Memorial Days Are Over

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Officially Memorial Day this year falls on Monday, May 28, capping the Memorial Day Weekend that was suppose to celebrate, honor & remember all the dead who have died in all our wars. However unless

we can do this (STOP NATO) and make it stick; then all those men and women will have died for absolutely nothing…

To prepare the public for this horrific ending of the entire military history of the country; Obama signed another one of his SECRET presidential Executive Orders: This one transferred all of America’s military and domestic agencies from the Constitutional Government to something entirely different which has no actual population of its own.

That would be NATO and the United Nations—both of which are fictitious governing organizations without a public body of their own.

Our battle with them will be fought by the people of this place to retain control over ourselves and over our own government—both of which Obama just bypassed. By the way; this military machine in particular was enormously expensive, and we paid for all of it—how exactly will the public be compensated for all that gargantuan loss of the public’s treasure?

This began with Panetta telling a committee of the congress that Obama no longer needs “permission” from the congress to go to war anywhere in the world—and moreover that he (and Obama) have yet to decide whether to even tell the congress of any their plans: Because America’s War Machine is now under the total control of “International Forces.” (1)

“This latest executive order will allow the soviet socialists in our local communities through their committees to adopt and enact United Nations regulations designed to establish absolute United Nations’ control over our every resource. The laws of the United States, individual states, counties, cities, and local municipalities, under our Constitution must be legislated. These executive orders bypass the legislative process and essentially nullify our representative form of government under the guise of allowing us to voice our opinion in reference to new regulation rather than enforce our will through elected representation. If one examines these three executive orders closely, Obama’s agenda becomes clear. The international socialists, known as the United Nations, are worming their way into our political system at every level. Through the local socialist committees that will be assembled, local commissars will be elected.

These commissars, working in coalition with state and local agencies and sovereign nations/Indian Tribes, will attempt to initiate UN dictatorship over our lands, both private and public. And through regulation of the land, they will attempt to establish dictatorial control over the actions of we the people.

This is a sneak attack and it will not be publicized in the mainstream media. You will know these words are true when you see the soviet socialists in your area seizing control over your public and private lands using regulatory powers derived directly from the United Nations Agenda 21.” (2)

So in reality there is no longer a US Military. No Army, no navy, no air force, no marines, no more coast guard or special forces of any kind: Or for that matter no CIA, no FBI, no IRS, none of the existing agencies or bureaus, including the Secret Service belong to the United States; because the USA has been taken over by “International Powers,” thanks to SECRET negotiations that Obama has overseen behind closed doors since the first day of 2012 right after he signed “Indefinite Detention” into US law under NDAA!

Consequently anyone who has someone still in the US military, somewhere in the world, needs to explain to them what has happened to them: Because regardless of what ever their papers say or which badges their uniforms carry—they are now all troops in a foreign army whose next target is the people of the United States who have all been declared potential enemies of the United States. That would be the same people responsible for creating these armies in the first place as well as for all the dead those armies have generated unilaterally and illegally through global-pre-emptive wars that lacked any basis in fact.

So—all those years of service in the U.S. military that were lived now count for nothing, because the country those people supposedly represented is no longer a nation. All the medals, the honors and awards are now meaningless because they have all been wiped out by the stroke of several pens in the hands of traitors to this country; which includes most of the Congressional 535 Club as well (with a huge assist from AIPAC & the Zionists of Israel).

Of course the coming Holiday-Weekend will happen but everyone affiliated with anyone that was in service or who died in service ought to wear all black for that entire weekend—and everyone that gives a damn about any of this ought to be on the phone from now until this is changed—to DEMAND RESIGNATIONS from these traitors—all the way up to and especially including the TRAITORS at the top who committed this TREASON for greed and illicit power.

Government has now added yet another word to their lexicon of infamy: “PRE-EMPTIVE ARRESTS.” This goes nicely with Pre-emptive Wars, Thought Crimes, and the Pre-emptive murder of the occupying forces (troops & cops) that are about to take over our streets and highways. Technically these creatures have now all been “internationalized” – and are no longer American forces but have become (with the same strokes of those Treasonous pens) Foreign Forces that can be shot on sight by any remaining actual Americans. (Those that will be defending their country), from the still-pending hostile-invasion of the U.S. by foreign troops in this country!

NOTE: It’s interesting that the UN was given to the world by Harry S. Truman, the same man who brought Israel and the CIA into existence, along with the UN’s very first WAR which was not called a “WAR” but was instead called “a police-action.” The Korean police-action has never ended; technically the UN is still at war with North Korea. So the background of this organization that wants to run the world has probably one of the worst records in history for its failures to accomplish anything that it has ever undertaken. Its blue-helmeted thugs are hated world-wide; because they have proven themselves to be rapists, thieves and looters, and that’s just the basics. In Bosnia they were running human-trafficking rings around the world, using refugees from those wars as chattel in just one of their adventures into major criminal activities.

Everything about the UN is filthy; and now we too have been captured, thanks to our unwillingness to impeach either Bush or Obama, or to even charge any of the hundreds of war criminals throughout this government with anything at all!

Here’s a thought to chew on while you think about this shit!

“America desperately needs protection from the Homeland  Security Gestapo. Their stated mission is the essence and embodiment of domestic government terrorism. Until Americans acquire the fortitude and will to resist and disobey unlawful edicts, the country will remain in danger of dictatorial despots. Without concerted commitment, the next dictate will include the internment in re-education facilities…”

Satre, Homeland Security in the Land of the Free, 5/21/12

Jim Kirwan

1) TREASON Panetta tells congress his authority comes from International Powers!

2) Obama has signed 3 New Executive Orders, Understand this is not for our benefit – video

Congress Sold Out this Country


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