LIES That Were Agreed Upon

Detail from Again & Again
A seven-foot oil-sketch © kirwan 1974 & 1977

Inside the helmet of CONQUEST the serpent is eating its tail, and the mouth of this figure is made of stone because it cannot speak about anything that it does so blatantly to the world at large.

The world at the moment is comprised mostly of our self-divided ways of living in which our ‘jobs’ have taken on far more significance that they were ever intended to posses. To understand what we have become we must be able to separate ourselves from what we see around us on the road of life, if we are to ever understand what is happening anywhere in this broken world.

Every expectation, plan or plot that exists today is being threatened by the depths of those unknowns that continually surprise and confound us all. This is why “Wagging the Dog” or chasing the electronic-rabbits in our private lives has become so futile. It is also why false-flags have always tended to work so well throughout history; to accomplish those things that could never have been done without these blatant deceptions. It is also why Mossad’s motto is

“By Way of Deception Thou Shalt Do War”
The shield of WAR above contains the pawns of WAR that make wars possible!

In the HBO television series DEADWOOD: Those who were raping the land were so obscene in both words and deeds, because their lives were not involved in growing anything and “they weren’t respecting the cycles of nature. They were TAKING. In order to muscle-up for that enterprise, in an environment where there were no laws—the relentless obscenities of the miners was a way of announcing the compatibility of the (self-divided) spirit with the world in which those miners found themselves.”

These same obscenities are the defining characteristics found in the Cheney’s, the Bush’s, the Kissinger’s, the Rothschilds, the Clintons, the Rumsfeld’s and all those associated with these criminally-self-appointed players in what has become the final chapter of the current rape of civilization. Because to do what these purported self-appointed OWNERS are doing amounts to a total hatred not just of the human race but for all of life and nature as well.

Everything in this life comes down to language, in all its forms.

Obama, our supposed president is someone that is not even capable of reading, let alone comprehending what he as Chief-Sock-Puppet continues to bring into being (signing the NDAA and ‘indefinite detention’ while at the same time denying that he would ever use it against Americans).

‘There is a tremendous energy in language’ (in the daily life in Deadwood)—just as there is today in the language that is defending the global-RESISTANCE over SURRENDER.

What we have here and now in 2012 is the primitive language (from Deadwood) being repeated in the defense of obscenity that is the Police-State in America today. This is a war-crime against humanity that must be dealt with now, or we shall be eliminated by these self-appointed TAKERS of our individual lives.


NOTE: ‘In the 20’s and 30’s in Hollywood, there was a moral code created. The Hayes code as it became known lasted until 1968. It was created commercially) so as to not rock the American political-boat. This was supposedly a ‘moral-code’ but in reality it reflected the much larger economic necessities of the political times that threatened the overthrow of the Victorian morality that was embraced by both tongues of the Robber-Barons that still held society in its savage grasp.

‘The First principle of the code is: “Obscenity in word, thought or deed is an offense against natural law and the laws of God; and therefore will not be permitted in films.”


“The Jewish bosses decreed: no stories about Jews—let’s not queer our hustle”

By using the code strictly, the public could be kept docile and thereby Americans were being trained to become the sheep that most have become now; as well as becoming part of the herd-mind that still refuses to look up and KNOW exactly how far we all are now from that supposed FREEDOM that we still speak of as if that was still part of any American-reality.

These restrictions on actual-obscenities in film led directly to the need for real characters of few words that could show through body-language and projection, the truths behind the real obscenities in the other kinds of languages that were required to get around the Draconian rules of the Hayes Code. And to in-fact enlarge on the importance of what was not said. This kind of response to censorship is needed again today, of course. But in film this requires real writers, artists and actors and that is why there are so few film projects today that include the necessary skills that could bring the true obscenities in-life-today, home to ever-widening audiences.

‘DEADWOOD’ is one example that clearly triumphs over the mundane and the odious decadence of the censorship that the Hayes Code was created to produce. The ‘facts of life’ as depicted in the films that were made under the CODE suffered accordingly because often the people of the times being depicted were frequently obscene; yet had to speak in artificial-ways, to conform to the code—which then totally screwed up the truth of say what supposedly happened between slaves and owners, the ultra-poor and the rich, or the natives and their tormentors: All of which left Americans with an entirely skewed picture of not just some movies, but of both the actual American character as well as what our history actually contained versus what actually happened to those we were routinely conquering by virtue of “Manifest Destiny” and other CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY!

But DEADWOOD also brings us another particularly apt illustration for the times we are living in now. Deadwood, in reality was a lawless place. The series takes on the problem of how a place with NO LAWS AT ALL can go about the business of remaining stable enough (without laws) to continue to steal from everyone in the town—without having to suffer from what would have happened if anarchy had been allowed to rule in Deadwood.

This is where Amerika finds herself today. For at the present time we have become a LAW-LESS STATE that seeks to steal, to rape to plunder and to kill our own people as fast as possible in this now completed Police-State that has raised its hideous head and is promising to devour Chicago in less than a week. In the meantime USI wants to continue to steal everything from the public; while denying any and all protections to that same public-herd which the lawless society is still trying to strip-naked, even as ‘we’ are about to be rounded-up for evacuation from America’s third largest city…

These are just some of the “Lies That Were Agreed Upon” on our way to the end of Empire for the majority and for many to the END of life itself!

Jim Kirwan


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