Cutting California’s Courts

There was an article in yesterday’s SF Examiner by Christopher B. Dolan, Page 11, which was not given a URL by the newspaper. The title of the article was “Community tells City Hall no courtrooms mean no peace”, here are some excerpts:

“There was a rally at city hall on Wednesday; No Courts, NO Justice, No Freedom” – (led by the people that most rallies are held to object to). “The court budget , allocated to protect the rights of 38 million Californians is controlled by the Legislature. Therefore, one branch can cut the other (hardly co-equal). In these times, when the courts are needed most to protect citizens ~ the court budget has been cut 25 percent. ~ No courtroom, no justice. It is just that simple.”

As the US has learned – as California goes –so goes the nation!

If this spreads, or if it is allowed to stand in California, then everything is over with. As someone pointed out yesterday since most of what the courts are used for now is to allow corporations to sue other corporations (because of their personhood standing); maybe now we shall all be returning to the days of the Wild, Wild West where every person needs to be their own judge, jury and personal-protector whenever there is any dispute about anything that requires some kind of actual settlement?

Without an active and honest court system—then for certain there can be no justice and no peace until the public’s legal voice is restored, at least symbolically! This article was written by a lawyer, but I doubt that it was legal for one branch of the three that makes possible the existence of the Republic, to remove either of the other two without the full consent of the public that is dependent upon all three branches being operative. And since it was the legislature that screwed up the budget so badly in the first place it is they who should be cut, and not the courts.

Afterall the legislative branch has ceased speaking either for or to the people they supposedly represent at least since the New Millennium began. Consistently the Legislature has avoided making hard choices (in California) choosing instead to allow public referendums to be passed straight into law—and with all of the ballot boxes being rigged—what we have now is anarchy by fraudulent votes of the supposed-public in the true absence of any legislative-responsibility.

Jim Kirwan


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