‘FOREVER’ Does Not Exist

Many of those who planned our current pandemic of global fear tend to use words like “unending wars” or “Fascism-Forever” to describe what they have in store for the rest of us—but their memories are very short indeed. Any nation or cabal that seeks to conquer the world forever is kidding itself because it simply cannot be done.

Pockets of the planet can be taken over for a time, that’s true: But to capture and hold the entire planet in a fail-safe choke-hold forever is not and never will be even remotely possible. It never has been and it never will be because ‘CHANGE’ cannot be stopped for long.

Lately there have been all sorts of threats and guidelines issued for exactly how US civilian detainees will be treated in the FEMA camps among other things. But this lacks the reality that must happen first.

To get an idea of what comes first you only need to look at our pre-emptive strikes against Baghdad, in Iraq. Because that is far more likely to be what will be attempted here; BEFORE people are rounded up and sent anywhere. That is who we are and that is what we do—the USI tortures, murders and maims people wherever we go—

Shekinah – It’s “WHAT WE DO!”

 When the invasion of Iraq began we blew up their hospitals, their water supplies and destroyed their entire infrastructure in a blitzkrieg that surpassed the raids conducted by the NAZI’s in WWII. All of this very open warfare followed the secret-war that was begun in 1991 by Daddy-Bush, and never ended, until Junior opened it all up again with Shekinah against Baghdad in 2003 – making the War upon Iraq America’s longest running war in our history. That war was 21 years long. There was no-way that Iraq had any chance to resist whatever we chose to do to that place in the name of corporate profits or the global-new-world-order.

There were very strategic reasons why there was no combat footage shown to the American public, during or even after the Iraq war: Because had that been shown to the public the outrage thus produced would have ended that war in a New-York Minute.

There was also a national-security ban upon showing the return of bodies coming back from that so-called war – for the same reason. The War-on-Iraq was the video teaser; the ‘trailer’ for the forthcoming film that will be called “The WAR on America!”

There was an early television program called ‘Dialing for Dollars’ which a lot of idiots chose to watch, in the 50’s. That has been replaced by the reel-life version of “Dying for Lies” which tracks the numbers of innocent people and other people’s soldiers we have murdered in the name of maintaining our war profiteering rackets. Somehow most Amerikans have missed the point that all those people we sent into harms-way were sent to their serious destruction or death, by forces that had nothing to do with defending this country at all. They were rounded up and sent by the corporations and the traitors from the 535 club in the congress to keep the profits coming in. We have been conducting our government and making war on the whole planet since G.W. Bush stole the White House in 2012.

In Iraq we imprisoned millions of people. But only two percent of those we arrested were guilty of anything at all—yet we conducted middle-of-the-night raids in which the civilian-population was rounded up by mercenaries and sent to Abu Ghraib for torture, rape or worse. When asked about this Rummy simply said: “When you have a war then there will be prisoners.”

During and after Chicago the same kinds of things will begin to happen here because Iraq was only a practice-run for what has always been planned for this country. As far as the fate of those we sent there to fight goes, the illustration clearly defines what happened to thousands of them.

Ironically when Bush Jr. began his WAR-on-Iraq this country still had a constitution and at least the shadow of a government with the pretense of actual laws that supposedly had to be obeyed. By the time Obama supposedly ended our involvement in Iraq the shattered Iraqi people had more freedoms that Amerikans do today.

And it was the same thing with our financial picture. When Bush began his run for president this place had a SURPLUS: But Bush immediately began to chatter about a Recession that was “coming” which indeed did become a self-fulfilling prophecy – and now of course we are so deep in debt that the amount we supposedly owe to the bankers is beyond human conception as it is in the Quadrillions of dollars in national DEBT. In addition when Clinton was in office we still had a country with industries and products and jobs; now we have nothing at all… except the Police-State and a completely law-less country.

Alex Jones talks a lot about what “will happen” given the events in Chicago, but he leaves out what must happen first, as outlined above. Re-education will not show up until after The Chicago Shekinah has already murdered those that could give them any real trouble at all. (1)

After Chicago Amerikans from all walks of life will have to begin to learn how to live in what will be classified as the RED-ZONES, with targets on their backs.

Presidential and Congressional Treasons are as predictable as the sunrise, and have been since long before I was a child. Likewise, corruption has become as American as Apple-pie and now surpasses even the banana-republics when it comes to bribes and basic criminality at all levels of this place. Yesterday I noticed a 4 foot by 5 foot bus-shelter ad for a local university that said simply


and I knew that this means that America is officially over now. We have no more citizens because all we have now is a huge mob of disillusioned consumers—just looking for their next big chance to steal it all. (2)

And yet there are parts of the country that are pushing back, and have been for about the last two years. It seems that the FEDS efforts to close down the national parklands has not been successful. The program of restricting access within the federal parks, in order to steal more of our mineral rights and to limit access to the entitled few has run into real trouble from the 4-wheel drive clubs of hunters and recreational-users of our national parks. Not in every closed federal property, but in a great many of them it seems the 4-wheel drive people have been pulling down the gates and destroying them as fast as the feds put them up—in some places. When the local Sheriff’s are approached by the feds to back up the feds, the public has been speaking to the Sheriffs and reminding them of how they came to be in those jobs – whereupon many of the local officers chose to side with the people and reject the FEDS excessive and illegal claims for their newly-created-need to shut down the parks to the public that OWNS them. It’s happening now far more often than most might think… because the FEDS cannot be everywhere, any more than the pitiful numbers of foreign troops will be able to make much headway against the 40 to 60 million armed Americans that will face whatever forces this government chooses to throw at them.

“There were 600,000 deer hunting permits issued JUST in Wisconsin last year, 750,000 in PA, 700,000 in MI. Imagine adding all the other states… Now imagine all of the gun owners who don’t even hunt!.
Now you tell me what army of 1million, much less 100,000 is willing to enter the US to screw with 40, 50 or 60 million armed citizens? We are many, they are few, they fear us & as long as it stays that way, we’ll have liberty.”

The people running this shadow-show have become accustomed to dialing for pandemics, Dialing for Nuclear Winter, Dialing for social-suicide, or national-surrender. In their world “B’ness Can’t Wait” for anything to finish their criminal enterprises, before the next round of criminal-actions by the government moves-in to try and finish off this country completely. Dialing up the next several wars, sometimes two or three countries at a time, is just not what real-life is all about. But we could stop them by standing for what some of us still believe in; and for what many of us will actually do to prevent what is about to happened from becoming part of this reality.

Chicago will be pivotal, and the damages that will radiate outward from that series of new crimes will potentially begin to obliterate the United States—it’s time to choose America—because the two Amerika’s we have now cannot co-exist together. Only one nation can survive the coming onslaught, and unless you are willing to live your life from here on in, on your knees as a slave—then you know what you must do to cause this ‘takeover’ to fail!

Jim Kirwan

1) Re-Education Camps are Real – two short videos

2) Wagging the Electronic Dog

3) 30,000 -100,000 Russian Troops Scheduled within the next 7 months


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