Afterlife in the Fourth Reich

Illustration by David Dees

Once this government has been reduced to ‘living in the Fourth Reich’ “because we now know we live in the Fourth Reich, which is a corporate Based fascism where the corporations have merged with the state but unlike the Third Reich this corporate conglomerate has taken complete control of the state and the whole nation” and given it all over to the UN & ZATO.

Hitler’s party called itself the Third Reich and claimed that it would reign over the world for a thousand years. In reality Hitler and his Third Reich lasted only 12 years. But the death of Hitler did not end Zionism—far from it they were free to become what they had always been—the chosen people. Not the chosen religion from the Biblical era; because Zionists’ are the people chosen to show the world what no one should ever be: This is the critical difference that has allowed this cancer to get as far as it has after WWII. Welcome to the 4th Reich and to their continuing nightmare that seeks to end this world!

Zionism is NOT a religion; it is a philosophical bent that is criminal-in-nature and completely non-sectarian in its choice of members.

There has never been a more repulsive group of people anywhere that has so seriously attempted to capture the whole-world only to then torture and murder everyone else. The Zionists are the global-model for contemporary war-profiteers, but they trace their roots back as least as far as the Spanish Armada and the failure of that miserable attempt to conquer the known-world then. These creatures are not even human they are the scum of the scum, the most vile incarnate and if nature were to intervene then the Zionists would simply spontaneously combust and rid the world of themselves—forever.” (1)

After the now completely useless Amerikan governments’ from the Boards of Supervisors, through the state governments, all the way to the now obsolete Congress, the defunct courts and the White House itself: This place will soon be in the hands of the corporate-fascism that has merged with the criminal-Police-State that no-longer has any need for the bogus levels of oversight or for most of the jobs still done by slaves. Let their servant to all masters reign supreme; because they can just use computers for everything and eliminate almost every human-related job wherever those might still exist. Send the remaining drain upon resources (the about-to-be newly unemployed) to work in slave-labor camps; and kill any and all that might dare to resist.

This assumes that the UN & ZATO are capable of taking control over this nation given the size of the armed and angry population—but that still remains to be seen. In the three weeks before Chicago all that FEMA was able to do was to import more troops and weird weapons, most of which shall remain now that the meetings are over. (The same will be true of the weapons that will be used to “protect” the 2012 Olympics in London.  The meat of this video begins at 03:33 (2)

But the threats made by the illegal-governments of both Chicago & Washington never materialized. No wholesale evacuations, no massive false-flag events—nada, zip, nothing on any front—except that four cops were injured when they started the troubles by attacking the demonstrators. No one was killed. Billions were of course spent to prepare for that bullshit meeting of the Elites, that was intended to impress the world with the might of their powers—but that fizzled out too. However what was left behind in Chicago was a great deal of new weaponry on rooftops and in the arsenals available to the UN, for future use.

In the monetary department things will now become a whole lot more difficult because there will be no public to serve, because the only business left in Amerika will be corporately-criminal and almost all of that will remain in the war-machine sector, where the profits are beyond belief at the top, and the wages will be sweat-shop vintage—with no other choices available to the prospective employees—that shall be quite simply worked to death. Most of what anyone else might still need to continue living will soon become restricted or out-of-reach because of price-hikes—but the Fourth Reich does not give a fck about you or me, so that will hardly matter.

Here’s an overview of what’s coming from the most vile people on the planet. This is a partial-synopsis of the rather lengthy report: The irony is that because of the events listed below a great deal of these current plans being laid by the New World Order, the UN and ZATO will most likely be overshadowed – but the obsolete government that we are still paying to kill us will still need to be completely dissolved!

“The Web Bot Report for May 21, 2012

The following is a partial synopsis of the new report which is 38 pages long. Seems we are to have an energetic summer and fall 2012. Chaos levels are up for June, but in July all hell breaks loose.

Explosion of Fukushima reactor this summer will cause mass Diaspora. By July 10, 2012 the situation shifts from a mere disaster to a cataclysm in minds of global population. People worldwide will be stunned into profound silence. This silence eventually breaks into chaos and people running for their lives, report shows Pacific Rim areas, Alaska, Hawaii and west coast US specific.

People worldwide will become angry over Fukushima and react by directing anger at religious institutions. There will be mass abandonment of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. Churches will be burned worldwide.

Hyperinflation will come by fall 2012. Severe dollar hardships begin summer 2012. The monopolized standardized controlled media will continue to propagandize the dollar based system with faux patriotic fervor. Internet bloggers will have a field day satirizing them effectively. This surging war between the two forms of media will be interrupted by a blowing volcano and a big rip or tear in the land.

Global fisheries collapse. There will be no safe fish as food.

