Justifying Tomorrow

Nine-Eleven was needed to open the floodgates for war-profiteering and a whole new round of colonial oppression. Once 911 happened “justifications’ became the basis for all the tyranny and treason that followed. Nothing that we had before 911 could be allowed to remain untouched as a part of this place—because “we were attacked.”

The Republic was murdered, the Constitution was shredded and for the last few years the public has been targeted as never before. Today we have been ordered to OBEY and to UNCONDITIONALLY SURRENDER ourselves to the Police-State or face ‘indefinite detention,’ torture and quite possibly death.

Now we are moving-on into the next phase that promises to bring TSA into City BUSES, soon to be followed by TRAINS, and CHECKPOINTS nationwide. Why else would the government be arming an illegal and feral police force while purchasing portable and bulletproof checkpoints, along with enough hollow-point ammunition to kill every person here twice over? Why would America need to have checkpoints on our roads our buses or our trains?

To fill this void in national-security-policy, a new phase of attacks on Americans on American soil is being secretly called for; otherwise the public might just begin to connect the dots even if they were afraid to do that before. Their new-plan is needed to justify the next coming series of crimes which Israel and USI demonstrated for us when they committed 911 on US soil. Just look at what this government is putting your money into now—in what they are buying! (1)

WHY are they doing this when there is absolutely no justification for any of it”! Since 911 there has not been a single follow-on event to justify TSA—except for the FBI-Mossad-joint exercises that were all sting operations which FAILED to convince anyone of anything except that both agencies are complicit in the WAR on AMERICANS.These failed efforts were meant to convince the public that some real danger to airline passengers still exists but 62,000 TSA agents have only succeeded in proving that this too is a LIE—because no real danger ever existed, except for the one which the government presents everyday to all of us!

So now we are expected to just lie down and wait to be searched, threatened and arrested on the buses, and soon on the trains and at checkpoints because we are all suppose to believe that most of us are terrorists, but for certain all of us have been officially targeted as potential ENEMIES of the STATE – based on nothing whatsoever by way of any proof at all. (2)

What still remains to be done is for the government and its Zionist allies to plant some bombs with timing devices on some buses or trains, (they don’t need suicide bombers if they use timers) or possibly in a few eighteen wheelers – to create the latest form of the terror that they have been telling us exists. (Via television programming, mass-media and thru the traitors that are running for president). How many million videos and TV programs have you seen justifying an overwhelming number of thugs-in-uniform kicking in doors to “get the bad guys”! And then how many more programs that portray the morally conflicted prosecutors, judges and virtually everyone that has been involved in the takeover and sale of American prisons to CCA and their private interests, for per-head profits that are suppose to convince the public that the nation is safe because we have locked up so many people, mostly for non-violent and victimless crimes – that the public should feel safe at night?

This government is just a lottery that specializes in selling off every institution and national-resource this country ever had. And now to keep that place at the top viable they have been reduced to planting-bombs in order to kill more Americans to justify the next phase in the LOCKDOWN of AMERICA.

Remember that this government has not only planned such things before (Operation North Woods & others) where the motivation point was to feature the murder of Americans in order to blame someone else for the crime and cause the public to become enraged without asking any questions that might have revealed who really did the crime—they did that on 911 by calling it an attack instead of what it was: A MASSIVE-CRIME (crimes have to be investigated and evidence needs to be produced—a military attack does not). The coming “NEXT TIME” will be no different and that is what all the ammo and bullet-proof check points are for.

Government & their black-ops friends, with hands-on cooperation from the FBI and the ATF, directed by Janet Reno, who lost her nerve, and gave the job of using flame-throwing tanks to burn down the Branch Davidians at WACO to Hillary Clinton, who gave that order. That was followed up by Oklahoma City, another botched job by the same people. And then of course they moved on to do 911.

These people have to be STOPPED, and only we can do it by refusing to accept what they have called their “New Laws” that are nothing more than a wish-list which has no basis in settled law: War or no WAR. In fact the rights of Americans during wartime are even more important than they are when there is no war—and yet that is what we have collectively given up to supposedly “BE SAFE.” And of course now we are neither free nor safe because we refuse to recognize the above and we will NOT fight, until they get to our very own front doors—which is not good enough—not now when they have made everything so crystal clear that only a moron could choose not to react!

Jim Kirwan

1) What’s the government buying these days?

2) What’s Going On!


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