The 44th Anniversary

The Convention in Chicago celebrating the G-8 meeting that will applaud the globalists most-filthy rich, will mark the forty-fourth year since America lost its right to free political speech which just happens to have happened in Chicago at the Democratic National Convention in 1968.
Today we have another chance to use THOUGHT & ACTION respectively to create a reversal of what happened way back then.

In 1968 Mayor Daley’s thugs beat the shit out of national reporters on the streets and inside the convention hall. That all took place on camera in 1968, and was broadcast live: But there were no recriminations against the “authorities” that were massively out-of-control – which gave rise to the actual POLICE-STATE that we are living in now.

As I suggested yesterday, if the people living in Chicago just leave town or stay in their homes for the entire three days of rage; then all that firepower will have no one but the professional trouble-makers to murder. (1)

However if those working the convention could also be persuaded to just stay home, then this convention would simply collapse as none of them has ever done before.

If the bartenders, the waitress, the cooks and chefs, the hookers and the parking attendants were all to just fail to show up: the Convention would become an instant failure. I know that the almighty buck is a huge temptation but how many will actually want to work for the extra bucks if they know that they will all be targeted by Amerika’s most aggressive “protective-forces” that will include armed drones, militarized police and probably bulletproof checkpoint stations along with heavily armored fencing? Is your life really that cheap that you would be willing to die to serve the world’s scummiest people for just a few hours of your irreplaceable time? Why don’t we set the agenda this time by “WITHHOLDING our SERVICES.”

Think about it people! Because we KNOW that traditional demonstrations have always FAILED and have only managed to get us arrested, brutalized or killed – and we have NEVER succeeded whenever we have used that approach: So why not try something else this time? This government as George Carlin said “does not give a FCK about you or me, they don’t care about you, they don’t give a fck about you,” and they never have!


 “It is obvious the President has taken drastically measures to grab power that is not rightfully his. You look at the latest executive order call National Defense Resource Preparedness that is the takeover of every piece of infrastructure within the United States. We have the NDAA, which eliminates Habeas Corpus that authorizes the US Military to detain people indefinitely without charge on a hunch; He has almost everything in place to make an attempt top crack down on the American population.

He has tried to through his Justice Department to stir up racial strife over the Treyvon Martin case. This has failed miserably because many black Americans have awoken to the race pimps and the agitators trying to stir the pot. They tried to have the Black panthers and the White Supremacy groups out there trying to provoke an incident to start a race war to justify the President declaring a national emergency so he can implement Martial law under FEMA.

The President is desperate to clamp down on the American people. Now I hear that agent provocateurs will be in Chicago for the NATO conference. The windy city were corruption is rampant were Obama has his beginnings in politics. This is the city also where the President’s former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel is now the Mayor presiding over one of the most corrupt political machines in the nation. I can see riots being staged by foundation paid anarchist while the police stand down like happened at the WTO conference in Seattle in the late 1990s to demonize the peaceful protesters.

Obama though Operation Fast and Furious tried to attack the second Amendment’s right to keep and bear arms by shipping guns into Mexico giving them to the drug cartels to start border wars to blame law abiding gun owners for the deaths has backfired. He was hoping he could confiscate the guns using this false flag attack on our right to self-defense by owning firearms. Now people are now accelerating the sale of firearms to 1.5 million sales a month now to 5 to 7 million a month in gun sales. The reason why people are buying guns is the economic implosion and they plain old do not trust Obama and the government.

I really think this President has taken off more then he can chew. I do not think he will not be able to disarm the people. A good portion of the Police or Military will not go along with his orders. Many county Sheriffs will not comply with DHS directives or his bogus national emergency. If Obama tries to create chaos to crack down on the American people with any excuse he can use. His next move forward trying to install a hot tyranny will be enough excuse for the American people to push him back.

Obama has shown his hand for what he really is all about and his real agenda. He wants to start the red terror as it was done in Russia in the 1920s. It will not happen. The only chaos that will happen is he and his minions running to air force one to escape to Kenya. Order out of chaos will not work here when everyone knows what he is trying to do. Too many Americans know too much.

If Obama tries to implement Martial law, he will be pushed back, when that happens, it will too late when the President and his global masters have bitten off more then what they can chew. They can use science and psychology to try to manipulate the people. No matter how much they try to control the minds of people. The human spirit to be free always will prevail when good triumphs over evil. American as a republic will survive.”

America needs to build upon her most basic traditions, even the ones that have been besmirched by decades of denial and abuse. Among those damaged principles are the personal revolt against slavery in all its forms, and the right to speak and act free from government intervention—especially during a supposed “Time of WAR.” These people that have stolen this country are not GODS, they are extremely flawed outlaws, and they are racists, sexists and bigoted-bastards that know exactly what they are trying to force to happen to not just the USA but to the entire globe.

“WE” as individuals united by a common humanity are all that stands between them and the total chaos which they seek to implement sooner rather than later.

It’s our turn to make the difference now, before it’s too late to continue any longer! Why not at least try this—at least we will have a real chance to completely reverse these unacceptable circumstances – and we could mock their attempt to turn the forty-fourth anniversary of our loss of freedoms into the celebration of their own failures across the board?

Jim Kirwan

1) The Yellow Brick Road

2) Obama: Creating Chaos to Bring In Martial Law


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