Making WAR on IDEAS

In the beginning of this New Millennium the stolen government of the then United States began, after 911, to “Make War” not upon other nations but rather upon a mystical idea with no defined terms or territory. This created an enormous problem, since without uniforms or countries of origin, the concept of “TERROR” cannot actually qualify as a target for military actions. Terror as a philosophy is a non-starter because “TERROR” itself is a response to policies that seek to overthrow pre-established powers; because of the policies that those pre-established forces have pursued, in their foreign policies that had at the time offended at least one third of the existing planet.

The public because of “this Trigger” that was used then to create this criminal-farce (the acts committed on 911) were purposely confused. That happened because the U.S. government had used spooks to begin announcing who had committed these attacks, only fifteen minutes into the attack that started and could be seen on television. The actual attacks lasted one hour and forty-five minutes but by the end of the attacks, an hour and a half of air time had already been devoted to explaining to the public where they had supposedly come from.

This was all created, we later learned, by Pentagon employees in civilian clothes, along with FBI and other government agents who were “interviewed as civilian-witnesses” while the attacks were going on, and who said repeatedly that these attacks “were obviously the work of Osama bin Laden, from his caves inside Afghanistan.”

One consequence of this blatant series of fabricated lies was to lay the groundwork for the Bush Doctrine that was being created for 2002, in SECRET of course—which probably contains the entire plan that we are now about to live out as the end-game of their coup against this nation and the world. The public must be given access to that official policy, if we are to have any confidence in anything which this government continues to say to the public!

Had the world known then what we have seen played out across the world today: Then this whole criminal-charade could have been stopped by the people in its infancy. But everything was kept SECRET then and is still SECRET now from the public that is now being subjected to murder, torture and illegal disappearances without charges the world over: All of this because “WE” have never seriously challenged the CRIMES  that were committed by this government and Israel, on 911!

Today the whole world is waiting for the next “false-flag trigger” that will formally end the life of this nation as a member of the community of nations and will instead turn the USA into an open battleground wherein this government will—in the name of fighting a dissident thought which has no shape or organization—will attempt to slaughter anyone and everyone that disagrees with this completely insane idea!

There is a second video on this link, scroll down for the RT interview that describes the insanity of this nightmare in particular detail. End the FED. (1)

This RT Video describes in detail just how the obscene Trespass Bill became so influential in outlawing Americans that violate the virtually invisible ground rules which the Secret-Service has now created to obscure where and when people can gather-or-not  because of supposed national-security requirements. This officially makes America and Americans AFRAID of any ideas which this government does NOT approve of.

The corollary that is being violated by this act, is that this country was founded upon the idea of the open and free market practice of discussion that does not limit what can be discussed by anyone in this place—so long as no crime has been committed. To OUTLAW public trails, testimony, or a defense of the individual charged with any supposed crime, but especially when the crime is TREASON or TERRORISM, is ridiculous both on its face; and as it is now currently being used in practice by terminator drones all over the planet.

The paranoia behind these new laws has been slavishly created and fed by Zionist-criminals worldwide, because it is they who FEAR every person on the planet that does not subscribe to their idea that the only people that ought to be allowed to live on this planet must be Zionists and only Zionists. Here’s what they have blackmailed the US Congress into approving most recently. (2)

There is no-way that any people or nation-state can “fight” terror with military force. It can only be defeated by changes in national and international policies that reflect a decent respect for all the people that global-policies are written to include. This has not been the case

Since the US Colonial Powers took their campaigns to the world stage—and it is way past time that this country and Israel, were forced to comply with the human rights that came to light under the Magna Carta in the twelve-hundreds and were codified in part in the US Constitution.

The world has been made much smaller by technology than it was when the Magna Carta or the Constitution was originally written. However because of technology the whole planet now must deal with these criminal-elements that have infested and destroyed so much of our world today. Here’s one example of how the monetary policies of just this place have become completely non-responsive to the massive thefts of our money and power, once those attributes were taken over and are now controlled by the private corporate world that lives in the black-heart of the FED and all of its contributing banks. (3)

BTW the imposter in the Oval Office promised the public, in his first run for office, that he would close Guantanamo, as soon as he was elected. He still has not done that: but this current series of crimes is what he will use to open over 800 new Guantanamo’s here, which he is calling the new FEMA Camps for all Americans that he personally does not approve of—and he’s still running for president as if he is not the traitor he is to this country and to every man woman and child who lives here.

Jim Kirwan

1) HR 347 Trespass Bill, Goodbye 1st Amendment – 7 min video

2) House Passes H.R. 4133 Binding the US to Israel & Their War Agenda

3) END the FED – video


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