The flight of the Phoenix, a humanist symbol of resurrection that forever blazes its own paths through whatever wilderness we might encounter. Legend has it that the Phoenix is reborn from its own ashes every five-hundred years. But in the accelerated times in which we now live, a whole lifetime can be completely consumed in just one year. That is how squeezed our lives have become: So perhaps this is the renewal of humanity in our never-ending struggle against the ever-present evils in this world.

The series began with the Plight-of-the-Tribute in a degrading tale of people isolated and compartmentalized in the face of a power so awesome that it was thought to be immune to attack, or even just to ordinary rebellions. The books began with tales of a people without a basis for even a soul, a conscience, or even a personal course that might have guided them out of all the criminal-constructs that you and I are living in right now. What that future looked to, to control everything and everyone at the moment, is nothing short of the global-enslavement of billions of people with which we still must share this planet with.

Ironically it is this hyper-compartmentalism, coupled with total TERROR that is being used to so thoroughly to attempt to isolate us all, but that in the end will be used against those that set all of this up back in 2001. For the seeds of the destruction of absolute-power are ever-present in that artificial-creation—even from its very remote beginnings—thousands of years ago.

If we who are reading this triptych by Suzanne Collins have carefully decoded what she came to say; then maybe with Collins’ look ahead; to just after the Fall of Humanity which might well take us to that place where we can resolve this dilemma before it needs to happen? The world needs finality this time; in direct proportion to our success in terminating Zionism for all time. Because without this ever-devouring parasite of ‘global-entitlement’ that overhangs our every move—the world might just be able to finally break-free from this time-lock of global-control that has locked us all into the out-moded world of fossil-fuels and WMD; administered by robotic slaves that have no “self” to guide them.

When the light bulb was created we did not outlaw it and retain our dependence upon oil lamps and candles—in fact just the opposite happened we actually moved forward into the future of electricity, thermal power and finally into space where all our contemporary miniaturizations got their start: Only to now be told that “space & the Hubble-Telescope are no longer necessary or profitable ventures for humanity to be involved in.” When the motor car was created we did not outlaw it and continue with horsepower and buggy’s—no we moved ahead. When the telephone replaced the telegraph, we did not choose to keep the telegraph and dump the telephone—no we did just the opposite—the same thing happened between radio and television. The ONLY exception to the march of human progress came when the elites managed to lock up the global production, refinement and distribution for all the gas & oil around the entire planet.

When nuclear power was ‘created’ did we hasten to make it safe? NO! Instead we used it to block research into wave power, thermal power, and other non-polluting, non-lethal energy that could have easily been almost free to everyone on the planet. We also used it to infuse our weapons with evermore deadly firepower. All of this was in complete-compliance to the demands made by the global-elite, in their orgy of full-spectrum dominance that promises to destroy even the survivability of the planet itself as a safe-haven for ordinary people to live with. The one other thing that we have NOT done, by design, is that we have steadfastly refused to produce a carburetor that could easily get 100 miles to the gallon—because that would cut into the oil companies profits and reduce the need for the outrageously priced amounts of the fuel we are sending tens of thousands to die for; while in reality we are literally drowning in excessive amounts of that same fuel; in order to drive up all the prices for everything from medicine, to fuel, to food.

This we have done already: And it was not done in secret, but rather this full-spectrum dominance was undertaken as “NECESSARY” to the national security of the nation (nothing could be further from the truth) than that!

It is no wonder that the so-called owners of the globe are beginning to FEAR us in the extreme. Perhaps they might be remembering to what happened with the Zulu’s and the Brits in Africa, so many years ago, when the Brits were trying to do this entire thing in miniature. One day everything seemed fine, and then a morning came when a great number of the tyrannical-landowners were found murdered in their beds. The Zulu’s had brought terror to new heights and turned the plight of millions of slaves into assassins in the night. And suddenly the Great Britain that had been Imperial, became terrified overnight… That is some of what’s in store for us, unless real changes are begun immediately because there is simply no way that a bunch of outlaws can summarily come to dominate a population that is 96% larger than they are—regardless of the technology—either then or now!

We have an upcoming test of this principle that will soon take place in Chicago. The gangs in Chicago are far more heavily armed than the cops will ever be—and an evacuation of that city would be devastating to their illegitimate businesses. This will prove to be just another case of OVER-REACH by the morons running this so-called government. Part of this government’s problems come from the fact that they have begun to believe their own PR and their own press-releases—over the true facts of the case in any potential situation.

Just as communications have now been hijacked to subvert and control every human being with anything electronic; the one-big-flaw in all that technology is also being overlooked. It’s all extremely fragile, delicate even, and any real disruption in its continuity would be fatal for the government that has used it so tirelessly to track every single individual to distraction. And lest we forget the thugs in uniform have not exactly made themselves welcome in this place where they compose a miniscule number of officers against a more than well-armed people that are losing patience with all these zero-tolerance bullies that believe they will live forever, just because they wear a badge. (1)

In case after case the same compartmentalization that initially lent the government so much purely-evil-power over the mindless-population: Will very soon be used by the slaves they have created, and they will find themselves virtually imprisoned by the same measures that they used to subdue us, in the first place. Once the public figures out this scam—the lives of the Zionist-filth, won’t be worth a plug-nickel anywhere on the planet!

Just a little something you might want to consider as the date for the Criminal-Convention in Chicago draws closer.

The fire-bird is rising and once that Phoenix is airborne, nothing that the so-called New World Order has built will be able to withstand the flames of resurgence which she will spew across this land until all that will be left of this place will be the scorched earth where her flames consumed the nightmare and then moved on…

That does not have to be the conclusion of our part in this back & forth between the Triptych written by Joan Collins and the much larger melodrama being written, directed and performed by the USI & Zionist Israel, as you read these lines. Get involved, take back your own life and do it with your friends and loved ones because it will be one of the best things you could ever do: Not just with your life—but for and with the others that will be right beside you once that moment comes!

Jim Kirwan

1) Truth Has a Power All its Own


Tribute: Part One

Catching Fire: Part Two


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