Obama’s Private Playground

This place is no longer a nation-state; in fact we have become nothing but a back-water for Obama’s Owners to play with our lives like pieces in some twisted kind of board game where everyone who is not part of the ruling elite is nothing but Road-Kill for the filthy Rich!

Currently Obama has been spitting out Presidential Executive Orders like popcorn in a belated attempt to cover every possible venue where his or his owners asses might still be exposed: All of them since New Year’s Eve of 2011 have been ILLEGAL, because when there is a congress in session, or available to be called into session—then no “presidential” executive-orders should ever be written, much less acted upon. Yet that is exactly what our current “President” has chosen to do—and since there are no laws any longer in the old USA—there is no legal force to stop this madman in his criminal-tracks. Here’s his latest piece of garbage: (1)

“Seven hundred National Guard members from the Northeast and Caribbean will be in central New York this week for disaster preparedness training. They will train for certification as a regional disaster response force capable of assisting responders following a chemical, biological, nuclear or high-explosive incident, according to the Associated Press.

They are part of the National Guard Homeland Response Force (HRF) controlled by the Department of Defense. There are currently ten HRF units hosted by one state in each FEMA region, according to the Pentagon.

In February, it was reported that FEMA plans to move National Guard troops from one FEMA district to another during natural disasters and other emergencies. FEMA administrator Craig Fugate made the announcement after Obama signed Presidential Policy Directive 8 on March 30, 2011.

“PPD-8 reflects the Obama Administration’s belief that the whole community – including all levels of government, the private and nonprofit sectors, and individual citizens – plays a key role in preparedness efforts,” the National Guard website reported.

PPD-8 allows FEMA to “facilitate an integrated, all-of-nation/whole community, capabilities-based approach to preparedness” that involves “federal partners, state, local and tribal leaders, the private sector, non-governmental organizations, faith based and community organizations ─ and most importantly the general public” in the effort, according to the FEMA website.” (2)

The problem is that the US already has National Guard Forces that were created to do exactly what these late-comers are supposedly being trained to do—only these mercenary bastards have no loyalty to the states where they are stationed.

The real national Guard forces are sitting overseas in both of the countries where we have just lost our wars of conquest (in Iraq that war has lasted over 20 years and in Afghanistan, where the war lasted eleven years and where we still have yet to admit defeat, even though our “troops” can’t travel from their bases in anything less than battalion strength, and every day we continue to lose more ground).

InterventionWhy not send all the National Guard units home with their equipment and let mercenaries take their places overseas. They are needed here apparently since no one can apparently find any reason for any attacks upon this country—we need to have the troops who live here defend their own families and loved ones, in their home states, just as they volunteered to do before Bush Junior Shanghaied them to fight in his illegal wars overseas?

Incidentally the individual governors of each of the states are who is to blame for letting the National Guard get stolen from them—and they should be called to answer for that illegal use of the forces that the states had commissioned for their own protection. The National Guard Troops were never intended to be mercenary forces in service to an American Dictator; in fact they (the National Guards) were created to prevent just such a TREASON from happening in the first place. But everyone caved-in to Bully-boy Bush after the little bastard stole the White House on 12-12-2000.

The other obscenity currently playing out is ‘what the hell is happening in Chicago’ right now?

Chicago False Flag? Analysis and Hypothesis

An alarming report about Chicago reached me Thursday, Feb 12: Inside source reveals FEMA & DHS preparing for mass graves and martial law near Chicago. After I listened to the brief audio part of the report, I found no reason to reject the identification of the speaker as an inside source. As for the particulars of disaster preparations, they are consistent with specific inside information I have been receiving since April/May 2006.

I will analyze the Chicago scenario more in an upcoming column. For the time being, I hope that concerned patriots will review this article and its links. Please forward it, especially to the Chicago area and its first responders. With further networking we shall assimilate and circulate information that the mainstream media withholds or distorts. The new Chicago information dovetails with the December 2008 article by Major William B. Fox, Chicago Cops Dodge Blagojevich/Sears Tower Investigation, about a successful effort by Internet activists to forestall a false flag attempt against the 110-story Sears Tower on May 3, 2006 (its 33rd anniversary), during NLE-06. (3)

This follows in the same footprints of the early warning that had no author (officially NO ONE was responsible for this supposed ‘intelligence’) which supposedly confirmed that Chicago would be evacuated. That’s 2.7 million people to be evacuated in a flash, because of a dirty bomb or worse that no one from the government would confirm or deny this supposed very serious THREAT THAT NOT EVEN THE PRESIDENT or the Secret Service or the CIA or the FBI will claim; yet preparations are still supposedly under-way to shut down the City of Chicago anyhow—despite the fact that will cost tens of trillions of dollars to do that! (4)

Perhaps the most damning thing about all of this is that there is NO WAR LOOMING on any horizon for this country to actually worry about. There is only the paranoia of the traitors at every level who are beginning to feel the FEAR which this public is capable of generating; once they are certain that they have been PLAYED-BIG-TIME! So again the TRAITORS at all levels are pulling out all the same old shit that never worked before to try and convince the public that “somehow” this time things will actually “be different” – and that’s the biggest LIE of all! Americans once had the reputation of being extremely good businessmen and women (pre-WWII). Have we changed that much?

Hell Yes!

Anyone that could believe anything these lying fools say after all that they have done to destroy this nation outright; how anyone with a brain could EVER believe anything that comes from them, on any subject! Yet that is exactly what continues to happen every day that the FARCE of these selections goes on and on and on; with absolutely no hope of anything ever being changed by any election that is to be held. Incidentally this year’s “elections” will be counted in Spain, not here in the US…


Obama could be treated as a public joke if his schemes and plans were not so very deadly to every man, woman and child in this place. But until Americans finally begin to make demands on this imposter; nothing will change except to get much, much worse!

Amerika has been WRONG, WRONG, and WRONG on everything to do with national and international politics since Bully-Boy Bush took the Tarnished House right under our noses. And now this place is actually looking forward to the selections as an event that will “change” something, somewhere?

Good luck with that Amerika!

It’s far more likely that this place is going straight to Hell instead!

Jim Kirwan

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