A King’s Ransom

Just waiting to be looted

In Chicago there is more loot waiting to be stolen than there could ever have been in any of the rumored King’s Ransom’s of the ancient past. The only impediment to the taking of all this treasure is the illegal acquisition by the FEDS, the Secret Service the FBI, and all the associated agencies that would be able to go into wherever they chose to go, under their own false-flag on a supposed NATIONAL SECURITY AUTHORITY – during the coming violence being organized around the NATO Conference in Chicago. That is the EXCUSE these criminals need, to take whatever they want, in order to bankrupt Chicago and at the same time scare the hell out of the rest of this country. If they can get away with this it will be the largest bank heist in history—bar none!

Since the government is in a controlling position on all sides of this supposedly dangerous situation involving a mythically violent event with hostile protestors on the streets of Chicago: The full military might of the United States will be unleashed upon that city not to arrest or detain troublesome vandals or protestors—but too use that excuse to do whatever they want inside the most protected parts of that city. With this in mind just think about the following.

Chicago moves trillions a day through its’ centers of commerce and industry. In many respects Chicago is far more important than even NYC; and all you need to know is that the Mayorship of Chicago was set-up in the White House when Rahm was still the White House Chief of Staff under Obama. Hell he was never even qualified to run for Mayor because of residency restrictions which were just ignored so that he could be where he is right now—to do to Chicago what is about to happen to that city. This is what Zionist Israel wants and Obama has promised to give them everything they want, and MORE!

If you happen to live there, then your life and your possessions will only become collateral damage, and of no real importance to anyone in authority. Is this what any citizen of Chicago would want to allow to happen! No, of course not, but nobody asked them because the plans were laid a very long time ago, even before Rahm arrived to take over as Mayor of the city he plans to sell down the river to Israel and the Zionists…

Here are images of this place, many quite extraordinary & spectacular. It truly is an incredible city, and it is the center of much of our life support. How much of this wealth could be taken with several weeks prior-notice in just 72 hours of unsupervised looting: Given that they’ve probably been planning this since they failed to take out the SEARS TOWER back on 911, in 2001?

Chicago Streets scenes

Chicago Skyline Sears tower

Chicago CBOT

Chicago Bonds, Indecies, Forex

Chicago Convention Center events

Chicago El train

Chicago Stockyards

Chicago Nuclear Plants

Chicago Sports

Damnit people this is the real thing, and Chicago built itself all over again from the ashes of the Chicago Fire; just to have this done to them by the government of this place that is no longer even a country any more? Oh, and by the way – if we let this happen who will be next in the looting of Amerika—you, me, or some total strangers. The time has come to go out in the streets and demand that this insanity be stopped. Hold that idiotic ‘conference’ anywhere else, in a barn or an empty prison, or a bus station: Anywhere but Chicago!

Jim Kirwan


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