America Has Surrendered!

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After 236 years, the American Experiment is over. As of May 1, 2012 the United State is no longer a sovereign nation: we are now just another United Nations-ZATO fiction that exists solely to funnel our wealth, our money and our lives to that illegal body loosely called the New World Order; which is owned and operated by the global-Zionist Cabal & the Rothschilds, along with other assorted criminal factions. Obama did the honors for us, to please the criminals that own him.

After all the blood we shed, and all of the billions of people we have slaughtered, this place ended without a single shot even being fired in anger against this takeover – so much for American patriotism, or any of all that other ‘talk’ about the pride of country, the pride in our military traditions, or our supposed freedoms because all of that has just become part of the dust of history, just like the Constitution and all those fine words and goals that in the end turned our to mean absolutely nothing: Because we did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING  to protect ourselves, or this country, from the criminals that came to take it all away from us. And Obama did it from another country, again in secret, and just yesterday the story broke to virtually “no outrage” from any quarter at all.

“On May 1, 2012, our Glorious Leader, Premier Barack Obama AKA Barry Soetoro AKA Barry the Rat, signed yet another Executive Order – Promoting International Regulatory Cooperation. This dictate is designed to standardize regulations between the United States and it’s so called trading partners.

Considering the many international security agreements the traitors occupying our highest seats of power have entered into, this latest executive order can absolutely be used to institute gun confiscation laws/regulations, without any consent by our Congress or our Judicial. And once these foreign laws are brought to the United States under the various security agreements, foreign troops will be brought in to enforce the foreign laws upon the people of the United States.

So look at what we have now.

§                  The Patriot Act which allows unlimited spying on the American people by the government.

§                  The National Defense Authorization Act with Sections 1021 and 1022 for the military arrests and indefinite detention of American nationals without any due process of the law.

§                  HR 347 Trespass Law for the implementation of Sections 1021 and 1022 of the National Defense Authorization Act upon any citizen who dares to speak out against the insurgency.

§                  Executive Order National Defense Resources Preparedness Act, which allows the dictator to confiscate every resource of the United States, including we the people as conscripts to be put in servitude to the insurgency.

This is exactly what the Bolsheviks did to the Russian people in 1917. Now we have this new executive order for the implementation of laws not legislated by our Congress. If we were to allow ourselves to be disarmed by these international soviet socialists, the next step would be to eliminate everyone who refuses to acquiesce to collective slavery.

This latest executive order is nothing more than another act of blatant treason and we the American people must reject it absolutely.”  The whole document is at the link. (1)

Clinton opened the door to this crap, subverting America’s laws to International Law, which led to the flood of American jobs being moved overseas and to the end of America as a viable economic force in the world—and everything else followed from that TREASON in the New Millennium.

Interestingly; in a magnificent twist of this obscenity: While Obama just turned the American people over to the global-bankers and the new world order, neither he nor any of the other American war-criminals that made all this possible will be turned over to the International Criminal Courts for prosecution – when it comes to all their many crimes against humanity and their own country which brought us all to this point!  So apparently there are ‘exceptions’ to what will be internationalized and “who” will not?

So International Law will be two tiered; just like this Police-State is now. One law for the slaves and something entirely “OTHER” for the owners and their key players! But none of that matters now; because officially this place that no longer prints its own money—is no longer a country that can make or enforce its own laws: Thanks to the lying sack of shit in the tarnished house, and to all those Americans that just couldn’t bother to rouse themselves to do anything at all about stopping the outright-murder of this nation.

Now all can clearly see why this feral government seemed to think they would need all that ammunition to murder us all twice-over – because they actually expected we would fight them; yet most of us have not even bothered to notice that anything is any different. When a mystery decision was issued, by no-one, stating that Chicago would need to evacuated so as not to threaten the NATO meeting being held there in a few weeks—again no one seemed to be concerned. (2)

So now every day the drumbeat will continue. Today it was that a no-fly zone will be issued for Chicago with a shoot to kill order for any aircraft that strays into that zone. And all of this will continue every day from now until that NATO Conference is held: because that will be the moment when the public will finally begin to “get it” that America is NO MORE!

Too bad about America; oh and by the way all those military patches and supposedly-glorious US-military history will all be scraped—everyone will be issued new affiliations because we can no longer represent ourselves, so our military will now work for the International forces of the UN and only the UN—and those people will have no problem when it comes to shooting Americans in their homes or anywhere else that they decide to come to arrest you for thinking that you are still Americans!

The really sad part of all this is that it has all happened before in smaller ways around the planet, but the result was always the same. The bad guys win ‘for awhile’ but in the end they are totally slaughtered and their supposed gains were redistributed to whatever killed them. Of course this time there will be nuclear-winter and radiation unlimited that won’t go away, so the ruins this time won’t be rebuilt as in past wars, when the planet let the megomaniac’s loose upon the world. The irony is that ‘Truth has always had a power all its own’ and it will surface eventually; even if there’s no one here to find it. (3)

Jim Kirwan

1) Obama signs Executive Order Declaring International Law for the United States.

2) The Shadow Government Goes Public

3) Truth Has a Power all its Own!


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