The Blood of Patriots & Tyrants

This involves both of the above topics and goes something like this:

‘The tree of Liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the Blood of Patriots & Tyrants.’

But in this case, what’s happening to America now—because the public is terrified of losing anything in this cause (as Patriots); they appear to have forgotten all about the second half of that phrase—the tyrants. This was designed to be this way and so far at least this has worked, because too few have chosen to take on the Goliath’s they have on their side, at the moment.

One such case in point is something that just happened to me in regard to the last article that did not make to publication – anywhere except on my site. It seems that ATT decided that my work is nothing but SPAM and

must be limited to a fraction of the normal amount of space that I’ve been working with for the last 25 years. The ‘rules’ were changed for me by yahoo, something I don’t subscribe to but which is owned by ATT and is forced upon ATT users as a meaningless backup email system that stores the messages sent in case the primary system breaks down.

After I was a guest on RBN I tried to forward an MP3 recording of that hour to for informational purposes. Yahoo cut into that transmission and cut the MP3 into two parts that were unreadable upon arrival, and according to others that received there were viruses attached to that submission. When this happened I called AT&T tech services to fix whatever was obviously wrong with my computer. Here is what happened, in my own words, which since I cannot communicate in writing to AT&T I thought I’d share with my readers.

#A 1507xxx

I am writing to you because apparently you still have no idea as to what has happened to my system, my computer, or to my submissions; thanks to your complete incompetence in dealing with my problems. I’m writing to you this way because there is no way I can communicate with you by email.

I called tech services because I was having trouble with email. Over my objections your operator transferred me to REMOTE SERVICES. I was told that would take ‘from 3 to 5’  minutes – it took almost an hour. When I finally got a tech he was incompetent, and completely failed to correspond with me in a timely way to my ongoing objections to what he chose to do (without my permission).

He continued to do what he was doing not with my primary email, windows mail, but with Yahoo Mail; which I only use as a backup when I leave town, because as an email service it is despicable. The parameters for yahoo Mail are not the same as they are for windows mail – so he switched my service over to something that will not and cannot send what I routinely have sent since I’ve had an account – first with Pacific Bell, then SBC, and now with AT&T (25 years in all).

I was informed that new limits have been placed on my ability to use email; which skews what I do (illustrated articles – six days a week). I was then INFORMED THAT MY WORK HAS BEEN CLASSIFIED AS SPAM, WHICH IS NOT TRUE. In the meantime the tech flooded my regular email with a thousand worthless copies of email that I neither needed nor wanted. And after I informed him that he had just made the problem I called about much worse – he refused to undo what he had done. I then asked for a supervisor, and he ignored my request. He then began loading trinkets from yahoo and again I told him in no uncertain terms to cease what he was doing. I again asked him for a Supervisor – still no response.

Altogether I asked three times for a Supervisor and when I finally got one, my fire walls had been down for over three hours. Krista (a Remote Services Supervisor) took over. Krista assured me that my problem would now take a lot more time, as their policies needed to be clarified. So they would need three more days to correct what they had done so that she could not get back to me until 4 pm on the following day (Saturday). When she failed to call me, I called ATT tech services back, but that operator after hearing that I wanted to speak to a supervisor—hung up on me.

The next call I made, again to tech services support, resulted in an unnamed operator telling me that three more days were now required to address my problems.

Today my system crashed again. I’ll be calling you back soon, because now there were 147 Malware infections in my system that are only there because all told, my fire walls were down for over four hours due to your incompetence. And because my last submission arrived this-way 24 hours after I sent it:

“Hi Jim
I’ve received two emails here from you that for some reason are turning up in a strange format, my email is splitting them both into parts, filled with compu-gibberish.”

This is not satisfactory – it is illegal censorship of my work, and that was never the case before. It also amounts to FRAUD and it violates prior restraint rules that I have no control over. You cannot change the rules after I have paid for something that I no longer get – and with no notice at all to me, so that I could’ve changed the service to something that does not practice outright CENSORSHIP. I know this to be the case because the same email went thru just fine to dozens of other people – (in the case of the last submission to that was blocked there.

