Death by Fiat

The people of the United States are being put under literally thousands of microscopic-examinations of every aspect of our everyday lives.

Finally the pattern behind all the spying is complete. Unofficially this seriously began in February of 2001; when Bush began to illegally and secretly spy on all Americans. Many thought that this was preposterous because, “This was America” and things like that just don’t happen here.” But they could not have been more wrong.

Since that time, now over eleven years ago, we have seen a steady increase in domestic surveillance of every aspect of American life. We are tracked by GPS, by global-connections to our cell phones, by millions of security cameras, and by all sorts of still-illegal tapping of our phones along with everything we might send or receive by computers, land lines, or indeed any other method of communication. And new layers of spying are added monthly, the latest being 50,000 more drones to go with the 150,000 outside the US. The major question has always been: WHY!

What possible use could all this information be put to, on every man woman and child in this place? With the recent additions that will be described below, finally the various points are becoming clear; as to why we have been targeted, and what the long range plans of those who have targeted us really are.

In the last eleven years every segment of the society has been systematically put under the microscopes—because this place is now dead broke—and since there is no more money to be gained by increasing taxes, licenses, fees or fines on the public, something more drastic is necessary. Therefore we are of no more use to the government and need to be removed from the society because ‘we’ have become a drag upon what the government sees as “THEIR MONEY” (Which includes their property, their rights to everything we thought we had, including our lives).

To this end education has been turned into submission-training for wage-slaves and government-informers. Medicine has turned vaccines into active diseases that will shorten if not end lives drastically; and jobs that no longer exist will not be much of a problem if those seeking jobs are in jail, or the poor house—anywhere really so long as they have surrendered all of what they were to the hyper-active and belligerent Police-State. To intensify the drag-net for “enemies of the state,” there is now a snitch-program in place that pays people to spy on the rest of us.

This latest phase has recently become amplified to a degree never even dreamed of before. It goes like this. Every act and virtually every activity will now need to be approved-of, in advance, by the government through a whole new series of licenses, taxes and fees.

“Today, there are more than 7 billion people living on earth. For the global elite, that is problem number one. The vast majority of us don’t spend much time thinking about global population issues, but for many among the elite it is an absolute obsession. Many of them truly believe that you are ruining their planet and they desperately want you to stop reproducing so much. Among the elite, the belief that the world is grossly overpopulated and that this is causing most of our major global problems crosses all political, cultural and social boundaries. This philosophy is taught as gospel at the vast majority of all colleges and universities on the planet, and it is being relentlessly pushed by the United Nations, the WHO, the World Bank and national governments all over the globe. When most people think of “overpopulation”, they think of places such as India, but the truth is that those of us living in America are considered to be the worst offenders because our lifestyles are “polluting” the planet so rapidly. In fact, one scientist recently estimated that a child born in the United States has a “carbon legacy” 55 times greater than a child born in India. The elite are convinced that if they can reduce the global population far enough and get the remaining people living on earth to switch over to “sustainable lifestyles” that they will be able to save “their” planet. But the draconian measures that would be necessary to achieve this dystopian dream would not be very palatable to the vast majority of us. In fact, if the most radical population control advocates get their way, we will experience global tyranny on a scale never seen before.” (1)

This is a problem that falls under the heading of global-eugenics, and who gets to reproduce and who does not. In fact it is more than likely that Amerikans will soon need to have a license to have unprotected sex. And, there is a drive on to sway the public toward gay & lesbian sex because it cannot result in children. See Obama’s latest endorsement of gay marriage: Not for what many might see as gay-marriage, but rather for what this could do to the sway of traditional family’s in America; which all of this has been aimed at destroying, through the outright-destruction of the social agenda. In this case the government gets a two-for-one. Sanctifying same-sex unions, will reduce the number of children overall; while at the same time opening the door to forcing people to accept controls on having traditional sex in the first place. This is why the government has invaded our bedrooms. (2)

Add this to that equation and connect the dots:

“Move over Adam and Eve. Here comes Adam and Steve, as well as Samantha and Delilah. A newly revised gay-friendly Bible is set to go on sale in the next few weeks. Reaction to the announcement has been met with venom from conservative Christian groups.

Pink Cross Publishing, the same company that published a gay-friendly version of the Koran, stated that they were adding the finishing touches to the newly revised Bible. Mary and Joseph will be replaced by Mary and Josephine, a lesbian couple unable to have children the conventional way, hence the virgin birth of Jesus. All of Jesus’ disciples will be gay except for Judas. In the new Bible, all of the disciples will pair off after the Last Supper with the exception of Judas. Satan will also be straight. The new gay-friendly Bible has yet to be named.

