Suzanne Collins has just given the world a fantastic new gift. Her most recent work, a trilogy, that began with The Hunger Games has created something that no one since George Orwell has even remotely undertaken. There was one other that comes to mind before Orwell, which was “Lord of the Rings.” But in both of these cases their vehicle which was to have been “film,” but the subtleties were removed and the real points behind the work was obscured. With Orwell it was to WARN the world about the coming of the Fourth Reich, and with Lord of the Rings it was the Third Reich) – but since both films leaned away from direct associations with current political events: They failed.

The Hunger Games however are off to a really fantastic beginning! The film was just another Hollywood-butchery of just another book in terms of what it was meant to say to the reader-viewer. The message in the book is far superior and much more in-depth. But they KNEW this and when the reading public bitched about the differences ‘someone’ had to issue a new paperback that describes the film for the first book (The Hunger Games). That’s the first time that any publisher has apparently had to do that, because of the differences between the film and the book – that the film was supposedly made from – as far as I know. In this case the lie they end with in the film would destroy the context for the trilogy, so that they had to do this or remake the ending for the already released film…

The fact that this had to be done shows how powerfully accepted this trilogy has already become, even though only the first book is available in paperback, all three hardbacks are now available in print.

Suzanne’s story takes the reader through a 21st century world that we are about to create sometime very soon. In Suzanne’s world this country (70 plus years from now) is divided into twelve Districts, just as this map above from the UN shows—however in her story the zones are not located in the same places as they are today. This map was created by the United Nations, but the premise for her story is set against a one-world government, just like our coming segregation above refers to.

The trilogy is multi-leveled in both the content and the challenges it sets forth; but it’s almost an exact match for what on-line readers and commentators still face in the world of today. There is a common everyday world, overlaid by political imprisonment and isolation through an invisible nationwide compartmentalization that attempts to keep each and every sector completely in the dark, about “realities in the world of the Capitol.” Technically this ‘reality’ is supposed to apply to all of us: All of us get the punishments, but the 1% is never punished for anything and they get all the PROFITS, just like the situation in these books. But in reality these twelve economic-ZONES are nothing but massive, open-air state prisons. And each sector specializes in producing something major for the now conquered and totally controlled “STATE.”

And of course there is also the underlying sea of ever-changing lies, beneath, behind and above all of it, which is what makes trying to figure out what to do (ever), so damned difficult; both for the characters in the book and especially for those of us wrestling with what the hell is really happening to us now?

In “CATCHING FIRE,” the second book, the basics behind Israel’s Motto are revealed “By Way of Deception we shall do War!

The entire infrastructure of this diabolical political-weapon (Of today) begins to be deconstructed through the pages of this trilogy for young “adults.” This involves determining the actual differences (in life today) between what “Is REAL or not REAL” and the multiplicity of ways that these things can be determined, in our current situation.

By the time we get into book three,”MOCKINGJAY” we can easily see how these characters in the book are living through the most intensively scrutinized populations of today—because they KNOW that every word and every gesture is being watched, recorded and that everything they do will be answerable to; exactly as every American now is also subject to—thanks to the dozens of layers of spying and coercion that is the only basis for our continued existence’s in everyday life today. The public could learn a great deal about how to overcome this seemingly all-powerful advantage which the current global-world-powers are seeking to maintain–provided that they can apply their own knowledge to the obvious conditions today…

There are however real costs affiliated with what is being done to all of us. The breakthrough comes once the characters recognize that every thing they actually do complicates their lives because in reality we are just pawns, doing what these dark powers have decided we need to do just to stay alive. This is the substance beneath what all the power-players of today are still trying to keep SECRET from the rest of us. But as we discover the true costs to ourselves and our families; for these puppet-like actions they want to force us into taking: We learn that there will always be a price for every decision we either make or fail to make. This very real problem is what keeps Amerikans silent, and what makes us reluctant to challenge the things we must challenge if we are ever to take back our own ability to make up our own minds; about literally everything in the existences we are “ALLOWED” to keep.

Of course the key to everything is to be able to KNOW who is real and who is lying: Throughout the entire nightmare which our very lives have now become—because the uprisings both in the trilogy and here in the real world have already begun. It is our job to discover the truth about these uprisings and spread it!