There is NO EXCUSE FOR THIS KIND OF TREATMENT. I have tried to tell you and your personnel about these problems but since your employees apparently do not understand plain English – all I get are worthless apologies and more delays; this is not the service I am paying extra for;  which supposedly GUARANTEED MY TOTAL SATISFACTION, each and every time I call.

Four or five days without access to a site that posts my work does not constitute satisfaction, especially while the blockages continue on my account, but ONLY to addresses that are going to post my work!

ATT hosts my website & I pay for 2-wire, as well as other services monthly. I expect you to stand behind the services I pay for, and when you said that a) I cannot cancel the contract that supposedly guarantees my satisfaction: and b) that when you do not perform the services I called to get there is no price to be paid for that by ATT. What this means is that there is a real problem.

At the end of Krista’s watch I asked that my service be reinstated to the condition it was in before I asked for help – and that was when we suddenly had “a problem”! Remote services uses a box that I clients can use to remotely-talk to the tech on – but the tech failed to even notice what I was saying to him and the supposed Supervisor was no help either. This arrangement depends upon TRUST, but that is worthless because there is apparently no penalty when you (ATT) break with the terms of that contract, which I am forced to pay for. I pay for Premium Services because that way I can actually speak to a person so that none of the above can actually happen – but pleading overloaded phones you insist on transferring me to that shitty second-class service with no reduction in the amount I pay you monthly. Apparently I have NO SAY at all about what ever the tech chooses to do to me, with the firewalls down and open to the world. So I obviously cannot trust my computer and its contents to strangers with whom I cannot communicate and who insists on doing the things I expressly forbid them to do to my system.

Krista says that he (the tech) is the best tech she has – I DISSAGREE! I have spent years and tens of thousands of dollars creating a reputation that in an eyeblink you have tried to stop with illegal censorship based on rulings you created because you want to have people pay the same price for a service that is not large enough to accommodate much more than a note on Twitter or TWEET – for the same price as a full service email service.

This obscenity will cost you real money if this is not satisfactorily concluded.  AT&T violated the trust of its customers first when you allowed the government access to all your customers’ accounts, even though that was illegal back in February of 2001. That too is part of these “DECISIONS” that you as the owner of Yahoo have chosen to make. Yahoo is garbage, and is about to go under because their service is well below useful. The same thing also happened to AOL, which I helped to end. And the way ATT is going now it looks like you are headed down the same road – because you are promising services which you will not deliver and which you cannot be trusted to perform…

I want this problem fixed TODAY – what say you AT&T?

The other difficulty with what’s going on now is equally ugly. This is Income Tax day; and millions of robotic Amerikans are routinely paying their taxes; without even asking themselves what they are getting for that money? The short answer is NOTHING. But the longer answer involves what the government is actually doing to those that are paying them the taxes which the government demands.

All your rights have been violated and all your privileges as adult human beings have been stolen. The same government you are paying taxes to has decided that anyone can be arrested, tortured, held in indefinite detention or killed at the whim of the government—and still you chose to pay your taxes—in the middle of an election year where the dictator that is leading this police-state, is also running for re-election! How can this be? Has the public lost its collective mind entirely!

One of the other things that we have lost is our supposed right to representation in the affairs of this government—but all of that has been canceled while the government in collusion with these bastards that have sent your loved ones out time after time to be slaughtered in illegal and unilateral wars that have crippled and killed thousands of our own troops and have also killed millions of innocent civilians. (1)

And on top of all that apparently we have forgotten the Battlecry from the Revolutionary WAR, which also involved illegal taxes.


And since that is true, what about allowing this government to just CENSOR or obliterate any and all who disagree with whatever they choose to do!

Jim Kirwan

1) Jewish at the Root: Iraq’s Destruction, Hell Weapons, Hatred, Networking and the Interconnectedness of it all?

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