CONTROL – Always a Double-Edged Blade

Since the dawn of time mankind has had a contentiously fraught relationship with everything that goes with ‘control’ over our lives.

In those deeply hidden mists of time, the first people were fiercely independent, they had to be to survive. But as time passed a new breed of individuals began to ply their quiet skills in order to begin to “manage’ the lives of others for their own self-interest.

When this world was young and when people were barely past the hardships of being the hunter-gathers; that was when the tribes of that early world were re-configured into a new class of people. And thus began our evolution.

As this ‘priest-class’ grew; individuality became an endangered attribute. But as tribal ways began to get too large to manage as just groups of individuals; new ways of managing their world began to supplant the freedoms that ‘the many’ once knew. This was seen as progress then: However it had a very serious down-side as well—a ‘DOWNSIDE’ that we have finally discovered, which does indeed hold the very existence of human beings in the blood-stained global-balance.

That very early priest class began with Shamans, and then moved on to priests and prophets; and finally on to Kings and Popes to finally come to rest with multi-national corporations and in each case the reason for “taking-control” has always been the same—

 “it was always for the greater good!”

 —of the tribe, the people, the land, the kingdom or the world. Now it is for ownership of the total control over everything and everyone in this world.

Fast-forward to the reality in the old USA today. After 911 the new-breed began to dictate terms to the entire human race, about what MUST be done in order that the entire planet could be PROTECTED from EVERY DANGER, anywhere in the world, no matter how small or large (A physical and mental impossibility), on every scale—but that is what we were promised in exchange for our personal and national sovereignty – all we had to do was to SURRENDER everything to the new ruling class!

Ironically after all the so-obvious lies of 911 did their job, of instilling a false terror into the hearts and minds of too many that failed to Question-anything; the One-World-Order began to close the book on civilization and on all those centuries wherein people had the right to live their own lives and to make their own mistakes. In today’s world every thought or word or deed must be controlled totally by the state—making every human being into nothing but a robot inside a flesh-cocoon, that is no longer capable of making any decisions, no matter how small for themselves.

Here’s the latest OUTRAGE that will no doubt grow to become ever-present in every life where the costs of a camera can be justified.

“Here goes the last great American sanctuary from intrusion- bathrooms with spy cams. Going to the bathroom has now been monitored in a hospital in NY where sensors were placed on the doors to identify workers entering and exiting and cameras placed to view sinks to insure proper hand hygiene. We are one step away from the all intrusive commode-cam to see who wipes their butt in the right direction.

Granted, this was instituted to evaluate hand hygiene compliance which is critical in a hospital. But this Big Brother system also does shift compliance analysis to report the last two shifts in LED readouts covering the statistics for “hygiene events.” Is this a contest between shifts? But Big Brother also has a word to say as the LEDs also offer “encouragement” to anyone passing by. The good news is that the number of “hand washing incidents” reportedly went from 60 percent to 81 percent in a few months. That’s nice.

The feedback for compliance is called “observations.” But how effective is it when the actual hand-hygiene compliance rates during these hospital shifts ranged from a low 30.8 percent to still-too-low 91.2 percent? The author of this Medscape report out May 30th states that “…hand-hygiene compliance is probably much lower than most visual observations would predict…” ” (1)

This is obscene and unnecessary by any standard of life or living. The hospitals will no doubt defend the practice, which would have no purpose if the hospitals would hire people with an education to work in their facilities—but that isn’t the real reason. The real reason is all about total control, as hospitals long ago gave up on treating people or even trying to keep people from getting sick. In today’s world the hospitals are control-central over the vaccination programs that give people the diseases, that most have looked to ‘medicine’ to prevent. And the hospitals have joined with Ungodly-Pharma to spread diseases, proscribe unnecessary drugs, for diseases they have created to justify the hundreds of “legal-drugs” they routinely proscribe to people who not only don’t need them—but for whom those prescriptions often mean a lifetime addicted to something harmful as well as ineffective. And that’s only one area where “state-control is absolute and far more deadly than the real world could ever be.

Education, Transportation, Manufacturing, Insurance, Banking, and government regulations are some of the thousands of other areas where the government has not just taken-over but where the government is proscribing behaviors ‘BEYOND ALL BOUNDS,” in order to insure that no one can ever-again think for themselves!

In the global-banking arena where the one-world-order has near total control, the global-safety nets are being shredded in favor of maximizing banker profits at the expense of the 99% of the world that is not part of their Ponzi scheme. (2)

The police in Frankfurt Germany took off their helmets and marched with the demonstrators against the OUTRAGE of “AUSTERITY”. (3)

Officially we have become humans without a brain, unable to make any decisions for ourselves (without the government in the middle of EVERY decision we must make). The most disturbing fact in all of this is that so few care about whatever OUTRAGE they commit against us – and it is always INTENSIFYING. This no doubt comes from the near total lack of Self-Respect which has been successfully engineered into most of us thanks to shit like TSA.

To fight this people must begin keeping the edges of their minds as sharp as burnished steel, ready to surgically destroy all of that which is coming at us 8 days a week. Exercise and diet have a part to play but that is too often formulaic and is lacking in the kinds of raw power that are needed to spit in the evil-eyes that are attempting to monitor every move we make. About the only thing that is still capable of confounding this obscenity is the UNEXPECTED, and it is this which we must become very adept at, if we are to have even a small chance to upend these monsters in mid-process.

TSA has not moved the public to act against them or their completely criminal actions that have prevented absolutely NOTHING, when it comes to protecting the flying public or anyone else from the government who are and have always been the true enemies of this country. Will the bathroom cams go the same way as TSA or will this become a rallying point that finally kicks big-brother government in the balls and begins the process of taking back our privacy and our rights, on the way toward PROSECUTING everyone responsible for this x-rated charade that has ruined so much of life for all of us.

Resistance is NOT futile – try it and see!

Jim Kirwan

1) Spy cams installed in NY Hospital bathrooms to monitor hand washing

2) Unraveling the European Safety Net  – Europe moves closer to Banktatorship

3) # blockupy, Frankfurt am Main,19. Mai 2012 – 5 min 57 sec video


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