dollar question – can a state make laws that trump the US Constitution? Obama has said that he has “no faith” in the Supreme Court because they are an unelected body: But Obama has more than faith in the UN which is not an elected body either—yet Obama has placed the national security of the United States at the mercy of that unelected body without bothering to consult with anyone (any elected-someone) about that! So what will government do now with this OBSENITY that flies in the face of everything this nation was suppose to stand for before Obama became our new dictator/GOD over the entire world?

Jim Kirwan

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Shooting Suspect felt Picked on

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