Wagging the Electronic Dog

To “Wag the Dog” became popular shorthand for creating what appeared to be a real war, but which was in fact no war at all—just a faked version of a hypothetical action in some far-flung place that was supposed to set the public on edge, without any reality behind the events that were being reported on, as if they were real. The idea began in the Clinton Administration to benefit what they were doing in Bosnia.

Since that time a lot of behind the scenes activity has sought to use the false flag concepts employed in this totally unethical way: Just to justify so many of our absolutely ridiculous unilateral and illegal invasions of so many unprotected nation-states.

Today we have a newer version of this shop-worn ritual: I call it

“The Electronic Rabbit that can never be caught.”

Very few Amerikans tend to be fans of dog-racing. But in the dog-races the competing-dogs chase an electronic rabbit that can never be captured. In the intelligence games of today, we are playing our own version of The Hunger Games that pit government intelligence agencies (an Oxymoron) against supposed leaders of terror organizations. (1)

The most popular form of these recently attempted frauds was something that the government refers to as “The Underwear Bomber.” That totally ridiculous episode which was unable to even explode the underwear being worn by the Bomber—went on to FAIL bigtime in the files of the FBI, and DHS that were chaperoning the bomber since he first boarded a plane illegally in the Middle East. Yesterday the CIA unveiled there own version of this latest con-job that could easily become the first formal attempt  to have the Evil-Dogs of Terrorism finally catch the Electronic Rabbit of Homeland Security and foil yet another massive plot to blow up stuff in Amerika—except to course—that the plan failed, as all of them have.

The latest al-Qaeda bomb plot targeting U.S. aircraft was unraveled from inside the terrorist group by operatives — including an agent who posed as a willing suicide bomber — working on behalf of the CIA and its counterparts in Saudi Arabia and Yemen, said U.S. and Middle Eastern officials.

The Saudi intelligence service played a particularly important role in penetrating al-Qaeda’s affiliate in Yemen and recovering the explosive device, according to officials, who described an elaborate espionage operation in which the CIA tracked the bomb’s movements for weeks and then killed suspected plotters in a drone strike after the device was seized.

The foiled underwear bomb plot in Yemen serves as a stark reminder of al-Qaeda of the Arabian Peninsula, or AQAP’s, primary mission – bring down an American plane, reports John Miller. The Associated Press has learned the CIA thwarted a plot by al-Qaeda’s affiliate in Yemen to destroy a U.S.-bound airliner using a bomb with a new design around the one-year anniversary of the killing of Osama bin Laden.

Senior U.S. officials continued to withhold certain details, including the location and status of the individual — described by officials as a Saudi informant — who penetrated the terrorist group posing as a bomber and then turned over the device to authorities after leaving Yemen.” (2)

It might help if Amerikans remember that all of the supposed bombers on 911 were from Saudi Arabia (none came from Afghanistan), but nevertheless we attacked Afghanistan—in retaliation, and not Saudi Arabia, or Israel where the explosives were created and planted in cooperation with US counter-terrorism forces to create 911. This second “Bomb Plot” was accomplished by the CIA so as not to be outdone by DHS & the FBI—yet neither of these supposedly serious attempts at foiling a plan to destabilize America was even remotely successful.

This last one was apparently intended to justify what will be coming to Chicago on the 18th to the 21st of May. The shadow government is mumbling about the possibility of a Dirty-Bomb that will supposedly be the reason why they will have to evacuate the 2.7 million people who live in Chicago… but as everyone who knows anything about actual military-intelligence knows this is all just political-posturing to create a major police-state event to shut down the rail, the air traffic and the commodities sections of the USA, (which shall cost tens of trillions of dollars), and will literally paralyze the nation for at least a week—so that the Police-State can flex its illegal methods for the whole world to shudder from.

After 236 years, the American Experiment is over. As of May 1, 2012 the United State is no longer a sovereign nation: we are now just another United Nations-ZATO fiction that exists solely to funnel our wealth, our money and our lives to that illegal body loosely called the New World Order; which is owned and operated by the global-Zionist Cabal & the Rothschilds, along with other assorted criminal factions. Obama did the honors for us, to please the criminals that own him.”  (3)

It is also worth remembering that we went to war in Afghanistan supposedly to find, kill or capture Osama bin Laden. Someone who was never listed on the FBI’s ‘MOST WANTED LIST’ nor was he even detained when he visited American Hospital in Paris, when he could have been arrested. He died shortly after that event, but his supposed videos continued to be trotted our every time the government needed someone to blame, using several stand-ins for the supposed mastermind of 0f 911. The same man was supposedly killed a second time: this time by a US Seal Team inside Pakistan; the first anniversary of this twice-killed figure was recently celebrated by the US government who is still trying to use the second assignation as a reason to shut down this country, (to protect the nation of course, from TERRORISTS)! Recently Hillary Clinton finally admitted that Al Qaeda was and still is our creation, and has nothing to do with the global events that have led to the eleven-years of war in that country. (4)

Add to this the fact that we went to war in Iraq because we were assured that Saddam had Weapons of Mass Destruction—but he did not possess those weapons and the entire administration finally had to publicly admit this fact. But we still refused to leave Iraq because we were at war, even though there was never any reason to go to war in the first place. So there have been no reasons for any of the wars we so hurriedly went into—and yet we remain in these wars for the contracts and war-profits which earn hundreds of billions for the contractors and the war-profiteering bastards worldwide. Throw in Obama’s massive lies along with the bankers continuing rape, pillage and plundering or our bank-accounts and you have The Crime of the Century magnified and writ-large across the face of the entire world—and an Amerikan public that is too intimidated to even ask any questions as to why any of this happened, or continues to happen around the world.

We have spent ourselves into OBLIVION, and beyond into something so unreal that it cannot even be measured because our debts run into the Quadrillions now, thanks to the complete unreality of the last two administrations—will this never end? Absolutely it will END, and it will end very badly with Amerikans reduced to trying to catch the Electronic Dogs of GREED & WAR, which can never be caught unless we take over the entire stadium and shut down the farce of our very own Hunger-Games as they continue to be played out throughout the world…

Jim Kirwan

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