There will be lots of global elites rolling over on each other and on the population. Breaks with the social boiling point become evident. It will be obvious that the revolution has begun. The first rounds of mass rioting will be incited by the powers that be. These powers will use aerosolized hormones on young people to get them to rage. The PTB wins the first round of conflict. Tens of thousands are arrested illegally. This causes a break in the hesitation of the people. The web bot report makes a special note that southern Americans will capture documents about PTB plans that are shocking to the entire world.

The Federal Reserve System is destroyed this summer.

Exposed is the government involvement of the deaths of many previously arrested protestors.

There will be a breakdown of national services such as electrical grid, health care, the 72 hour delivery system, and the monetary arrangements between the states and the feds. (Everyone needs to read the book —One Second After by William Forstchen)

Borders will be closed by Mexico and Canada to stop the flow of American refugees. TSA will be in full terror campaign on the American people. Families will be found raped, mutilated, and robbed by such officials.

There will be no more dollar based system by fall 2012.

As one can imagine there will be lots of sweating going on due to solar changes, drought and heat.

There will be plenty of humans washing the blood off them and walking away from destruction.

Radiation will ravage the global food chain. Famine and disease will ensue. There will be no more fruits period.

The public will be shocked by the sudden extreme poverty, especially a rude awakening for Americans. There will be tens of thousands of murders and suicides as the illusion of the American dream dissipates. Desperation will cause large scale behavior changes in remaining population.

As well, some ongoing primary issues will be the smoke, ash and long term fog of blowing volcanoes. Lots of masks will be worn on faces in the US.

Giant sinkholes will open up worldwide.

Global air travel seizes up in fall 2012 due to radiation both solar and Fukushima related.

Floods are coming. There will be floods of blood and water from fall 2012 through December 2012.

Note this! There is nothing in this web bot report that denotes anything about a pole shift occurring whatsoever! The report also makes light of all new age ideations of nonsense like ascension or some kind of phony baloney awakening to a new age of peace and beauty —what it says we awaken to is how we have been screwed.

There is a break in the floods of blood and water the week of December 19th-26th which causes some degree of celebration.”

There’s no link for the above partial synopsis, but there is more than just this portion, which just covers the rest of this year: If you’re interested you can research the entire report on line.

These are some of the things that happen when the people can no longer sue the government or the corporations for the crimes they routinely commit. It’s also what happens when any nation-state dumps their own people and turns everything over to bigger-that-big corporations that have only their arrogantly entitled businesses to concern themselves with: The first casualties of all of this are the very survival of the planet itself, not to mention the population which will not be protected from the nuclear fallout of Fukushima – not to even mention what will happen to the rest of the planet!

“ If Japan is to remain habitable for future generations, there are certain (nuclear) matters confronting every corner of this island nation which must be addressed post haste. We know the people of Japan are up to it. The real question is whether the powers who have controlled their destiny are willing to back off for once since WWII.

Can the USA, the UK, Israel and France completely let go of their control of the Japanese economy, energy infrastructure and political process? Not only does the very existence of Japan rely on this relinquishment of control, the futures of the USA, UK and France do as well.

Tokyo has the largest greater metro population in the world at about 34.3 million. Tokyo has the largest GDP of all major cities in the world – larger than both New York City and London. Tokyo is the economic/financial capital of the world’s 3rd largest national economy, as well as the primary economic engine of East Asia.” – As Fukushima Goes, So Goes Japan (3)

When the Robber-Barons ruled the world back before the Crash of 1929; the world reacted only after that crash to rein-in the junk-yard-dogs of commerce and to chain them up. We need to smash raw-unchecked-capitalism completely and put limits on the length of every corporate charter; if the world is to survive this blatantly vicious corporate-coup that seeks nothing less than the total ownership of everything in the world today…

“Our existence, as Camus wrote, must itself be “an act of rebellion.” Not to rebel, not to protect and nurture life even in the face of death, is spiritual and moral suicide. … Totalitarian systems, to perpetuate themselves, always seek to break autonomy and self-determination. This makes all acts of resistance a threat, even those acts that will not succeed. And this is why in all states that rule by force any act of rebellion, even one that is insignificant, must be ruthlessly crushed. The goal of the corporate state, like that of any totalitarian entity, is to create a society where no one has the capacity to resist. (4)

This was our world; once upon a time – if that is ever to be the case again, then we must TAKE IT BACK because no one in power now will ever consider voluntarily surrendering any of their illicit powers.

Jim Kirwan

1) The 4th Reich

2) Chinese Advert Pre-Programming for WW3 + London 2012 Olympic Bomb – video

3) The Fukushima Nuclear Catastrophe Effect’s on the Pacific Ocean

4) It is worth fighting – Even when there is no hope of winning


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