Time to PAY the Piper

P.S. If the world were to begin to treat the Extreme Left as they are treating the rest of us today – then this is what that world would begin to look and sound like now!

Enough already! The society needs dollars to back everything, and we are way past time when the extreme left needs to pay their dues.

For the last ten years the extreme left has virtually had everything their own way: dictating to everyone else how we all should live…

Well that time is at an end. From here on in all the freaks on the extreme left will have to pay their own way or perish.

Cigarette taxes are about to go up another dollar per pack under the idea of sin-taxes that are designed to punish those of us who do not live by the standards set by the Extreme Left; that requires the whole of society to abide by their version of what is right and what is wrong with American Society. Fuck the Extreme Left and everyone that believes in their bullshit!

This so-called society has innumerable obese idiots in their society. From here on in these overweight eyesores will need to pay a fine of $500 per person per month for anyone over 300 pounds: call that an obesity tax! On public transportation anyone over 300 hundred pounds will need to pay double for a seat on a bus or a train or a seat on an airplane—because their fat ass is taking up enough space for two people, wherever space is being allocated according to the literal space consumed. So these people need to wear a public ID, which identifies them for what they are and overweight menace to this society. And each and every month that these creatures who remain at over 300 pounds; they will need to display the proof that they have paid the monthly fine of $500 that accompanies their obscene size and weight. Failure to pay will result in prison time according to the gravity of their offense against the rest of society. That should solve our tax problems overnight.

However it doesn’t end there. All these runners on city side WALKS, must also be fined for using public sidewalks as their personal track, to supposedly improve their personal conditioning. If they want to run unobstructed, they need to leave the city to do that – the city’s sidewalks are for their personal space and cannot be used to improve their personal conditioning at the expense of the public that tends to use the sidewalks to walk from place to place. Appropriate fines should be leveled against these yuppies for violating public spaces for their personal gain. Three hundred dollars per ticket ought to end that practice, permanently!

And finally we come to the idiots that think they are in a mall when they use the city’s sidewalks, or try to overwhelm the stairways to get to public transportation. These idiots fail to even notice that all stairways into and out of public transportation involve two way access – do we need to put yellow lines on the stairways to show people that the stairwells are two way? Riding BART it rapidly becomes apparent that those special people believe that the stairs are only for them in whatever direction they chose to take – anyone coming the other way is just expected to let them pass.

Last week I used my shoulder pack to knock some of those aside when I needed to get up the stairs that most people were intent on going down. Because these creatures live in that isolated and privileged burb – they seemed to believe that they were free to overwhelm anyone coming against the grain (in their view). Apparently yellow lines are needed to show people that every stairwell is a two-way access from one level to another. And heavy fines ought to accompany every single violation of this protocol!

In the city the same is true on public sidewalks the Extreme Lefty’s from the Burbs seem to think that they can block intersections and take up the entirety of twelve foot wide sidewalks whenever they choose – and this too should no longer be the case: Heavy fines ought to be visited upon these flagrant violators of the public thoroughfare—say $200 per violation. That might stimulate these arrogant savages to pay attention to other people’s right of passage in their otherwise sanctimonious presence. Perhaps the sidewalks in the city ought to have a yellow line down the middle so that these arrogant bastards could understand that each sidewalk is a two way means of transportation? Blocking the entire sidewalk ought to be a crime.

These addendums were sponsored by the Left’s desire to control all the habits of everyone that does not choose to live as they do. The fines thus collected could go a long way toward bringing down the deficits run up by the Left, in their extreme views of just exactly how this society ought to work? Fine them, charge them and prosecute them for every single thing that they do against the public interest!

That is the very least we can do to those that have done so much to control the behaviors of everyone else in this so-called society.

Enough is enough of this entire holier-than-thou attitude that has supplanted actual laws in favor of the personal preferences for the very few that have no reality on which to base these highbred preferences.” These people are beneath contempt with all their phony concerns while they continue to break every social convention that was ever considered to be serious – in a world where money rules and the rest of us are just expected to bow down to their every wish.

Fuck the Extreme Left, let them rot in debtor’s prisons for the arrogance and gluttony of what they’ve always advocated—so that the rest of us can get on with living, and the Extremists can get on with being the shitheads they truly are!

It’s time to go to WAR against the obese and the physically repulsive that are a far greater sin against this society than smokers ever were!

Life is too short to be worrying about what other people do with their lives. But since this crowd has made our lives their business – is it not way past time for us to concern ourselves with all of their transgressions against the rest of us on a daily basis!

Personally I think it’s way past time that the far larger public began to put these shit-heads in their places—permanently—or we could just begin to lynch them for cluttering up society with their sheer ugliness – either way these offensive individuals need to cease what they are doing and become invisible, or pay the price for being nothing more than a public-nuisance by way of their behavior that is totally offensive to the bulk of society at large.

Fine everything they continue to do, and punish them at every turn, or face the consequences when the backlash takes them out as the garbage that they are; that needs to survive in a world where people actually count while the upper-crust rots in their own wastes…

Jim Kirwan


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