Time Cannot be Stopped

Throughout history people have struggled to maintain control over the passage of time. This has always been an artificial pursuit, because strictly speaking, “time” as we know it, is a human invention. The measurement and accounting for the passage of the hours was created as a way to “manage” some of life’s most difficult choices.

What is happening now is that those who believe that they own and completely control the global-money-supply, as well as all the natural resources of the planet want to STOP-TIME so that they shall remain in control of the entire world – forever.

In this detail shot from Again & Again; the redhead on the pommel of Death’s transparent horse is clutching one hand of the clock while she tries, without success, to stop the inevitability of DEATH. The current attempt being made by the so-called New World Order to freeze the growth of the natural world in place (with THEM on-top- forever), is nothing but another pipedream of madmen, stricken with their curse of supposed invincibility, while they strive to destroy every single aspect of the living world.

Human beings are spiritual by nature and to survive we must work with nature because everything; every word, every act, every deed, in the entire universe is connected: And this fact cannot be denied! To supposedly achieve this artificial control over all the rest of the planet; the self-appointed OWNERS have decided that force can alter even the natural order of the universe, and that is the most callous lie of all.

Just look at anything human that is not maintained. Nature will immediately begin to overgrow anything that is not constantly “kept-up.”

Any structure that is abandoned reverts back to nature, and erases whatever we have “built” because nothing that man does is permanent, while nature’s work continues to change everything in the natural world—and always will.

As the illustration clearly shows, there are many kinds of time, besides the one we tend to think of. There is the natural time of nature, that lives on long after our clocks break down. And there is the way that the stars were used to navigate the deserts and the oceans, which is one of our adaptations from nature’s timeless clock that’s displayed nightly in the depths of the night sky!

A further example was the introduction of Genetically Modified seeds, that were supposed to remain unchanged and therefore could by the fact of their very existence give total control to whomever owned that patent. But nature changed itself and was able to neutralize and overcome “Round-Up.” Thus nature successfully smashed the entirely false assumption that created this corporate-scheme to own the entire food supply (on land).

So this arrogance of the self-appointed to OWN, not just the world but every survivor that might still exist after they finish turning the whole place into one gargantuan RUIN, is not only a global IMPOSSIBILITY but it promises to bring down everyone associated with this colossally insane idea.

The connections that bind all people together, at the most basic levels of life, are as intricate and vast as nature herself. But taking this idea one step further anyone can easily see that the natural world has always triumphed over the kinds of criminal-fools that want to run and ruin everything that speaks to life or promise in a world of real opportunities. The thermonuclear-parasite of Zionism is a spreading cancer upon the political world. In nature there is the nearly uncontrollable Kudzu, which is nearly impossible to eradicate. In the political world Zionism is the equivalent of the massively destructive Kudzu that continues to threaten the very many places where it has already taken root.

“The problem is that it just grows too well! The climate of the Southeastern U.S. is perfect for kudzu. The vines grow as much as a foot per day during summer months, climbing trees, power poles, and anything else they contact. Under ideal conditions kudzu vines can grow sixty feet each year.

While they help prevent erosion, the vines can also destroy valuable forests by preventing trees from getting sunlight. This problem led Dr. James H. Miller of the U.S. Forest Service in Auburn, Alabama to research methods for killing kudzu. In eighteen years of research, he has found that one herbicide actually makes kudzu grow better while many have little effect. Miller recommends repeated herbicide treatments for at least four years, but some kudzu plants may take as long as ten years to kill, even with the most effective herbicides.” (1)

The people who lived in North America for 5,000 years before ‘we’ arrived, understood this relationship with nature, wherein they knew they were just part of nature, and did not own the water or the land or the air, except in metaphorical ways. We slaughtered them like pests that needed to be driven out, so that we could take all that they had been maintaining, for thousands of years, before we chose to invade them here. Among the natives, there was a give and take with nature, between the native population and what they understood to be ‘the natural world.’ But what we replaced those native people with has primarily been only interested in what can be TAKEN from nature (as a free resource) to create business opportunities that are finally beginning to come to a halt because as always we have over-harvested and wasted so much of nature that we have now imperiled the life of the planet (or more precisely for all the people living here). The planet will survive, but this ugly little experiment with humans, as one of the species, is probably about to be over.

Ask yourself, how many jobs give any satisfaction to those that have to do them—just to survive? Take away our clocks and their artificial structure and what is left for those who worship their schedules that leave no time for reflection or enjoyment of their lives aside from whatever it might be that anyone does to pay the bills?

We have replaced “living our lives”, with some kind of meaningless “JOB” that is in reality destroying people in every other aspect of living which has now all been prohibited. A ‘JOB’ can never be a substitute for living, it’s just a stupid job, it does not define you or categorize you; supposedly it pays you what you need to live. However most jobs today are demanding total control over the lives of their employees 24-7, 365 days a year, but they are only paying their employees for a very few of the all those hours per week. Since these wage-slaves put up with it, nothing has changed except that every day those who work lose more in wages and benefits than they could ever hope to regain.

And just to show us how serious they are, congress has just added to our personal-problems by considering  a new law that will OUTLAW any Amerikan’s right to SELF-DEFENSE. “The Congressional Progressive Caucus has announced it will introduce legislation designed to strip Americans of the right to defend themselves. Called “Stop Shoot First Laws,” the amendment to the Commerce, Justice, Science Appropriations bill under consideration in the House would deny states federal funding allocated under section 505 of the Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act of 1968 if they continue to allow citizens to defend themselves.” (2)

And in case you thought that the evacuation of Chicago won’t be happening, there is this: “It has now emerged that it was not just the Red Cross and hospitals that were told to prepare for various emergency scenarios surrounding the upcoming NATO summit in Chicago. To get some background on what is going on and the potential outcomes, watch the short video below:” (3)

The Takedown of Chicago is just under a week away. I’ve been writing about this since the third week of last month; along with a lot of other people. Here are some highlights of that effort.

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The shadow-government is continuing to issue secret edicts and continues to move personnel and materials into Chicago, for what only they know  they are planning to do, beginning on the eighteenth of this month. And with the collapse of the global-financial scene moving ever-faster now; it might well be that both the Shekinah-in-Chicago, and the global financial collapse might just happen on or near the very same moment that would maximize FEAR across the world. However there is another side to all of this.

For an excellent overview of the positives; (that would allow DEFIANCE to triumph over SURRENDER), as to why this grand-conceit will FAIL—Please watch this ten-minute video-montage from Robert D. Steele who has spent his lifetime trying to get people to simply understand just how much is really at stake, as well what you and I can do about it! (4)

Changes are inevitable, because actual TIME can never be stopped!

Jim Kirwan

1) The Amazing Story of Kudzu

2) Congressional Democrats Introduce Amendment to Outlaw Self Defense

3) It’s not just the Red Cross preparing for an Evacuation of Chicago during the NATO Summit

4) Robert D. Steele – 10 minute video


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