Westboro Baptist Church has promised to picket Pink Cross Publishing and any store selling the new Bible. In response, members of the gay community have stated that they will purchase the new Bible to support Pink Cross Publishing.

A companion workbook for children will also be available for use in Sunday schools. With input from newly defrocked priests, a Catholic version of the gay-friendly Bible will be published by year end.”  (3)

On another front the World Wildlife Federation has added its criminally-negligent-ignorance to the global picture with this:

“The World Wildlife Fund has released a report which calls for all carbon emissions to be banned by 2050 and for the entire human population to live in a state of poverty in the name of preserving rare species and saving the planet.

Somehow the WWF missed the fact that Carbon is what feeds the rain-forests which provide oxygen to this tiny blue planet – (k)

“Extremist green campaigning group WWF – endorsed by no less a body than the European Space Agency – has stated that economic growth should be abandoned, that citizens of the world’s wealthy nations should prepare for poverty and that all the human race’s energy should be produced as renewable electricity within 38 years from now. Most astonishingly of all, the green hardliners demand that the enormous numbers of wind farms, tidal barriers and solar power plants required under their plans should somehow be built while at the same time severely rationing supplies of concrete, steel, copper and glass,” reports the Register.

The World Wildlife Fund’s new report, entitled Living Planet Report for 2012, cites its own narrowly defined and agenda-driven ‘Living Planet Index’ to claim that the “overall state of global biodiversity” is in crisis and that rare species like tigers (presumably no including the ones shot dead by WWF President Prince Philip), are in decline because humans in richer countries enjoy too high living standards.

According to the WWF, humans in developed nations are abusing their “ecological footprint” and using more “biocapacity” than they have. The only people operating within their allotted “biocapacity” are poor people in impoverished countries.” (4)

Once upon a time Science was the flip side of the Arts but in today’s world both Science & Art have been co-opted into serving monsters instead of the human race which had been the original purpose for both of these gifts to humanity.

By way of connecting some of the dots: Once the public in Amerika has been subjected to microscopic examination and tracking on every front—it appears fairly certain that everyone can and will be found guilty of some misstep that will one way or another land them in jail or at the very least cause those accused of any of the new crimes to become separated from their property and their lives in all meaningful ways. This is part of the reason why TSA rules are beginning to make their way on to the streets of several Amerikan cities, with pat downs and x-ray scanners in some of the most unexpected places—to “catch-people” in the act of being somewhere where they do not have “GOVERNMENT PERMISSION TO BE.” If you’re on the beach you will need a license to play with a football, or do any of the things that most people chose to do when they go to the beach—failure to have the appropriate license could easily become a serious matter. The day might come when you could need a license to change jobs, or to even think about certain topics—YES it will go that far, because the laws about committing thought-crimes are already on the books!

The thugs in uniform are now searching cars without permission or warrants; and cops are challenging people to justify why they are going anywhere at any time—“What are you doing here!” is becoming far too familiar a challenge from police. And IF of course any objection to any of these invasions ever meets with interference with an officer, or with resisting arrest, then jail awaits. The goal being to get as many people into the penal system as possible: Thereby creating more prison labor that is damn near free to corporations, and of course then the government will have raised the public’s-fear of their own armies of terrorists in uniform—thus making life easier for those who are trying to end this society instead of trying to fix anything that has been totally destroyed in this society today.

This is also what makes what will happen in Chicago so important in the next few days—because someone in the government—they refuse to say who exactly—is calling for the evacuation of 2.7 million people from that city, for the duration of the NATO Summit from the eighteenth to the twenty-first, in Chicago!

You have to begin to think about this if you are to have any real chance of surviving whatever does end up happening.

“The world at the moment is comprised mostly of our self-divided ways of living in which our ‘jobs’ have taken on far more significance that they were ever intended to posses. To understand what we have become we must be able to separate ourselves from what we see around us on the road of life, if we are to ever understand what is happening anywhere in this broken world.

Every expectation, plan or plot that exists today is being threatened by the depths of those unknowns that continually surprise and confound us all. This is why “Wagging the Dog” or chasing the electronic-rabbits in our private lives has become so futile. It is also why false-flags have always tended to work so well throughout history; to accomplish those things that could never have been done without these blatant deceptions. It is also why Mossad’s motto is

“By Way of Deception Thou Shalt Do War”” (5)

We were all warned a thousand times over that something like this might be coming—sooner than we thought. It begins to look like that day is nearly here!

Jim Kirwan

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