Wars are very tricky undertakings; and to discern what is really going on we must begin to dig out the truth and follow the facts, the best way we can: Because only in that way can we possibly understand which way to move. For instance the books bring up some things I’m uncertain of, as to whether or not they might actually be factual. ‘The nuclear releases of radiation going into the atmosphere might soon force changes in the effectiveness of our weapons systems themselves, in addition to the incalculable damage to the environment itself.

Could this be one of the reasons for the sudden development and deployment of the now 100,000 drones in use today; which includes the 30,000 that have been given over to patrolling the USA itself? Or might this be part of the reason for the 64,000 Black Helicopters?

“The black helicopters. There are over 64,000 black helicopters in the United States. For every hour that goes by, there is one being built. What does the federal government need 64,000 tactical helicopters for, if they are not trying to enslave us. I doubt if the entire military needs 64,000 worldwide. I doubt if all the world needs that many. There are 157 F-117A stealth aircraft loaded with LIDAR and computer-enhanced imaging radar. They can see you walking from room to room when they fly over your house. They see objects in the house from the air with a variation limit of 1 inch to 30,000 miles. That’s how accurate that is. Now, I worked in the federal government for a long time, and I know exactly how they handle their business. Deep Underground Military Bases and the Black Budget—Phil Schneider’s last lecture of 1995” (1)

In addition to all of the various new purchases of hollow-point weapons so far we now have another 326,000 bullets that USDA says they “NEED.” (2)

What the public does not know is that, as one reader says: “Take a jacketed 357, 40, 45, etc and a very small drill bit and the fucking thing will rip open anything just like a hollow point. Mid-west style. Or that “They better watch out because if people believe that if a cop is going to pull you over you will always get a ticket get arrested, tortured or killed for some trumped up charge, it will be Oklahoma in the 50’s all over again. The cops then died, because they were trying to hide their true identity from people illegally, so when the Oakies began shooting back and killing cops, that forced the police to change their tactics. (No more unmarked cars)

In book three there is this example which perfectly describes most of us today who are trying to wrestle with “What’s Going On” (3)

“Crazy Cat becomes a metaphor for my situation. (The heroine has a flashlight and is playing with the cat) I am Buttercup (the cat). The thing I want to secure is the light. (The light in this case is a metaphor for the treason and the tyranny that is loose everywhere now.) As long as Buttercup feels he has the chance of catching the elusive light, under his paws, he’s bristling with aggression. When the light goes out completely, Buttercup’s temporarily distraught and confused, but he recovers and moves on to other things. But the one thing that sends Buttercup into a tailspin is when I leave the light on but put it hopelessly out of his reach, high on the wall, beyond even his jumping skills. He paces below the walls and wails and can’t be comforted or distracted. He’s useless until I shut the light off.”

Does this not perfectly describe what happens to those who are passionate about trying to alter the global-situation, when we cannot get the truth about anything that is going on anywhere today? We must stop being distracted by the virtual sea of lies we have to swim through each and every day—we need to cut to the chase and begin to initiate our own agenda instead of remaining puppets in yet another one of their criminally flawed plays in which we are the pawns and they portray themselves as the chess masters? Surely we are smarter than Buttercup, (this cat)  that suffers so much from his failure to differentiate?

In the Acknowledgements Collins says this: “Special Love to my late father, Michael Collins, who laid the groundwork for this series with deep commitment to educating his children on war and peace, and my mother, Jane Collins, who introduced me to the Greeks, sci-fi and fashion ~ and the many members of my extended family whose enthusiasm and support have kept me going.

And finally, I turn to my husband, Cap Pryor, who read the Hunger Games in its earliest draft, insisted on answers to questions I hadn’t even imagined, and remained my sounding board through the entire series.”

For this generation of those that will have to be the fighters that will transform this work of fiction into a simplified-guide to bringing down the edifice of all the lies that have nearly finished strangling the planet – Welcome to the WAR! Because if we are to win this time it will have to be because there are people like Cap Pryor and the hundreds of others who will join with Wordslingers the world over who have tried to keep the torch of freedom burning, through this nightmare, that would enshrine their darkness throughout all the time remaining in our collective history…

Jim Kirwan

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