The Shadow Government

Goes Public!

There has been a secret at the heart of the government of this nation since 1871. It’s called the “Act of 1871” and that “ACT” is what created the District of Columbia. (1)

It applies ONLY to a ten square mile area inside Washington D.C. However ever since the New Millennium began this government has been trying to enforce every law that they have passed for themselves (for that ten-square mile area of Washington DC) onto the rest of us.

Until now this ‘government’ created by the Act of 1871, has ruled over the rest of us as our very own ‘SHADOW GOVERNMENT’ and when the public demanded to know what was going on after 911: Instead of giving us the answers we deserved the feds gave us The Department of Homeland Security to “Dominate, Intimidate & Control” the public in the post-911 era. (2)

Until now this ‘Shadow Government’ has been quietly operating in the shadows always behind closed doors where literally everything they do is secret. But since the first day of this year when Obama signed the Indefinite Detention Act (in SECRET) the Shadow government has been looking for a particular event to finally “go-public” and declare their TREASON for the whole world to see and run from.

That moment will come when ZATO holds its next meeting inside the City of Chicago in about three weeks. Chicago is America’s third largest city with approximately 2.7 million people. It is at the apex of both rail and air traffic in this country and it is rich and influential far beyond its actual size among the cities in this country. Here’s some of what is being safeguarded inside that city. (3)

The problem for Chicago and for the rest of us is that the feds have unofficially announced that for the next three weeks heavily armed American troops will begin occupying Chicago in preparation for ‘an event’ which the government says could be very dangerous—so dangerous in fact that the citizens of Chicago may have to be evacuated from their city; during the coming NATO Summit. (4)

However there are several strategic and military problems with this scenario. First it will take a considerable amount of time to evacuate a city of that size no matter how that might be attempted. The faceless government says that they will wait until ‘they have determined’ that a genuine threat is present. While all the various government agencies will have three weeks to “get ready” for this “event” – that still will not allow for anything like the actual evacuation of the City of Chicago.

And besides all that, no one has offered the citizens a choice of whether they want to stay or go. Many will decide to fight this forced evacuation and that won’t be pretty or useful.

As far as the public goes there is another problem. First no one has claimed “RESPONSIBILITY” for giving this order: Not the president who has been in hiding since January one, not the congress which has washed their hands to everything important to the public, not the Supreme Court which has gone into hiding and especially not the DHS, the Secret Service, the cowardly FBI, the CIA or any of the other alphabet soup which tends to secretly control our lives. Because if anyone signs this hypothetical ORDER, then the public will absolutely know WHO to blame for this little piece of TREASON, not just against Chicago but against the whole country. Because in this case:

“As Chicago Goes, so goes the Nation”!

Strategically there are also a great many problems. FEMA Camps have been prepared all across the country, for just such an event—but none of them are close enough to Chicago, to hold anything like two and three-quarters of a million people, at a moments notice. Also the Shadow government has not made clear why it should be necessary to evacuate the entire city. If they know something now that the public does not know; would it not be easier to just move the summit and leave Chicago intact? This borders on insanity! If they do NOT know anything in real terms, then why the need to create this bellicose and belligerent attitude that flies directly in the face of everything this place was supposed to stand for?

Militarily it seems to be ‘very important’ to the Shadow Government that the public recognize the government’s need to respond with the full military force of the entire nation against whatever it is they are not yet telling us might be about to strike the City of Chicago.

If the point here is the same as the motto of TSA “to Dominate, Intimidate and Control the Public” then there will be a lot more than just some trouble enforcing their semi-bogus-ultimatums. The first problem is that the US does not have that much power available nationwide to do this thing—especially if when the Shadow Government moves to evacuate Chicago—objections and riots might well break out everywhere else in sympathy with Chicago. And since the government cannot fight this fight in every major city simultaneously: this egregious action might just be premature: IF this strong-arm tactic is premature, then a civil war could easily break out. And because the Shadow-Government is not prepared to take on the entire nation, that uprising might just end this farce once and for all.

In trying to look at this with clear eyes; it becomes very difficult to see why this entire episode was even begun. ZATO could have their pomp & ceremony in private in any number of other places; it does NOT have to be in Chicago—so why is this continuing, if there is no need to endanger 2.7 million people? Especially if this fake-government doesn’t even know what it could be up against! Where are the leaders on this one? So far the only one who will take any responsibility is the Sheriff of Chicago, and this is way above his pay-grade. If this is about a dirty-bomb or something bigger, then why would any government let the target remain undefended—when all they would need to do is move the damned meeting-place?

“In 1968 Mayor Daley’s thugs beat the shit out of national reporters on the streets and inside the convention hall. That all took place on camera in 1968, and was broadcast live: But there were no recriminations against the “authorities” that were massively out-of-control – which gave rise to the actual POLICE-STATE that we are living in now.

As I suggested yesterday, if the people living in Chicago just leave town or stay in their homes for the entire three days of rage; then all that firepower will have no one but the professional trouble-makers to murder.)

However if those working the convention could also be persuaded to just stay home, then this convention would simply collapse as none of them has ever done before.

If the bartenders, the waitress, the cooks and chefs, the hookers and the parking attendants were all to just fail to show up: the Convention would become an instant failure. I know that the almighty buck is a huge temptation but how many will actually want to work for the extra bucks if they know that they will all be targeted by Amerika’s most aggressive “protective-forces” that will include armed drones, militarized police and probably bulletproof checkpoint stations along with heavily armored fencing? Is your life really that cheap that you would be willing to die to serve the world’s scummiest people for just a few hours of your irreplaceable time? Why don’t we set the agenda this time by:


Think about it people! Because we KNOW that traditional demonstrations have always FAILED and have only managed to get us arrested, brutalized or killed – and we have NEVER succeeded whenever we have used that approach: So why not try something else this time? This government as George Carlin said “does not give a FCK about you or me, they don’t care about you, they don’t give a fck about you,” and they never have!


But there’s one other thing at issue now. The various Wards inside the City of Chicago might very much resent the Marines coming in to kick out those that have been paying for their own protection all these years. Who will be evacuated first? Will it be the street people or the filthy rich, and what about the Zionists? Chicago has more than its share of those vermin too. Then there are the turf wars inside that city between not just the WARD bosses, but the gangs, not to mention the black & white problems of the inner-city that will all become heavily involved with this government’s rape and plunder of a major city. This will cost someone TRILLIONS per day to shut down the City of Chicago—who will PAY that bill?

It can’t be NATO, because that is still the US taxpayers, and it won’t be the feral government because they’re dead broke so no one will be in line to either call for the evacuations or pay for all that will obviously be lost after 72 hours of lawlessness in the third largest city in America!

This became a problem when this place allowed itself to have two governments—the one we claim to have and the one established by the Act of 1871, that was reinforced when in 1913 we gave away the power to print our money to a privately-owned criminal cabal, that is foreign in nature and has controlled our financial system since 1913—outright!

Whoever ordered this massive crime against the people of Chicago needs to be arrested BEFORE this so-called Conference can be held. And unlike what traditionally happens inside the CRIMINAL Just-us System; this needs to be acted on immediately—not in two or three or five years time but a decision on this must be reached almost immediately—if the real and long-term threat to this nation is be averted.

Jim Kirwan

1) United States Corporation – 5 min video

2) Why – 21 Unanswered Questions

3) A King’s Ransom

4) Taking Down Chicago

5) The 44th Anniversary


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