Secrets & the Silence

Our continued SILENCE only feeds the evil-hungers of those SECRETS that this nation holds, against the world, and that lingers for the moment between Resistance and Extermination; with extreme prejudice!

It is this litany of the so-called “national-security SECRETS” that we have pretended not to know—that is continuing to kill us all, second by second and minute by minute—until we decide to unmask the farce while we begin to shatter that ominous SILENCE that will be used to end so many lives…

This country was conned into thinking that there are hundreds of thousands of US troops here and now, that can be ordered out to enforce Obama’s limp-wristed orders. But Bush nationalized all the National Guards and requisitioned all their weapons, for his global colonial wars of occupation. The troops went into the meat-grinder and their equipment has been made useless as most of it died in far away wars. Now the US National Guard troops that were supposed to have been here on American soil as the last defense against a Treasonous Government are no longer here to protect the public from Obama’s Declaration of all out WAR upon the people of the United States. (1)

However, ironically, the memory of America’s traditionally defensive troops (the National Guard) that should have been here during Katrina and now for Obama’s paper WAR for which he can produce no known facts—is also what comes to mind whenever the government begins to talk about disarming the people of this country: But those troops are NOT HERE, and THERE IS NO WAR, except in this Government’s twisted view of ordinary Americans; because this government is TERRIFIED that the public will very soon figure it all out and come looking for those that designed this TREASON.

Bottom line is the government wants the public to still envision those hundreds of thousands of national guard troops in each state that could be available to the government to disarm the public—which CANNOT HAPPEN because whatever is left of the US National guard units are overseas having the shit kicked out of them for the privatized-corporate-profits of the war-profiteers that created these wars in the first place. There is one unit that was literally sold to the UN The entire 5th Army of 20,000 troops. But that is hardly a drop in the bucked against 450,000 weapons in the hands of US citizens. So, here in the US all that is left to carry out the disarming of the entire nation are a few overweight pigs that couldn’t run three blocks without having heart attacks. There is NO BACKUP for these DHS thugs, and they could not fight a week long siege against the public if their very lives depended on it, which in actuality it does!

Incidentally there is still the DRAFT to come, maybe that’s who will be armed with these new and more deadly weapons, upon pain of death because draftees are notorious for failing to follow orders—but we are out of people and now we have no one else to turn to?

Consequently this vile government is trying to combine facts that don’t add up to try and scare the public into simply surrendering their arms, to a force that in reality does NOT have the power to physically take our weapons away from us—unless we let them do it. In addition to all their recent purchasing of hollow-point bullets the government now has over 100,000 drones in service around the planet – 30,000 of which are supposed to be used inside the USA. The director of the center where the Drones are directed from insists that the Drones are not robots.

The Director of Training for these Drones says: “There’s always going to be a human crew controlling the aeroplane,” he said, explaining why he preferred the term ‘remotely piloted aircraft’ to ‘drone’.”

So this means that every flight has a flight-log behind it and there is (or should be) total-accountability for each and every action taken by these “remotely piloted aircraft” just as we would hold ordinary pilots accountable for bombing the wrong target or killing large numbers of civilians that had nothing to do with any particular war. (2)

This brings us to Pakistan today and this story in the Washington Post:

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — An avalanche buried 117 Pakistani soldiers at a major army base on a Himalayan glacier close to India on Saturday, military officials said. The death toll was not immediately known. Officials said rescue efforts were underway at the Siachen Glacier with tracking dogs, helicopters and snowmobiles.  “It is feared that maybe it will become one of the major incidents” in terms of weather-related disasters in the remote, frigid region, said Major Gen. Athar Abbas, a military spokesman in Islamabad.” (3)

It is no secret that Pakistan has been nothing but trouble for the USA ever since they blocked that Chevron oil pipeline coming from Afghanistan to the open ocean. And for the last two years we have been killing Pakistani troops as well as civilians at an alarming rate, even for us—as sloppy as we have been about who just happens to get killed whenever we invade any country anywhere—and as Pakistan borders Afghanistan, we have been making life hell for civilians and the military alike. So why would we NOT see to it that an avalanche just happened to bury over a hundred Pakistani soldiers?

All we have to do to prove to the world that this did NOT happen is open the logs which are kept here in the US, on every flight of every pilot-directed aircraft flown in that region – and that would PROVE THAT the US did not do it—good luck on getting any cooperation there! But then, “if we have done nothing wrong—then we have nothing to fear” by opening the books on what our pilot-directed aircraft have been doing – yes!

Obama is a lying sack of human waste and he needs to be publicly called out; on everything he’s done since January 1, 2012. We can no longer pretend that there is nothing massively WRONG with EVERYTHING IN THIS COUNTRY, from the Supreme Court & the Congress thru the Tarnished House—anymore!

This country has become nothing more than a holding pen for the ritualized slaughter of its own population. That can only be changed, if the public stops being nothing more than an obedient-and-complicit-audience for the massive crimes this government has committed to date, but most especially for the war-crimes they plan to commit tomorrow.

If we can be charged with THOUGHT-CRIMES, then so can the government: Especially given the massive amounts of evidence we have amassed from the 40 million body bags they already purchased to the hundreds of FEMA Camps, all the way to the nearly one billion illegal bullets that they have purchased and for which they will NOT answer ANY questions about!

How about it people, what will it take to get you to stand up and scream “NO WAY, NO MORE”! Give us verifiable answers or face life in prison at the very least! Fail to do anything and your tomorrows might suddenly become very grim indeed. . . given the global situation that will be the backdrop for this unthinkable act you seem to be planning in the middle of a global-financial meltdown and the end of the tentative peace in what’s left of the Middle-East.

End the SILENCE NOW, AND OPEN THE SECRETS that have tortured the world for far too long or face the consequences sooner than you might think.

We must remember that this government has no end of creative ways to kill anyone that resists them, that’s just a fact. They can easily put a bullet through anyone’s skull, or condemn them to a life of torture at their will (In SECRET of course); but think of how many people whose lives they have already ended—how can you continue to run away from this; knowing as you MUST that they will never change or ever stop—until we stop them where they stand. This is not heroic or patriotic this is just what must be done by all of us that care about having any form of a tomorrow ever again!

Jim Kirwan

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3) Himalayan avalanche buried 117 Pakistani troops, army says

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